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Not to be confused with Thiais.

Thais is the plural of Thai, as well as a woman's name.

It usually refers to:

  • The Thai people, the main ethnic group of Thailand
  • The Thai peoples or Tai peoples, the ethnic groups of southern China and Southeast Asia

The name may also refer to the following:


Classical Greece[edit]

  • Thaïs, a celebrated hetaira during the era of Alexander (356-323)
    • Thais of Athens, courtesan in the play Thais by Menander (342-291), quoted in 1 Corinthians 15:33
    • Thais of Athens, a 1972 historical novel by Ivan Efremov

Christian Egypt[edit]

  • Thaïs (saint), repentant courtesan, who is recorded in the Apophthegmata Patrum or Lives of the Desert Fathers

Modern given name[edit]

  • Thaís (born 1987), Brazilian footballer (full name Thaís Helene da Silva)




    • Thaïs, an Art Deco sculpture by Demetre Chiparus
    • Thais, a fictional city in Tibia (first release 1997) and in Aveyond (first release 2004)
    • Thais (gastropod), a genus of gastropod mollusc
    • 1236 Thaïs, a main belt asteroid

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