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Thakur[1] (ঠাকুর), thākura ben are the words derived from the Sanskrit word thakkura (ठक्कुर) san means idol, deity. Brahman priest who recites mythological stories and explains them.[2] Used in term of respect – chief, lord, master.[3] Name of a Brahman family in Bengal which members have anglicised as Tagore.[4] Thakur as a Bengali surname derived from "Thakurmashai" or ‘holy sir’ for any Bengali Brahmins and also for someone of high spiritual esteem. The surname was given out of respect for any Brahmin family earlier who used to hold a different title (surname) like Kushari, Bhattacharya etc.

Thakur is also an Indian feudal and colonial title in Hindi.

People with surname Thakur[edit]

Here is a note of notable people with surname "Thakur"

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