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Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra
Born Anukulchandra Chakravarty
(1888-09-14)14 September 1888
Himaitpur, Pabna, British India(now Bangladesh)
Died 27 January 1969(1969-01-27) (aged 80)
Satsang Ashram, Deoghar, Jharkhand

"Do never die, nor cause death; but resist death to death."

"You are for the lord not for others; you are for the lord and so for others."
** Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra's birthday is observed on Bhadra Shukla Tala-Navami as per Hindu lunar calendar.

Thakur Anukulchandra (14 September 1888 – 27 January 1969) was an Indian guru, physician, and founder of the Satsang ashram.


Anukulchandra was born on 14 September 1888 in Himaitpur village in the Pabna district of the then East BengalBangladesh. His father was Shibchandra Chakravarty (Shandilya Gotra Kanyakubja Brahmin) and his mother was Manmohini Devi.

From the very beginning, Anukulchandra was extremely mother centric. He accepted his mother as his guru throughout his life. After her sad demise, the lover of the mankind, Anukulchandra set up a Satsang ashram, first at Pabna (now in Bangladesh) and then at Deoghar in India1946, for fostering spiritual development. The Satsang ashram at Deogarh has now become a major place of attraction in Deogarh.[1][2] The four ideals of Satsanga are education, agriculture, industry, and good marriage. Actually Anukulchandra did not 'set up' any organization. The organization evolved around him. Schools, charitable hospitals, engineering workshops, a publishing house, and a printing press came up. He never wrote any book. Except one -Satyanusaran' (The Pursuit of Truth), but this was only a letter to one of his disciples Atulchandra. However, conversations of various people with Sri Sri Thakur was recorded, and his direct sayings were compiled. This has given birth to the vast literature of his direct teachings; noted among these are Satyanusaran, Punyapunthi, Anushruti, Chalar Sathi, Shashvati, Pritibinayak, Adarsh Binayak, Alochana Prasangeseries, Deeprakkhi series, The Message series, Vigayn Vibhuti, Who Thou The Revolutionary, Vivah Prasange volumes, Vivah Vidhayana volumes etc.

Anukulchandra was initiated (called 'Dikhsha') by his mother on behalf of Huzur Maharaj of Radhaswami Satsang, Dayalbagh, Agra. But he had been showing tremendous spiritual signs right from his advent. He used to do 'Kirton'/Naam-Kirton ("Hare Rama- Hare Krishna"). Sometimes during this, he would go into a trance. His utterances during these trances known as “messages” were later collected and published in a book called Punyapunthi. It was at this time that he started being addressed as “Thakur”.

Mother Mata Monmohini Devi was deeply inclined to spiritualism namely prayer to the Almighty and her meditation. She was initiated by Huzur Maharaj of Dayalbagh, Radhaswami Satsang of Agra. Her spiritualism consolidated in her initiator Huzur Maharaj Ji through whom she used to taste the nectar of Heaven almost in her everyday life. In 1946 Anukulchandra went to Deoghar in Bihar and an ashram came up there as well. He had proclaimed that unless the human society adopts the marriage rules of Varnashram, there will be no peace in the world and all development work will prove to be futile. He did not return to Pabna after the partition of India, but continued to live in Deoghar, where he left his mortal frame on 27 January 1969.


The degeneration of humanity began at that moment when the unseen God was made infinity and, ignoring the Seers, the worship of their Sayings began.

Oh Mankind ! If you desire to invoke your good, forget sectarian conflict. Be regardful to all the past Prophets. Be attached to your living master or God and take only those who love him as your own. Because all the past Prophets are consummated in the divine Man of the present."

- Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra- Satyanusaran

His teachings range over almost all subjects of the world, including pure sciences. He had predicted & explained the dangers (in a scientific manner) in 1920s itself. He has given immense knowledge of the origin of the world, humans, history of the world & Indo-Aryans in particular. He spoke in details about quanta, atoms, and sub-atomic particles and has given detailed explanation on how all these created the cosmos. No one knows how he spoke on all these, many of which were discovered later by modern science. His explanations of Human Eugenics laws & dynamics of Varnashram is exhaustive. He has said that we must know the science of human breeding, to produce better quality people. All his principles are based on Ayurveda & other Vedic concepts. But his explanations are surprisingly modern.

According to Sri Sri Thakur, the Vedas were expressed at the North Pole itself. The Aryans were practitioners of the Varna system and had a proper science of marriage. This was based on genetics & eugenics.

Sri Sri Thakur said that the Supreme being (Ultimate GOD) is one & only one. All the Prophets are same and there is no difference. His ideology is based on three major concepts:

1. GOD is one and all Prophets are the same. The Latest Prophet is always the Fulfiller of all the previous prophets. He said Ram, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mohammad, Chaitanya & Ramkrishna Paramahans have been the Prophets & we should respect them all. Blasphemy to anyone of them is blasphemy to all.

2. Living Ideal (Guru in flesh & blood/ a living Guru). He said that the abstract God can not be comprehended by humans. So, we need a living Guru who has the attributes (some, if not all) of God. This Guru is the living embodiment of all ideals of life. When a Prophet comes he is called Sad-Guru, the most perfect Guru, and blessed are those who get such a Prophet. This chain of Prophets will continue as long as the creation exists.

3. Marriage on the principles of Varna system. That is first marriage of a man in his own varna (Savarna Marriage), then he can marry females of the lower varnas (Anulom Asavarna marriage/ Hypergamous marriage). The former is to preserve the original genetic stock of the lineage, and the subsequent ones to breed new bio-diversities. But he warned against Hypogamous (Pratiloma) marriages, where the girl is from higher varna. Progeny of such marriages are distorted by birth, as, Sri Sri Thakur "inferior sperm destroys the nodules of a superior ovum". These people, however brilliant, are anti-existence, anti-life by birth, and can not be cured.

In his own words:


Do surrender to and serve the Almighty One and unique;

do serve devoutly the solemn seers who fulfill the past;

be devout unto the forefathers who roamed on the route of eternal go;

do serve devoutly the grouping of the varieties of similar instincts (Varnashram), that specifically inhere in the being;

and do thou dedicate thyself to the present Fulfiller, the best— the adjusted abode and resurrected meaning of the past;

this— the superb and sovereign path of consummation; this—the Dharma of existence

and this to follow eternally."[3]

His biography in English, titled Ocean In a Tea-Cup: Story of Sree Sree Thakur Anukulchandra, has been written by Ray Hauserman. In the nineteenth century Sri Sri Thakur came in a remote corner of a village named Himayitpur which is at present belongs to the domain of Bangladesh. At the time of his birth the natural environment of Himayitpur was too near to pristine nature where tigers, bears and poisonous snakes used to roam freely in the streets of the village of Himayitpur even during day time. The village of Himayitpur is situated on the bank of the river Padma, where crocodiles used to float on the surface of water freely and safely even during day time. In the midst of all his brothers and sisters he was brought up like a common child by his parents who used to fight against poverty and wistful, immature cravings of self-fulfilment of the environment.

The greatest miracles perceived by this environment during his lifetime is that he never showed any contradiction in his whole life even in any of his "Banis" (utterances) that he uttered for others and he always said that there is no miracle in this Universe. Every action has got a scientific truth behind. Miracles appear in front of us when we cannot feel the consequences of the events. So today's miracles very often come to a reality by tomorrow when we can feel the consequence of the same. But he never believed in concept of 'miracles'. He taught that everything has a reason behind it.

In his boyhood of six to seven years this compassionate adoration surpassed the zone of his family into all the families, who resided at that time in Himayitpur village. According to the specific nature of human beings major portion of the people of Himayitpur used to exploit his goodness thinking Sri Sri Thakur a foolish chap and a few others used to love him for his soothing conduct and servicing mentality.

In his infancy, once the governess of Sri Sri Thakur synonymed his stature as Sri Ram Chandra's infancy in her mind. Immediately, the colour and texture of Sri Sri Thakur's skin became light green like that of the colour of Ram Chandra in Ramayana. The governess became bewildered and thought again about Sri Krishna's childhood. In her utter surprise she found that his texture of skin changed into blackish blue as depicted the Mahabharata.[1] Sometimes in his stammer tongue he used to tell about the future of any individual which appeared absolutely true for him.

In a little advanced stage of his childhood he used to swim in the river Padma along with the crocodiles. Very often he used to go deep to the bottom of River Padma to practise meditation for a pretty long period where he never felt any discomfort due to cessation of respiration.

In his advanced boyhood his education started. In the beginning of his education the mathematics teacher tried to teach him the fundamentals of Mathematical summation i.e. 1+1 is equal to 2. But Sri Sri Thakur with all his modesty told the teacher that everything is unique in this world. So, one plus one should be two ones instead of two. With this comment he whetted the anger of the teacher and in turn he was scolded and caned which was a routine technique of teaching in those days.

In those days he used to repeat the Name (Holy mantra) taught by his mother almost twenty-four hours unknowingly. In that stage of repeating Name once he touched the carcass of a cockroach, the half of whose body was devoured of by the insects. As long as he touched the cockroach's body it behaved like a living cockroach. From that experience Sri Sri Thakur thought Name can impart vital life-thrill which may bring back the life flow in a lifeless body.

In his later life in the same way he used to infuse the life thrill in so many dead human beings. The foresaid experience, inspired him to think about a machine that is "Vibrometer" which can measure as well as impart the vital life thrill into a dead body. He went to deposit the examination fee for matriculation and found a needy friend by his side who had no money for appearing in the exam. He immediately gave his hard earned money to his friend so that he could appear in the said exam depriving Himself from the same. In his teenage, he took initiation from his mother Monmohini and since then very ardently he used to appeal to the Almighty for appearing in front of him in a glorious stature. With this appeal to the Almighty and restless stature he passed years together when on a dark night, he viewed a glorious illuminated palm where all the unseen things and darkness devoured up in front of his eyes with that eternal soothing emanation of that palm. He used to specify that palm as the palm of "Parampita" that is the Creator, Father of the Universe.[2]

He used to co-relate his knowledge with the events in the environment and nature around him. He had a fantastic power of storing them in his memory and to utilise them among others for their well being. Almost miraculously from the dew-dawn of his life till the dew-dusk of his existence he used to say that all the living creatures belong to one family and you'are amongst them for the well-being, comfort and better livelihood of others. You shouldn't forget to spend each one of your aptitudes to uplift your circumstances for better livelihood and tranquillity.

Beholding one's existence in expansion and exaltation is "Dharma". To achieve this goal, the processes that lead up to the goal vary according to the environment, time and place. But the principle uplifting individual remains the same unalteringly in every age, class, creed and nationality. According to his view the path of religion is one in this glove. Decisions to reach the path may differ. Defalcated souls so many times roam in the faulty paths to achieve glory and peace. Religion re-ligers them into their right path to achieve the same what they really want in the shortest possible time. So the man whose go of life plots geographically and historically that eternal path of religion and whose life tells the story of the same is undoubtedly called an incarnation of religion. It goes without saying that our Sri Sri Thakur Ji belongs to the first line of the above said category.[3]

With the advancement of science Sri Sri Thakur's life, following the laws of nature, reached the advancement of his life. More and more people started flocking together around him. His power of love expanded from his village to the whole province of Bengal and ultimately overflowed to the other neighbouring provinces till millions of people of India started feeling him as their Love-Lord as because the power of Love is many fold stronger than any fusional bombs.

Centering him so many projects like "Post graduate research centers, Vishwa Bigyan Kendra", Art studio, craft manship centers, Tapovan School, Thermal power center etc. started developing at Himayitpur till he left Himayitpur, just before the partition of India, for Deoghar, Baidyanathdham, Bihar(now Jharkhand). He left almost everything with all those previously mentioned projects whose valuation was approximately more than two and a half crore rupees(Indian Currency) at that time.

At Deoghar his next phase of life started with the world, where delegates of various countries used to come to him to receive his shower of love and to know the eternal, unaltered, exalted and beautiful flame of Truth which remains same for all the day and in all parts of the Universe.

Very often in his youth he used to remain absorbed in "Keertan" where the descriptions of "Almighty" were uttered in melodious songs. At that specific time in an inconceivable physiological process his body temperature used to rise above 42C (108F). Cessation of his pulse indicated the retardation of heart beat. In that Trans Stage he used to proclaim the specificity and uniqueness of "Parampita" is various languages of the Earth. Out of those languages only a few of them uttered in Bengali, is printed in a book named "Bhab-bani", and later on, while discussing about the Trans period Sri Sri Thakur used to tell us that he felt as if he had been expanded to bear the whole Universe in him. He is responsible for all the events happening in any part of the Universe. His most uncommon perceptibility centralises in his body in such a way that he felt his existence among all the living entities around him. In that specific stage of consciousness a horse was caned in front of him and the cane marks on the horse's back appeared distinctly on the back of Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra.

By the law of Nature the time of his demise crawled at the door of his existence till the early dawn of 27 January 1969 when his personifying human stature vanished from the front of our eyes only to take it eternal place into the frontal lobe situated above and in between the two eyes of this writer and billions of his followers throughout the globe never accept his demise. According to them he has only changed his dwelling place from front of eyes to in-between the two eyes to recall the eternal memory that is Truth, narrated by Sri Sri Thakur:-


The booming commotion of Existence that rolls, in the bosom of the Beyond, evolves into a thrilling rhyme, and upheaves into a shooting Becoming of the Being with echoes that float with an embodiment of Energy- that is Logos, the Word, - the Beginning!

- Sri Sri Thakur[4]


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