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"Thakurmar Jhuli" (Grandmother's Tales) (Bengali: ঠাকুরমার ঝুলি) is a collection of Bengali folk tales and fairy tales. Dakshinaranjan Mitra Majumder was the person who first collected some folk-stories of Bangla and published it under the name of "Thakurmar Jhuli" in 1907 (1314 of Bengali calendar). The Nobel-Laureate, Rabindra Nath Thakur wrote the introduction to the compilation. Since then, it has become a favourite of Bengali children. Over the years, it has become a household name in West Bengal and Bangladesh.

Some characters and stories like "Lalkamal-Nilkamal" and Byangoma-Byangomi have gained a legendary status, especially among the children. Hundreds of edition of the book have been published from Bangladesh and West Bengal since the original publication. An English translation by Rina Pritish Nandy has been available lately.

Some other comparable books for children in Bengali Literature by the same author are Thakur Dadar Jhuli (Grandpa's Sack of Folktales), "'Dadamoshayer Tholay'" (Paternal-Grandpa's Sack of Folktales) and "Thandidir Tholay" (Paternal-Grandma's Sack of Folktales)

Content of Thakurmar Jhuli[edit]

  • The Introductory Song

Book 1: Dudher Sagar (The Ocean of Milk)[edit]

  • Kalabati Rajkanya (The Elusive Princess)
  • Ghuomonto Puri (The Sleepy Mansion)
  • Sat Bhai Champa (Flower brothers and their sister)
  • Kankanmala Kanchanmala (The curse of the needles)
  • Sit Basanta (The Two brothers)
  • Kiranmala (The Strange Children of The King)

Book 2: Roop Tarashi (Scary Beauty)[edit]

  • Nilkamal And Lalkamal (The magnificent adventures of the two


  • Dalimkumar (Controlled by the seed)
  • Patal Kanya Manimala (The Girl from the deep)
  • Sonar Kathi Rupar Kathi (The gold-stick and the silver-stick)

Book 3: Chang Bang (The Nest of the Animals)[edit]

  • buddhu vootoom (The owl prince and the monkey prince)*
  • Sial Pundit (The Cunning Fox)
  • Sukhu and Dukhu (Friend Of The Animals)
  • Bramhan Bramhani (The clever wife of the foolish bramhin)
  • Der Angule (One and a half inched)

Book 4: Aam Sandesh (The Dessert)[edit]

  • Sona Ghumao (Dear please sleep)
  • Shesh (The End)
  • Furalo (Finished)

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