Thalassa (mythology)

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Primordial goddess of the sea
Thalassa (Göttin).jpg
Detail from the Wiener Dioskurides, before 512
Consort Pontus
Parents Aether and Hemera
Children Telchines, Halia and Aphrodite
Roman equivalent Mare

In Greek mythology, Thalassa[pronunciation?] (Θάλασσα, "sea") is a primordial sea goddess, daughter of Aether and Hemera. With sea god Pontus, she was the mother of the nine Telchines and Halia. According to a myth recounted by Hesiod, she gave birth to Aphrodite when Cronus cut the genitalia of Uranus that subsequently fell into the sea.

In 2011, Swoon created a site-specific installation depicting the goddess in the atrium of the New Orleans Museum of Art.[1]

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