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Thanatos is a darkwave band whose recordings are distributed by Projekt Records.

They released their first album, This Endless Night Inside in 1993, a second, An Embassy to Gais (1997) and a final recording Blisters (1997). Another record by the band, under the name Illegalteenagebikini appeared (and disappeared) in 2002. The band's recordings featured work by Sam Rosenthal of Black Tape for a Blue Girl and William Tucker of Ministry. Thanatos is currently working on a new album.


  • Eric Polycn (Current Member)
  • Greg Lucas (Current Member)
  • Patrick Ogle (Current Member)
  • Sam Rosenthal (Former Member)
  • Tim Larson (Current Member)
  • Vince Grech (Current Member)
  • William Tucker (Former Member)


  • This Endless Night Inside (Projekt, 1993)
  • An Embassy to Gaius (Projekt, 1995)
  • 665 – the Neighbor of the Beast (Projekt, 1996)
  • Blisters (Projekt, 1997)
  • I Am Not Job (illegalteenagebikini), Precipice, 2002)

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