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Thane Houser (27 July 1891 Honey Creek, Indiana –23 November 1967 Columbus, Indiana) was an American racecar driver. He was the father of fellow driver Norm Houser.

Primarily a car builder and mechanic as well as a riding mechanic,[1] houser served as a relief driver in the 1923 Indianapolis 500 and 1924 Indianapolis 500 races for Wade Morton and Joe Boyer, respectively. He drove a Miller in the 1926 race and finished 13th in the rain-shortened event. In July of that year he made his only other Championship Car start at Rockingham Speedway in New Hampshire and finished 18th after being black-flagged 15 laps in. His attempt to qualify for the 1939 Indianapolis 500 was thwarted by a broken supercharger on his Duesenberg, but he served a relief driver for Jimmy Gleason for eleven laps. Gleason would go on to finish third in the race.[2]

Indy 500 results[edit]


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