That's Right (Carl Perkins song)

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1957 Sun releaseasa 45 single, 274.
The flip side was "Forever Yours".

"That's Right" is a 1957 rock and roll song written by Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash. The song was released as a single on Sun Records by Carl Perkins in August, 1957.

"That's Right" was released as Sun 274, Matrix #U-259, backed with "Forever Yours", Matrix #U-258. The song was recorded at Sun Records studios at 706 Union Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee. "That's Right"was published by Hi-Lo Music while "Forever Yours" was published by Knox Music. The personnel on the session were Carl Perkins, vocals and guitar, Jay Perkins, guitar, Clayton Perkins, bass, and W.S. "Fluke" Holland on drums. Both sides failed to chart.


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