That's the Question (U.S. game show)

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That's the Question
Presented by Bob Goen
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 2
Running time approx. 26 minutes
Production company(s) 2waytraffic
Scott Sternberg Productions
Distributor Sony Pictures Television
Original channel Game Show Network
Original run October 2, 2006 (2006-10-02) – December 1, 2007 (2007-12-01)
Related shows That's the Question (UK version)

That's the Question is an American quiz game show on GSN hosted by Bob Goen which aired from October 2, 2006 to December 1, 2007. The first season was shot in the Netherlands with Canadians and Americans who live there as contestants. The second season was filmed in Los Angeles and aired from September 11 to December 1, 2007.


Round 1[edit]

To start the round, a toss-up question is asked. The question consists of a puzzle with blanks (the question) and an answer. Letters in the question are revealed one at a time, and the first contestant to buzz in with the right question (and answer in Season 2) earns control of the first round.

Another main question puzzle appears, again with the answer given. Each player takes turns answering mini-questions. The answers to these mini-questions are found in anagrams (referred to on the show as "scrambles") containing all of the letters to the answer, along with an extra letter. Whether answered correctly or not, that extra letter is placed into its location in the main question. Contestants earn one point for every time the extra letter appears in the main question (provided they answered the mini-question correctly). Guessing the main question with the answer provided earns a bonus five points. A total of three different puzzles are played in this round.

All answers to the mini-questions must be read in the form that they would unscramble to. The main question and answer must also be read precisely as written. Different forms of a word/noun or adding additional syllables are considered incorrect.

Round 2[edit]

This round is played the same as the first round, except that points are doubled and the answer is not provided to the main question. (The extra letters can also appear in the answer, but no points are given for letters placed there.) Additionally, contestants remain in control of the round until they give an incorrect answer or run out of time. If time runs out in the middle of filling in the letters, a speed-up takes place. Like before, letters in the question will be filled in one at a time, and the first contestant to buzz-in and fill in the right question and answer gets 10 points. If the player buzzes in with the wrong question or runs out of time, the correct question is revealed, and the other player can then score the 10 points by simply providing the correct answer. Normally, if nobody fills in the question to the answer, Bob will give the question and the answer, and that will be the final question in the round. At the end of the round, the player with the highest score wins the game. Should the game end in a tie, one last toss-up is played, with the first person to buzz in getting a chance to answer, and if right, wins the game, but if wrong, the opponent automatically wins.

Final Round[edit]

In the final round, the winning contestant is given one main question, and asked mini-questions as before. Incorrect answers and/or passes will not automatically place the letter in the puzzle; the contestant will keep receiving questions for that letter until he/she answers correctly. The round is timed, with the contestant's winning score in the main game turning into the allotted time at the rate of one second per point. When time is up, the contestant is immediately given ten seconds to answer the final main question, or if the contestant has placed all of the letters into the question before the time runs out, they may use the extra time to answer the last main question. If successful, the contestant wins the top prize. Note that a contestant could win after running out of time as long as he or she begins giving the question and answer before the timer reaches zero, and continues without hesitation until finishing.

Changes to Season 2[edit]

As the show was filmed in the United States for Season 2, there were significant changes in the set and structure.

  • Bob Goen opened the show by saying: "I'm Bob Goen. Will we give away $5,000? (or various catchphrase such as "Will/Can somebody/someone win $5,000?" or "Who's going to win $5,000?") That's the Question." Later episodes had him simply introduce the show "I'm Bob Goen, and this is That's the Question."
  • Bob stood stage right. The contestants stood slightly behind and stage left of Bob's podium.
  • The puzzle board was located on the video screen below the two contestants, with the player's score on corresponding ends of the table.
  • The sound effects were altered. A woman's voice was originally used to whisper "Question" every time a contestant buzzed in during the speed round, as well as during the main game before Bob asked a mini-question. Also, the woman's voice would say "That's the Question" when a puzzle was solved, and "Time's Up" was heard when a speed-up occurred in round two, as well as in the bonus round when a contestant failed to solve the question and answer. These voice-overs were all replaced with sound effects.