That Riviera Touch

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That Riviera Touch
That Riviera Touch.jpg
Promotional film poster by Arnaldo Putzu
Directed by Cliff Owen
Produced by Hugh Stewart
Written by Peter Blackmore
Dick Hills and Sid Green
Starring Eric Morecambe
Ernie Wise
Music by Ron Goodwin
Cinematography Jack Asher
Edited by Gerry Hambling
Distributed by Rank
Release date(s)
  • 1966 (1966)
Running time 98 min.
Language English

That Riviera Touch (1966) is the second feature-length film made by the comedy duo Morecambe and Wise.


After Eric Simpson (Eric Morecambe) nearly gives the Queen a parking ticket, he and Ernest Clark (Ernie Wise) decide to take a holiday in the South of France. However, when they arrive there, they become unwittingly involved in a jewel theft when the thief Le Pirate decides to use them to smuggle some precious jewels out of the country. He sends the two Englishmen to a sinister villa and sends the beautiful Claudette, a member of his criminal gang, to keep Eric and Ernie occupied while he carries out the various stages of his plan. Confusion ensues however, as the two battle over the love of Claudette, and Eric accidentally wins a large sum of money at a casino. Eventually Eric and Ernie start to get suspicious and start to investigate...



The film was among the 15 most popular movies at the British box office in 1966.[1]


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