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TheCityUK is a private-sector association and industry lobby group promoting the financial and professional services industry of the United Kingdom (UK). The City refers to the City of London, one of the world's centres of banking, finance and markets. It supersedes both the International Financial Services London (IFSL) and UKTI's Financial Services Sector Advisory Board (FSSAB), which were incorporated into TheCityUK.

The association focuses on three main areas:

  • Overseas promotion - it promotes the UK overseas as a world class centre for financial and related professional services.
  • Domestic promotion - it encourages greater understanding of, and support for, the financial services industry in the UK.
  • Regulation and trade - it supports industry efforts to work with government and regulators, to ensure that regulatory developments and trade policy foster free and open markets for the UK's financial services industry.

It also conducts primary research among members, businesses and consumers about relevant financial and professional services issues and produces a range of authoritative economic reports on industry sectors, products, and key financial indicators.[1][2]


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