The Academy (franchise)

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The Academy series
Genre Modern action
Crime thriller
Police procedural drama
Written by Lee Yee-wah(I-III)
Choi Suk Yin (I, LOO)
Lau Choi-wan (I-II)
Chu Keng-kei (III)
Leung Yan-tung (III)
Sharon Au (film, LOO)
Starring See Cast
Opening theme I:
"勇者" by Rico Kwok, Zac Ko, Ron Ng and Sky
"邁向夢想的天空" by Ron Ng, Deep Ng and Kenny Kwan
"黑白變奏" by Michael Tse, Ron Ng and Sammul Chan
"獨行" by Michael Tse
Ending theme I:
"I Wanna Love You" by Angela Pang and Zac Ko
"密友" by Joey Yung
"手掌印" by Elanne Kong
"無愧於心" by Kathy Chow
"底線" by Bosco Wong
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of series 3, 3 spin-offs
No. of episodes 112 (I–III, LOO)
Executive producer(s) Wong Wai Sing (I-III)
Tommy Leung (film, film II)
Chong Wai-kin (LOO)
Location(s) Hong Kong
Camera setup Multi camera
Running time 45 minutes (per episode)
Production company(s) TVB
Original channel TVB Jade
Picture format 576i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Original release 11 April 2005 (2005-04-11) – present
The Academy
Traditional Chinese 學警系列
Simplified Chinese 学警系列
Literal meaning "Police Cadets series"

The Academy is a Hong Kong TVB modern drama focusing on two young men (played by Ron Ng and Sammul Chan) from entering and training at the police academy to joining the police force and solving crime.

The original franchise consistes of:

Three spin-offs were made focusing on Michael Tse's character "Laughing Gor" from E.U.. They are:


Ron Ng Chung Lap-man Checkbox.svg Checkbox.svg Checkbox.svg
Police Constable Checkbox.svg
Sammul Chan Lee Pak-kiu Checkbox.svg Checkbox.svg Checkbox.svg
Police Constable Checkbox.svg
Michael Miu Lee Man-sing Checkbox.svg Checkbox.svg
Kong Sai-hau Checkbox.svg
Michael Tse Leung Siu-tong
(Laughing Gor)
Checkbox.svg Checkbox.svg Checkbox.svg Checkbox.svg
Anthony Wong Brother One Checkbox.svg
Francis Ng Zatoi Checkbox.svg
Fok Tin-yam Checkbox.svg
Michael Tao Cheung King-fung Checkbox.svg
Felix Wong Poon Man-kei Checkbox.svg
Kathy Chow Ching Yeuk-sum Checkbox.svg
Sonija Kwok Winnie Yuen Checkbox.svg
Tavia Yeung Ho Fa Checkbox.svg Checkbox.svg
Joey Yung Cheung Nim-yan Checkbox.svg
Fiona Sit Fiona Ma Checkbox.svg Checkbox.svg
Elanne Kong Kong Yau-yau Checkbox.svg
Michelle Yim Chan Yin-ting Checkbox.svg Checkbox.svg
Waise Lee Chung Chi-wah Checkbox.svg
Kate Tsui Man Ching Checkbox.svg
Paris Yiu Checkbox.svg Checkbox.svg
Fala Chen Karen Checkbox.svg Checkbox.svg
Jodie "Madam Jo" Chau Checkbox.svg
Bosco Wong Michael "Crippled Co" So Checkbox.svg Checkbox.svg
Damian Lau Harry Kung Checkbox.svg
Leung Ka Ki Fa Yeuk-po Checkbox.svg
Chin Kar-lok Ken Kuk Checkbox.svg Checkbox.svg
Dominic Lam Wu Cheuk-yan Checkbox.svg Checkbox.svg
Eric Tsang Master Ford Checkbox.svg
Yuen Biao Sin Sir Checkbox.svg
Wayne Lai Mo Checkbox.svg
Kenny Wong Hon Chin-lung Checkbox.svg
Che Chai Checkbox.svg
Lee Ka Ting Master Ting Checkbox.svg
Johnson Lee Child Checkbox.svg
Koni Lui - Checkbox.svg
Tracy Ip - Checkbox.svg
Anna Yau - Checkbox.svg
Angelina Lo Ma Ying-oi Checkbox.svg
Ellesmere Choi Kwok Kai-chiu Checkbox.svg Checkbox.svg
Oscar Chan Kwok Kai-pong Checkbox.svg Checkbox.svg Checkbox.svg
Casper Chan Ling Yiu Checkbox.svg Checkbox.svg Checkbox.svg
Dickson Lee Lam Suk-chuen Checkbox.svg Checkbox.svg Checkbox.svg
Anita Kwan Peggy Yeung Checkbox.svg Checkbox.svg Checkbox.svg
Selena Li Yip Ling-fung Checkbox.svg
Yan Ng Kam Siu-po Checkbox.svg
Kenny Kwan Yuen Ka-fu Checkbox.svg
Deep Ng Ho Ming Checkbox.svg Checkbox.svg
Wada Hiromi Sze Kuen Checkbox.svg
Florence Kwok Tong Ching-nga Checkbox.svg
King Kong Hon Chi-chung Checkbox.svg
- Checkbox.svg
Edwin Siu - Checkbox.svg
Lam Lei To Yik-tin Checkbox.svg
Jason Pai Sze To-chiu Checkbox.svg
Priscilla Ku Ann Ko Checkbox.svg
Patrick Dunn Tam Cho-ming Checkbox.svg Checkbox.svg Checkbox.svg
Power Chan Lai Chi-kin Checkbox.svg
Zac Ko On Chi-ho Checkbox.svg Checkbox.svg
Aimee Chan Wendy Chiu Checkbox.svg
Lorretta Chow - Checkbox.svg
Sherry Chen - Checkbox.svg
Dickson Wong - Checkbox.svg
Oscar Leung Chan Chung-wo Checkbox.svg
Siu Lung Checkbox.svg
Lai Tung Hong - Checkbox.svg
Benjamin Yuen - Checkbox.svg
Matthew Ko - Checkbox.svg
Lo Yan Chak Checkbox.svg
Tomson Tong Checkbox.svg
Joel Chan Fai Wing-lun (Tsor-lun) Checkbox.svg
Law Koon Lan Queenie Chan Checkbox.svg Checkbox.svg
Felix Lok Kwok Pui Checkbox.svg Checkbox.svg Checkbox.svg
Kara Hui Wong Suk-yin Checkbox.svg
Sa Po Yau Checkbox.svg
Gordon Liu Yuen Moon Checkbox.svg
Astrid Chan Karen Checkbox.svg
Poon Hiu Tung Chung Ka-lai Checkbox.svg Checkbox.svg
Elena Kong Yuen Kwan-lam Checkbox.svg
Mary Hon Ho Sau-mei Checkbox.svg
Mandy Wong Vicky "Ah Mung" Mung Checkbox.svg
Vicky Mung Checkbox.svg
Derek Kwok Szeto Hoi (Dog Head) Checkbox.svg
Ben Wong Po Lik-chi Checkbox.svg
Tang Kwok-ban (Spicy Ginger) Checkbox.svg
- Checkbox.svg
Cheung Kwok-keung Mok Ka-lit Checkbox.svg
Ronald Law Kwok Ting-tin (T Two) Checkbox.svg
Adrian Chau Fong Chun-lung (Fire Dragon) Checkbox.svg
Daniel Chau Suen Siu-kit (Young Master Kit) Checkbox.svg
Yu Yeung Victor Fung Checkbox.svg
Bella Lam Lam Po-tim (Bubble) Checkbox.svg
Liu Kai-chi Ho Sam Checkbox.svg
Cheuk King-chuen Checkbox.svg
Chapman To Tai Chit Checkbox.svg
Janice Man Carmen Checkbox.svg
Rebecca Zhu Miss Choi Checkbox.svg
Lau Siu Ming Ye Po Checkbox.svg
Lam Suet Kui Chuen Checkbox.svg
Ram Cheung - Checkbox.svg
Henry Lee Chik Wai-yin Checkbox.svg Checkbox.svg
Joseph Lee Pang Ho-leung Checkbox.svg Checkbox.svg Checkbox.svg

Viewership ratings[edit]

Installment Episodes Timeslot Episode premiere Episode finale HK viewers
(in millions)
The Academy 32 Monday – Friday 21:00 11 April 2005 34 May 2005 N/A N/A
On the First Beat 30 Monday – Friday 21:30 4 June 2007 13 July 2007 ~2.01 31.17
E.U. 30 Monday – Friday 20:30 16 February 2009 27 March 2009 ~1.95 30.17
Lives of Omission 30 Monday – Friday 21:30 1 August 2011 9 September 2011 ~1.97 30.7