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The ACME is, since 1999, an online directory for production designers, art directors, set decorators, prop masters, event planners, artists and creators. The ACME is a keyword and category search engine used by entertainment and event designers and suppliers to search for and showcase products, services, and portolios.

The founder of The ACME is Libby Woolems, a successful art director who wanted a better way to research, locate and build the myriad of designs for her commercial and entertainment clients. Thumbing through stacks of Yellow Pages in a hot car on a deadline was not a way to get the job done. Keeping The ACME experience simple, easy and relevant is at the core of Woolems's philosophy; simple to navigate, easy to search, supplying the most needed information.

With close ties to The Set Decorators Society and The Art Directors’ Guild Libby works to maintain the high quality of those listed on the site.[citation needed] Clients are approved and recommended; all must understand the special rigors and demands of the entertainment business.

Today, there are over 3,000 listings of whom to contact and where to find a vast selection of items and services. With the global nature of the Internet, The ACME receives requests for new listings on a daily basis.

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