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The Acorn
RolfKlausener TheAcorn.jpg
Rolf Klausener of The Acorn, 2009
Background information
Origin Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Genres Indie rock, folk
Years active 2003–present
Labels Bella Union
Paper Bag
Associated acts Ohbijou, The Wooden Sky
Members Rolf Klausener
Steven Lappano
Jeff Debutte
Jeffrey Malecki
Pat Johnson
Past members Mike Dubue
Keiko Devaux
Shaun Weadick
Howie Tsui

The Acorn is a Canadian indie folk band from Ottawa, Ontario, formed in 2003. Their songs have charted on Canadian campus charts and have been in rotation on CBC Radio 3 and The Verge.


Rolf Klausener is the principal songwriter, as well as vocalist and guitarist.[1] The other members are drummer Jeffrey Malecki, guitarist Jeff Debutte, percussionist Pat Johnson and bassist Steven Lappano. Devaux joined the band in 2006, and redheaded multi-instrumentalist/hype man Shaun Weadick joined in 2007, though they both left in 2008. In early 2010, long-time guitarist Howie Tsui left to focus on his visual art practice.[2]

In Canada, they are now signed to Paper Bag Records, but also have releases from Kelp Records. They are signed to Bella Union in the UK, Europe and the US.

The songs on the album Glory Hope Mountain describe the life of Klausener's Honduras-born mother, Gloria Esperanza Montoya.[3] Their latest, No Ghost, came out in summer 2010.

They played the Hillside Festival in Guelph in 2008 and 2010, and supported Elbow on their UK tour in March 2009, a year of extensive European touring.

In 2011 Klausner began working on an electronic dance project called Silkken Laumann with Johnnson and Adam Saikaley.[4] The group released their debut album Not Forever Enough on January 1, 2014.[5]


  • 2004: The Pink Ghosts
  • 2005: Blankets EP
  • 2006: Tin Fist EP
  • 2007: Glory Hope Mountain
  • 2008: "The Acorn + Ohbijou" Split 12" with Ohbijou[6]
  • 2008: Heron Act
  • 2008: Little Elms
  • 2008: Ear Worms
  • 2010: No Ghost


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