The Adventures of Pluto Nash

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The Adventures of Pluto Nash
Pluto Nash.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Ron Underwood
Produced by Martin Bregman
Michael Scott Bregman
Louis A. Stroller
Written by Neil Cuthbert
Starring Eddie Murphy
Randy Quaid
Rosario Dawson
Joe Pantoliano
Jay Mohr
Luis Guzmán
James Rebhorn
Peter Boyle
Pam Grier
Burt Young
John Cleese
Music by John Powell
Cinematography Oliver Wood
Edited by Alan Heim
Paul Hirsch
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Release dates
  • August 16, 2002 (2002-08-16)
Running time
95 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $100 million[1]
Box office $7,103,973

The Adventures of Pluto Nash is a 2002 Australian-American science fiction comedy film directed by Ron Underwood and starring Eddie Murphy.


In 2080, on a Moon colony called Little America, a retired smuggler called Pluto Nash (Eddie Murphy) buys a nightclub, in an attempt to fulfil a long-time wish of his. Additionally, this prevents the murder by ingestion of battery acid of the club's previous owner, Anthony Frankowski (Jay Mohr) by mobsters Gino (Burt Young) and Larry (Lillo Brancato) whom Anthony owed money to. Seven years later, "Club Pluto" has become a successful business, frequented by many socialites. Its staff consists of Pluto himself, a Hispanic assistant, and an anthropomorphic, android robot named Bruno (Randy Quaid).

One night, Pluto is approached by a young woman named Dina Lake (Rosario Dawson), who has become stranded on the Moon and desires to earn some money by which to pay for transport back to Earth. Because her father "Nicky Sticks" was a friend of Pluto's, she seeks help from Pluto offering her skills as a singer. Pluto, instead, gives her a job as a server at his club and allows her to remain after its nightly closure to the public. During the same night, Pluto is accosted thrice by Mogan (Joe Pantoliano) and Kelp (Victor Varnado), messengers of a mysterious entrepreneur called Rex Crater. They tell Pluto that Rex wishes to buy Club Pluto and convert it into a gambling casino. Pluto refuses, and Rex Crater's minions destroy the club. Pluto, Dina, and Bruno escape.

Determined to get his club back, Pluto decides to investigate Rex Crater, of whom very few people know anything. From Rowland (Peter Boyle), a retired police officer who is a friend of his mother's, Pluto learns that Rex Crater is never seen outside of a penthouse in the city of Moon Beach, and that he was involved with a geneticist called Runa Pendankin, who specialized in cloning before her death.

Pluto and Dina visit Doctor Runa Pendankin's apprentice Mona Zimmer (Illeana Douglas), who operates a cosmetic surgery station. They pose as a married couple attempting to revive their infatuation for one another by having their figures altered. After having seen, and adapted to their liking, several examples of commonly preferred bodily shapes and contours, they reveal that they have come for information regarding Doctor Pendankin's death. Mona Zimmer, having been intimidated by Pluto's bluffs, reveals that shortly prior to her death Doctor Pendankin had worked for or with a Terrestrial criminal whose initials, inscribed on his briefcase, appear to have been "WZW".

Pluto and Dina return to the hotel and meet Pluto's mother Flura Nash (Pam Grier). They are subsequently attacked by Rex Crater's assassins, who have tracked them to the hotel. Upon hijacking a limo with a holographic chauffeur named James (John Cleese), Pluto takes Dina and Bruno to an old refuge of his from his smuggling days.

At the hideout Pluto searches online for information regarding any Terrestrial criminal with the initials "WZW". When this yields nothing, Dina suggests that the initials are in fact "MZM", having been seen upside-down by Mona Zimmer. Pluto searches for "MZM" and discovers a criminal called Michael Zoroaster Marucci (Alec Baldwin). Pluto suspects that Michael Marucci and Rex Crater are one and the same. Abruptly, he is contacted by his mother, who tells him that Rowland has been killed by a fellow police officer and the hideout is attacked by Rex Crater's agents. A chase ensues and the heroes escape, but their car is damaged and explodes, causing them to be presumed dead by the agents. They manage to get out in their astronaut suits but soon run out of oxygen and pass out. Bruno carries them through the Moon desert, but soon, his battery runs out.

They are eventually rescued and taken to Moon Beach by Felix Laranga (Luis Guzmán), a smuggler who idolizes Pluto Nash. They infiltrate Rex Crater's casino/hotel. Bruno ends up running afoul of a robot slot machine whose lever he accidentally breaks. When Bruno is taken away by security, Pluto sends Dina to pay for the damages and get Bruno out. Meanwhile Pluto meets with Anthony, who is now going under the name Tony Francis, a famous intergalactic singer. Pluto asks Tony if there is a way up to Rex Crater's penthouse and is told that the only way is to climb up via the elevator ropes.

When they leave the elevator, Rex's assistant Belcher (James Rebhorn) and some men knock Tony out while Pluto is stunned. Meanwhile, Dina approaches the security guard at the place where the robots are locked up. When the guard tells Dina that the repairs on the robot slot machine aren't done yet, Bruno manages to trick the guard into letting him out and then knocks him out. Just then, Dina and Bruno are captured by Mogan, Kelp, and some of Rex's men.

Upon being un-stunned by Belcher, Pluto accuses Rex Crater of being Michael Marucci. At this, Rex Crater reveals himself to be a clone of Pluto. Rex and Belcher explain that Rex was created by Runa Pendankin from Pluto's removed appendix to act as the public face of Michael Marucci's illegal activities. However, Rex has killed both Marucci and Runa and also stated that he was the one who told his henchmen where Pluto was hiding out due to him also inheriting Pluto's memories. When his henchmen arrive and see both Rex and Pluto, Rex kills Mogan and Kelp for their incompetence. He and Pluto then fight while the others are uncertain which is which. Pluto shoots Bruno, and Belcher (who assumes that Pluto would not damage his own robot) shoots Rex. Pluto orders his men to leave and reveals his identity to Dina by speaking of her employment to him, then knocks out Belcher who has realized his mistake in shooting the wrong person. Bruno is shown to have survived unharmed since he was wearing a bulletproof shirt, but Rex is revealed to have worn one also. Rex attempts to garotte Pluto but is thrown through a window and dies upon hitting the card table below.

The movie ends with the heroes celebrating in the rebuilt Club Pluto with Nash as the owner, Dina as the lead singer and Bruno as the new club manager (as Pluto has bought a new model 78 robot as his new bodyguard). Pluto looks at Dina singing on the stage and smiles, smoking a cigar.



The film originated in the mid-1980s. The script went through numerous revisions and production finally began in April 2000, and wrapped up in September 2000. Upon completion of filming, it sat on the shelf for two years, finally being released in August 2002.

At one point, Jennifer Lopez was cast for the role of Dina in this film, but eventually turned it down. Rosario Dawson was cast in her place.


Box office[edit]

The Adventures of Pluto Nash was a Box office Failure; its budget was estimated at $100 million, with marketing costs of $20 million and domestic box office $4,420,080 and $2,683,893 overseas. It had a total worldwide gross of $7,103,973, making the film a huge box office bomb.[3] In 2014, the LA Times listed the film as one of the most expensive box office flops of all time.[4]

Critical response[edit]

The film was also a huge failure in terms of critical reception, being panned by critics and moviegoers alike. Rotten Tomatoes ranked the film 79th in the 100 worst 2000s decade movies list,[5][dead link] with a rating of 5% based on 87 reviews.[6] The majority of critics lambasted the movie for its acting, dialogue, lack of humor and crude special effects.

Pluto Nash was nominated for five Golden Raspberry Awards in 2003, including Worst Picture, Worst Actor (Eddie Murphy), Worst Director, Worst Screenplay and Worst Screen Couple (Murphy and himself cloned), but failed to win any, and was later nominated for Worst Comedy of Our First 25 Years at the 25th Golden Raspberry Awards in 2005, which lost to Gigli.

Eddie Murphy poked fun at himself in an interview with Barbara Walters, saying: "I know the two or three people that liked this movie."[citation needed]

The film performed better on DVD, with US DVD rental gross of $24,983,000.[7]


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