The Adventures of Tongpoo

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The Adventures of Tongpoo
Genre Science fiction, Comedy
Written by Akira Toriyama
Published by Shueisha
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Weekly Shonen Jump
Published November 1983
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The Adventures of Tongpoo (トンプー大冒険) is a one-shot manga written by Akira Toriyama. It appeared in Weekly Shonen Jump #52 in 1983 and was later released in the compilation Tankōbon, Akira Toriyama's Manga Theater Vol. 2. The manga introduced an early concept of the Hoi-Poi Capsules that appear in Toriyama's well known manga Dragon Ball.[1]


The story is centered around a cyborg boy named Tongpoo who is the only crew member of a ship known as "Planet 12" who was sent from Earth to investigate alien planets. After being in Cryogenic freezing for five years aboard the ship, he is woken up, assuming that the ship is approaching a planet. Much to his surprise there is no nearby planet and was awaken to escape because the ship's engine was damaged causing the it to explode. After escaping in a small scouting ship on limited fuel, Tongpoo makes it to a desolate alien planet which is essentially oceanic. While riding a hovercraft coming from one of his capsules, he comes across the ruins to a spaceship lying in a lake. While skinny dipping into the lake to investigate the ship he discovers that the ship is "Planet 8" that was sent from Earth two years before him. While looking around more he sees the skeleton to what used to be one of Planet 8's three crew members. Tongpoo then hears music nearby and ends up find a young girl named Plamo bathing in a lake. Plamo tells Tongpoo that she was the only surviving member of the Planet 8 ship and the other two were killed by an alien who landed on the planet.

Tongpoo and Plamo come up with an idea to steal the ship. Tongpoo sets up camp using a house created from a capsule. In the house she reveals that she was originally chosen as part of the research project to investigate alien planets for the comedic reason of her ability to take an hour to bend a spoon. While having a bath together they both find out that they are 14 years old. The next morning they begin their plan to steal the alien spaceship. Tongpoo goes into the ship to see if he can control it and becomes disappointed when he can not. He decides to blow it up using a gernade being timed to set off once a block of ice melts. Plamo is outside wearing a revealing dress attempting to seduce the alien but fails as the alien tries to eat her. Tongpoo runs out and tries to save Plamo. After being shot several times by the alien and still being up, he uses his cyborg power to defeat the alien and run off as its ship explodes. Seeing as they have no other choice, Plamo and Tongpoo decide to take Tongpoo's scouting ship and start an adventure to go to the next planet in hopes of finding another ship to make it back to Earth.

Allusions to other works[edit]

The protagonist seems to be an early depiction of Dragon Ball protagonist Son Goku as well as Plamo's personality being an early depiction of the female lead Bulma.[1] Modified versions of the Hoi-Poi capsules as well become recurring objects in the series.


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