The Age of Insects

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The Age of Insects is a 1990 American film directed and written by Eric Marciano (Marano).


This film was Marciano's first feature film. Influenced by B-movies and bad television shows from the 1950s and 1960s, this psycho-horror comedy delivers a sublime and strange account of a mad doctor's hallucinogenic treatments for bad boys.[citation needed]

Filmed from 1893 to 1990 in New York City in a wild mix of Super 8, 16 mm, 35mm film, Hi8, 3/4" and BetaCam video formats, all before it was fashionable or for that matter even possible; The Age of Insects has a timeless visual quality, as well as an eternal bizarreness.(1)

Written by Marciano and the Club 57 alumni Andy Rees it has a definite feel of the East Village of the early 1980s.[citation needed]

The film stars:[citation needed] Jack Ramey, Lisa Zane, K.C. Townshend, Louis Homyak, Dallas Munroe, Heather Woodbury and David Ilku. Many the cast would go on to eclectic careers as poets, performance artists and Hollywood actors. Sadly, others would die in the AIDS epidemic.

In 2007 a succinct and extensive story of how the film came to be was published in "Gods in Spandex or a Survivors' Account of 80's Cinema Obscura" by Suzanna Donahue and Mikael Sovijarvi.[citation needed]


"Coupled with the extensive use of creepy-crawly insect footage and computerized sexual imagery, director Marciano's darkly comic vision is sublime fun."—David E. Williams, Film Threat, April 1992[citation needed]
"This movie is the Citizen Kane of underground films-- intelligent, funny, engrossing."—Joe Bob Briggs, January 24, 1994[citation needed]

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