The Air Circus

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The Air Circus
The Air Circus 1928.JPG
Lobby card
Directed by Howard Hawks
Lewis Seiler
Written by Norman Z. McLeod
Seton I. Miller
Distributed by Fox Film Corporation
Release dates
  • September 30, 1928 (1928-09-30)
Running time 118 min.
Country United States
Language English

The Air Circus is a 1928 American feature film directed by Howard Hawks, the first of his aviation films.[1]

The plot concerns two students (Arthur Lake and David Rollins), encountering an accomplished aviator (Sue Carol) in flight school and learning to fly.

The Air Circus is Hawks' seventh feature, and the first with sound dialog. The film was completely finished as a silent when the studio commissioned dialog from screenwriter F. Hugh Herbert and assigned Lewis Seiler to insert 15 minutes of talking footage, which Hawks considered "mawkish".[2]

Preservation status[edit]

Various sources classify it as lost.[1][3] [4] However, Hal Erickson states the silent version "was rescued from oblivion in the early 1970s".[5]



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