The Allstonians

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The Allstonians
Allstonians Haunt.jpg
The Allstonians play 'The Haunt' - Ithaca, NY - May 8th, 1999 - Photo by Dr. Awkward
Background information
Origin Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Genres Reggae, Ska
Labels Moon Ska, Fork In Hand

The Allstonians are a third wave ska/reggae band formed in Allston, Massachusetts in 1992. They have released three albums, on the Moon Ska Records label and the most recent on Fork In Hand Records. They have also appeared on many ska compilations. The band has been featured on MTV's The Real World, and can be heard often on college radio in the United States. They are influenced by bands such as The Skatalites, Laurel Aitken, Madness, The Specials, and The English Beat.

After splitting in 2004, the band reunited, and in 2007, the Allstonians announced that frontman "King K" had rejoined. The band, which has resumed performing concerts, now features original members Nigel T. Knucklehead, Darrell 'D-Train' Morrow, Ken 'King K' Knucklehead, Steve!, as well as longstanding members Tom 'Tell it like it is' Quartulli, Kurt "Luke" Wahlstrom, Eric "Merv" Bridson, Matt Maloney, "Father" David Roy, Evan Parker, Jim Zavadoski, and Tyler "T-Bone" Oulton. The Allstonians supported and served as backing band for Laurel Aitken on his final tour of the US in 1999, playing five weeks' worth of shows.

The Allstonians offer some sample songs for download on their official website: "Mikey Dee" and "Sean Connery" from their 2003 release "Bottom's Up," and two unreleased songs, "Ordinary Day," and their cover of "Secret Love", inspired by Lord Tanamo's version which was inspired by Doris Day's version.

Current Lineup[edit]

  • Nigel T. Knucklehead - Keyboards and vocals[1]
  • Darrell 'Dtrain' Morrow - Tenor Sax and vocals
  • Tom 'Beaver Tail' Quartulli - Tenor Sax
  • Joe 'D'Italia' Pondaco - Guitar
  • Kurt Wahlstrom - Bass Guitar
  • Eric Bridson - Trombone
  • Matt Maloney - Drums
  • Steve '!' - Guitar
  • Bob "Dave" Tierney - Bass Guitar
  • Joe McEachern - Bass Guitar
  • Keiichi Hashimoto - Trumpet
  • Matt "Thumbs" Giorgio - Trumpet
  • David Roy - Drummie


  • Go You (1995)
  • The Allston Beat (1997)
  • Bottoms Up! (2003)

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