The American Outlaws

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The American Outlaws
Abbreviation A.O.
Established 2007
Type Supporters' group
Team United States of America
President Korey Donahoo
Vice President Justin Brunken
Key people
  • Brian Hexsel (Chapter Chairman & Travel Manager)
  • Megan Brunken (Secretary & Treasurer)
  • Chris Donahoo (Social Media and Event Coordinator)
  • Dan Wiersema (Communications)
Membership 20,000+
Colors      Red and      Silver

The American Outlaws (abbreviation: A.O.) are an unofficial supporters' group for the United States men's national soccer team and have been described as "a raucous group of U.S. supporters" by ESPN.[1][2] Founded in 2007 by a group of fans from Lincoln, Nebraska, the group set out to better organize supporters at United States men's national soccer team games.[3] Their first appearance was at an international friendly between Brazil and the United States in Chicago in the summer of 2007.[4] The group originally used the color blue but now encourages members to wear red to all US games. They are easily spotted by their USA bandanas.[5] They are frequently accompanied by a marching band made up of members dressed like popular American icons like Captain America, Rocky Balboa, and Pilgrims.[6]

In 2010, American Outlaws and Sam's Army partnered with Little Feet Sports to create a 2010 South Africa World Cup T-Shirt. For every T-Shirt sold, Little Feet Sports donated a soccer ball to a child in South Africa during the 2010 World Cup. The shirt was promoted by former US National Team players Frankie Hejduk and John O'Brien.[7]

Organizational structure[edit]

National Organization[edit]

The national organization is run out of Lincoln, Nebraska and handles the day-to-day operations of the group. The national organization is in charge of domestic ticket requests and all other matters pertaining to United States Soccer for members. It develops the various forms of national merchandise like membership kits, t-shirts, and scarves. It is responsible for connecting supporters from around the country and producing various forms of media content like scouting reports and a podcast.[8][9] On occasion, the national organization will organize pregame events in a city if there is no organized American Outlaws' presence.

For the 2010 World Cup it organized a travel package for members planning on going to South Africa.[10]

The organization is run by Korey Donahoo & Justin Brunken.[11]

Local Chapters[edit]

The group is organized into local chapters that are established in cities.[12] The local chapters handle local viewing parties, building support for the national team at the local level, and are responsible for organizing festivities & supporters in the event their city hosts a game.[13]

In order to be sanctioned as an official chapter the following are required:

  • A minimum of 25 dues paying members
  • A base bar where they host viewing parties on a regular basis
  • Informing the national organization of any new members

When chapters are officially sanctioned they receive a chapter banner and website. Some chapters, like Baton Rouge, Boston, and Washington, D.C., develop their own logo for local promotional purposes. There are currently 167 official chapters.

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