Melancholie der Engel

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Melancholie der Engel
DVD released by Shock Entertainment
The Angels' Melancholy
Directed by Marian Dora
Produced by Georg Treml
Written by Frank Oliver
Marian Dora
Music by
Cinematography Marian Dora
Edited by Marian Dora
Authentic Film
Distributed by Shock Entertainment
Release dates
  • 1 May 2009 (2009-05-01) (Weekend of Fear Festival, Germany)
Running time 165 minutes
Country Germany
Language German

Melancholie der Engel (English: The Angels' Melancholy) is a 2009 German horror film written and directed by Marian Dora, and co-written by Frank Oliver. It premiered at the Weekend of Fear Festival in Germany on 1 May 2009.


Feeling his mortality and fearing that he's reaching the end of his life, Katze (Frank Oliver) decides to meet up with his old friend Brauth (Zensa Raggi) at an old house in which they used to spend time delving into dark pleasures. He also finds that two other old acquaintances of his are attending, the group decides to allow Katze to go out in style as their fun turns increasingly more depraved and horrific.


  • Zensa Raggi as Brauth
  • Frank Oliver as Katze
  • Janette Weller as Melanie
  • Bianca Schneider as Bianca
  • Patrizia Johann as Anja S.
  • Peter Martell as Heinrich
  • Margarethe von Stern as Clarissa
  • Martina Adora as Novice (Novizin)
  • Marc Anton as Monk (Mönch)
  • Tobias Sickert as Tall man (Großer Mann)
  • Ulli Lommel as Katze as angel (voice)
  • Jens Geutebrück as Priest


The film review site Worldwide Celluloid Massacre panned the film, writing "There is no plot or comprehensible meaning to speak of, there is no rationale, philosophy or understandable characters, just very broken people doing disgusting things in an 'artistic' movie. I would have liked to say that the movie merely depicts very disturbed people, cruelty and vileness, but the movie actually revels in it and seems to think of this as art and emotional pathos". [1]

The Angels' Melancholy was referred to as "the most notorious, undeniably hardcore German release to date" by Severed Cinema, which wrote that while the music could be annoying and it suffered from dullness and repetition due to its length, the film was beautifully shot, with haunting and nightmarish cinematography with a lyrical quality to it. The website concluded its review with "Filled with unspeakable atrocities, Melancholie der Engel is completely devoid of morality. It is a depraved, perverse and nihilistic endurance test". [2]



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