The Angels of Light (UK band)

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For other uses, see The Angels of Light.

The Angels of Light, also known as Thee Angels of Light, first appeared on the Psychic TV single "Godstar", featuring Rose McDowall, Steve Broughton, Micky Groome, Dave McKintosh and Mark Fishlock. The film soundtrack for the never made film on Brian Jones, recorded around the same time, featured a slightly different line-up: McDowall, Fishlock, Caresse P-Orridge (Genesis P-Orridge and Alaura's daughter), Groome and Tilley (these recordings were eventually released in 1994 as Godstar: Thee Director's Cut).

The name was then reused for the Sub Rosa release of Je T'Aime (released as Genesis P-Orridge and The Angels of Light). The latest appearance of the Angels was on 1996's Trip Reset, when it was Caresse and her sister Genesse.