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The Angelus is an Irish audial and televisual institution. On radio[1] they are broadcast at 12:00 and 18:00 every day.[2]

Radio Éireann first broadcast The Angelus on 15 August 1950. Minister of the Department of Posts and Telegraphs Leon Ó Broin and Archbishop of Dublin John Charles McQuaid had discussed the original idea in the late 1940s.[3] The bells were first (and still are) recorded from St Mary's Pro-Cathedral,[4] although initially broadcast live.[3]

The broadcast of the Angelus by RTÉ has been called into question from time to time.[5][6][7] A number of religious faiths outside Catholicism notably the Church of Ireland, have called for its continuation.[8]

Television format[edit]

Televised programming began at Telefís Éireann's launch. Images shown were pictures of Annunciation.[3] More recently, it showed "a number of people of varying gender and ages pause to pray at the sound of the bell".[9]

2009 relaunch[edit]

From 21 September 2009, RTÉ Television relaunched The Angelus broadcast before RTÉ News: Six One.[4] It features seven different editions, with seven respective people for each one.[10] Featured people include a chemist from Finglas, a mother from Sixmilebridge, grandparents feeding swans in Shannon, a fisherman from Enniscorthy and an office worker from Zambia at her office near the Phoenix Park.[11] The one-minute feature attracts an average audience of 318,000.[4] It was developed by Kairos Communications.[11]


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