The Answers (Natalac album)

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The Answers
Studio album by Natalac
Released January 19, 2010
Label Natalac Records
Producer Freddy Fred 360
Lil Brod
Venom Vendetta
DJ Prince Ice
DJ Sledge Hammer
Natalac (exec. prod.)
Natalac chronology
Hidden Adjenda
The Answers
A Pimp named Slickback Thats Natalac
Singles from The Answers
    Released: January 19, 2010 (2010-01-19)
  2. "Draggin these like a TRAIN (I Pull'em)"
    Released: April 20, 2010 (2010-04-20)
  3. ""
  4. ""

The Answers is the Fifth studio album by rapper Natalac, released January 2010. The album was originally scheduled for a November 10, 2009 release, for the Marine Corps Birthday. Then two artists decided that they didn’t want to be on the second Single “Draggin these like a Train” (I Pull’em) After, The Answers album was already completed and in the mastering secession in Atlanta with CHOO Mastering. So it prolonged the release date more. Then, 5 different hard drives mysteriously with the album was deleted or Damaged in a 5 day period. Then the first copies manufactured got damaged in shipping so Natalac decided "enough is enough",and to release it in 2010.

Guest features include Tef Kaluminoti and Da BlackHillbillie.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Producer(s) Length
1. "The Only Real Man Is A Pimp"   Lil Brod 4:01
2. "STAAACKS"   Freddy Fred 360 3:55
3. "That's Natalac"   Lil Brod 3:48
4. "Draggin these like a TRAIN (I Pull'em)" (featuring Tef Kaluminoti) Breeze Capo 3:02
5. "Who can I Trust (Me & GOD)"   DJ Sledge Hammer 4:28
6. "Forgot About father (Forgotten King)"   Flav 4:49
7. "Ain't Nothin like A (Pimp A** Ni66a)"   Venom Vendetta 3:40
8. "Killing My Heart (Died In your Arms Tonight)"   Dinero 3:46
9. "Players Ball (I Came here to party Yall)"   Dinero 2:58
10. "Woble Lot"   NuNe 5:31
11. "Pimp Dat"   Flav 3:55
12. "Lets go Pimpin (Don't Understand Women)" (featuring Da BlackHillbillie) DJ Prince Ice 3:36
13. "Black History (1960 to 2010)"   Freddy Fred 360 4:41
14. "Money Girl" (featuring Da BlackHillbillie) Lil Brod 4:09
15. "Round and Round (The World goes)"   Freddy Fred 360 3:51
16. "Still In Here (So Many Tears)"   Freddy Fred 360 5:06
17. "Real Love ( I don't know about That)"   DJ Sledge Hammer 5:55


2. Money Girl (Feat. Blackhilbillie) - The Answers - World Star Hip Hop -