The Ant Bully

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For the 2006 movie adaptation, see The Ant Bully (film).
The Ant Bully
The Ant Bully book cover.jpg
The Ant Bully book cover
Author John Nickle
Illustrator John Nickle
Language English
Genre Children's novel
Publication date
ISBN 0590395912

The Ant Bully (ISBN 0590395912) is a 1999 children's book drawn and written by John Nickle. It is about a young boy named Lucas Nickle (also known as Peanut the Destroyer), who is the titular character in the book and who likes to torment ants. It was later adapted into a computer-animated film of the same name by John A. Davis, produced by Legendary Pictures and DNA Productions for Warner Bros. Pictures.


A young boy is bullied all his life and decides to bully ants because they are the only thing smaller than him that he can beat up. The ants make a potion with special crystals in their hill and pour it in his ear, when he is sleeping, so that he will turn into the size of an ant. He is forced by the queen ant to spend time as an ant, and learn their hard ways of the hill. When he finally understands, after many trials and classes, he gets bigger by an antidote and never hurts the ants again. He makes friends with the followers of the cruel boy who bullies him, and they chase off the bully for good.

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