The Antics Roadshow

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Title screenshot from the documentary.

The Antics Roadshow is an hour-long 2011 documentary focused on "famous pranks and acts of activism which have become iconic".


The Antics Roadshow was produced and directed by British street artist Banksy and director/producer Jaimie D'Cruz and was narrated by Kathy Burke.[1]

The name parodies the BBC Television series, Antiques Roadshow.[2]

Featured artists and activists[edit]

Artist or activist Known for
Igor Vamos
Jacques Servin
Their work as The Yes Men, a culture jamming activist duo.
Mark Roberts Streaking at major events, especially sporting events.
Michael Fagan Breaking into Buckingham Palace; known as the Michael Fagan incident.
Noël Godin Pieing celebrities and politicians.
Princess Hijab Painting hijabs on models in fashion industry advertisements.
Rémi Gaillard Various well-publicised pranks.
Charlie Todd Founder of Improv Everywhere.


Country Year Channel
United Kingdom 2011 Channel 4[3]
Australia 2013 SBS Two


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