The Any Day Now EP

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The Any Day Now EP
EP by Elbow
Released 23 January 2001
Recorded 2000
Genre Alternative rock
Length Ugly Man Records: 21:39; V2: 15:05
Label Ugly Man Records, V2 Records
Producer Elbow
Elbow chronology
The Newborn EP
The Any Day Now EP
Asleep in the Back

The Any Day Now EP is Elbow's third release. This EP was released through Elbow's first record label Ugly Man Records, as well as their second record label V2 Records. Both EPs each have a different track listing.

The song "George Lassoes the Moon" on the Ugly Man Records version of the EP differs from the version on The Noisebox EP. Not only is it a minute shorter, but it also is musically more produced than the rough first version. "Wurzel" is an instrumental song.

Track listing[edit]

Ugly Man Records[edit]

  1. "Any Day Now" – 5:56
  2. "Wurzel" – 2:14
  3. "George Lassoes the Moon" – 5:49
  4. "Don't Mix Your Drinks" – 3:24
  5. "Any Day Now" (Radio Edit) – 4:16

V2 Records[edit]

  1. "Any Day Now" – 5:54
  2. "Wurzel" – 2:12
  3. "Don't Mix Your Drinks" – 3:14
  4. "None One" – 3:45