The Apocalypse (2007 film)

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The Apocalypse
Poster of The Apocalypse (film).jpg
Directed by Justin Jones
Produced by David Michael Latt
David Rimawi
Paul Bales
Screenplay by David Michael Latt
Story by Carlos De Los Rios
Starring Rhett Giles
Jill Stapley
Kristen Quintrall
Tom Nagel
Distributed by The Asylum
Release dates
  • May 22, 2007 (2007-05-22)
Running time 85 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Apocalypse is a 2007 American direct-to-DVD disaster film produced by The Asylum and released via its Faith Films label. It has heavy similarity to the 1998 films Armageddon and Deep Impact, however the storyline is drastically different, a recurring theme of some The Asylum's mockbusters.


The film takes place in the United States in what is presumably the present day. A large, colossal meteorite the size of Texas is heading towards the Earth, and threatens to wipe out the human race in a manner similar to the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Whilst the Earth begins a series of efforts to divert and later destroy the meteorite, two parents – Jason (Rhett Giles) and Ashley (Jill Stapley) – search for their missing child, who is in Los Angeles, while attempting to overcome various catastrophes somehow triggered by the arrival of the meteorite.

As the film moves on, both Jason and Ashley soon realize that it is not advanced technology that is required to find their child or divert the meteorite but faith in religion. The daughter is eventually reunited with her father, just at the time the meteorite is about to hit. They tell each other that they will see each other soon, and the film ends with the meteorite colliding with the earth, destroying all life.



The Apocalypse was originally written as a straightforward disaster film, but buyers asked for a religious film. It was rewritten to include faith-based elements, and The Asylum created the Faith Films label to distribute it.[1]

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