The Arista Albums

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The Arista Albums
Compilation album by The Alpha Band
Released 2005
Genre Rock and Roll
Label Acadia
The Alpha Band chronology
The Statue Makers of Hollywood
The Arista Albums

The Arista Albums is a two-CD compilation album by the rock band The Alpha Band. It was released in 2005.[1] The record contains all the material released in the band's three albums on the Arista label.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Interviews" (T-Bone Burnett, Bob Neuwirth, Larry Poons)
  2. "Cheap Perfume" (Burnett, Neuwirth, J. Steven Soles)
  3. "Keep It in the Family" (Soles)
  4. "Ten Figures" (Burnett, Fleming)
  5. "Wouldn't You Know" (Soles)
  6. "Madman" (Burnett, Soles)
  7. "Dogs" (Burnett, Fleming, Phil Taylor)
  8. "Arizona Telegram" (Soles)
  9. "Dark Eyes" (Burnett, Fleming)
  10. "Last Chance to Dance" (Burnett, Carson)
  11. "East of East" (Burnett, Neuwirth, Soles)
  12. "Born in Captivity" (A. B. Stahr)
  13. "Blue Lonely Night" (Soles)
  14. "Silve Mantis" (Burnett, Fleming)
  15. "Honey Run" (K. O. Thomas)
  16. "Adrenalin" (Burnett, Soles, Jim Ganzer)
  17. "You Angel You" (Bob Dylan)
  18. "Not Everything Has a Price" (Burnett, Soles)
  19. "Love and Romance" (Soles)
  20. "Mystified" (Burnett)
  21. "Spark in the Dark (On the Moody Existentialist)" (Burnett)
  22. "Jazz Hymn" (W. M. Ham)
  23. "Tick Tock" (Burnett, Mansfield, Soles)
  24. "Rich Man" (Burnett)
  25. "Mighty Man" (Burnett)
  26. "Perverse Generation" (Burnett)
  27. "Two Sisters" (Soles, Carson)
  28. "Two People in the Modern World" (Soles)
  29. "Back in My Baby's Arms Again" (Burnett)
  30. "Thank God" (Hank Williams)


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