The Art of Sound

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Not to be confused with The Art of Noise.
The Art of Sound
Origin Peterborough, England
Genres Classical, Modern
Years active 1973–present
Members Nigel Sixsmith

The Art of Sound was formed in Peterborough, England in 1973, to promote the use of synthesizers in both modern and classical music. The originating members of The Art of Sound were: Nigel Sixsmith, Thomas Wright, Michael Bale and Shirley Feischer.

In 1982, The Art of Sound moved to London, and the first of two main studios were opened to assist and teach musicians how to fully utilize the synthesizer in their musical compositions. The first studio opened in Battersea, London on 1 September 1982 and within six weeks become fully booked by musicians from throughout the London region. The use of the studio and its equipment was free to anyone who could provide ID proving they were either unemployed or a full time student. Anyone else was required to contribute a small amount to cover the cost of utilities and rent for the building. Studio Two was opened in late 1983 in the London Docklands and again became a success, being fully booked for months in advance, right from the day it opened.

After twenty years of promoting synthesizers, and offering teaching classes for anyone who turned up and had an interest in synthesizers and electronic music, both studios closed in 1993 as the founder members had decided to move on with their lives.

Of the four original members, only Nigel Sixsmith has carried on in the music industry. He moved to Gilbert, Arizona, United States and opened a small electronic studio under the name of The Art of Sound Studios, as well as releasing music for the Korg Karma and Korg Triton and most recently, the Korg Oasys under the band name, The Art of Sound.

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