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The Art of War is a highly influential ancient Chinese military treatise attributed to Sun Tzu.

The Art of War may also refer to:



Film, television and entertainment[edit]

  • The Art of War (film), a 2000 action film starring Wesley Snipes
  • The Art of War, an episode of Exosquad, an American animated series
  • Cossacks: Art of War, a 2001 real-time strategy computer game
  • The Art of War, a 2008 board game set in the fictional universe the Legend of the Five Rings
  • TAW, The Art of Warfare,(group, organization), an international computer video gaming Clan, Guild or Faction formally launched in 2001 by Wedge and Omega, The organization runs a shop, team-speak 3 channel and website. Military rank structure with promotions and demotions using team-speak 3 as a way to communicate real time in a Massive Multiplier Online environment during wartime simulated operations.

Located at there is a 15 year old minimum age and a twice a week mandatory meeting. games supported are History


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