The Artistic Temperament

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The Artistic Temperament
Directed by Fred Goodwins
Produced by David Falcke
Written by Eliot Stannard
Starring Lewis Willoughby
Margot Kelly
Daisy Burrell
Frank Adair
Patrick Turnbull
Release dates May
  • 1919 (1919)
Country United Kingdom
Language English

The Artistic Temperament is a British silent motion picture of 1919 produced by David Falcke and directed by Fred Goodwins. It stars Lewis Willoughby, Margot Kelly, and Frank Adair, with Daisy Burrell and Patrick Turnbull.


After the death of her sister, the heroine (Helen) is pursued by a rich and well-connected man-about-town. However, she finds happiness through playing the violin and in the arms of an impoverished artist, whom she marries.[1]


Daisy Burrell in 1919, on the cover of Pictures and Picturegoer


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