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The Assyrian
Web address
Slogan "The home of Assyrian Australian News"
Commercial? Yes
Type of site
News & Journalism
Registration Optional
Launched 3 March 2010
Current status Offline

The Assyrian is an Australian-based Assyrian news agency. It is the first known and only Assyrian news agency and online site in Australia.[1] The news agency and website was founded on 3 March 2010.

Assyrian/Iraqi elections controversy[edit]

On 5, 6 and 7 March 2010, Assyrians in Australia and around the world took part in the Iraqi Parliamentary elections of 2010. The Assyrian news agency played a large role[citation needed] in reporting election results and news to the Australian Assyrian community and around the world. The Assyrian news website also had its first controversial story when the agency news crew was told by police and polling officials to stop filming outside the Fairfield Iraqi elections polling centre.[citation needed] It is believed[by whom?] The Assyrian news along with other Iraq media were exposing the attempted blocking of Assyrian votes at the centre.[citation needed] The footage was still released online on The Assyrian news website and was also circulated to other Assyrian news and forums, sites around the world including YouTube.

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