The Awesomes

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The Awesomes
Genre Comedy
Format Animated series
Created by Seth Meyers
Mike Shoemaker
Starring Seth Meyers
Ike Barinholtz
Taran Killam
Paula Pell
Kenan Thompson
Bobby Lee
Rashida Jones
Steve Higgins
Josh Meyers
Emily Spivey
Bill Hader
Rachel Dratch
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 10
Executive producer(s) Seth Meyers
Mike Shoemaker
Lorne Michaels
Andrew Singer
Producer(s) Seth Meyers
Mike Shoemaker
Judd Winick
Running time 22 minutes
Production company(s) Broadway Video
Sethmaker Shoemeyers Productions
Bento Box Entertainment
Original channel Hulu
Original run August 1, 2013 (2013-08-01) – present
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The Awesomes is an animated comedy web series starring Seth Meyers, streamed on Hulu. The show follows a group of superheroes who step in and replace the members of a legendary but disbanding superhero team. Under new leadership, The Awesomes attempt to put themselves back together in the face of intense media and government skepticism. Meyers serves as executive producer alongside co-creator Mike Shoemaker and Lorne Michaels.

The Awesomes has a strong association with the NBC weekly TV series Saturday Night Live, starring several SNL cast members including Seth Meyers, Bill Hader, Kenan Thompson, Taran Killam, Bobby Moynihan and Rachel Dratch, as well as SNL writers Steve Higgins, Emily Spivey and Paula Pell. Lorne Michaels serves as executive producer, as he does with many other SNL-associated shows.

The show marks Hulu's second foray into original scripted programming. The first season premiered online on August 1, 2013. On September 19th, 2013 it was reported that Hulu had announced The Awesomes had been renewed for a second season.[1][2]


The Awesomes[edit]

  • Professor Dr. Jeremy "Prock" Awesome (voiced by Seth Meyers) - The son of Mr. Awesome. Jeremy Awesome is the young new leader of the Awesomes. Prock has a JD and an MD, but has always wanted to be a superhero like his father, Mr. Awesome. Prock disappointingly doesn't have any of his father's impressive physical powers: indeed, he is unimposing and injury-prone. However, he's the smartest on the team and a natural leader: in a crisis he comes up with excellent plans and assigns jobs to everyone on the team. For some reason, Prock has so far chosen to keep his other powers hidden from his teammates: he can stop time for ten second increments, and (like his father) he is immune to Dr. Malocchio's powers of hypnosis. His blind spot is that he has a huge crush on Hotwire, which is why she's on the team. Prock wears a blue jumpsuit with a black utility belt and has a golden "A" on his crest similar to his father. Prock lied to his father that he no longer uses his time power, as doctors told him continuing to use it would kill him.
  • Harry "Muscleman" Strong (voiced by Ike Barinholtz) - Prock's best friend from childhood since their fathers were teammates in the original Awesomes. He inherited his superhero name - along with superhuman strength and invulnerability - from his father and grandfather before him. Muscleman likes to stay on the positive side of everything, which can get a little annoying. He wears sleeveless red tights with black cufflinks and socks and also has an extremely large amount of chest hair.
  • Concierge (voiced by Emily Spivey) - The secretary of the new Awesomes, who helped Prock and Muscleman recruit the others (mostly from an old reject pile). While not seen by the others as a superhero, she has the power to rapidly perceive people's needs, organize information, and optimize resources. She goes on every mission. Concierge ended up with the job only because she was the last of the old staff to say "Not it," though now she likes it.
  • Zip "Frantic" Danger (voiced by Taran Killam) - His power is superhuman speed. It's said that he's the third fastest in the world and he can run 500 miles an hour. It's unknown how he got his powers, but his parents think he's a good-for-nothing. He's hyperactive and in a hurry to do the right thing. He looks up to Prock. He wears yellow and white tights that resemble lightning.
  • Gadget Gal (voiced by Paula Pell) - The only active original member of The Awesomes. She got old and decided to retire, but Prock convinced her to return when a rejuvenation ray made her 25 again. Her superpower is super-resourcefulness. She can turn things in her purse into weapons.
  • Austin "Impresario" Sullivan (voiced by Kenan Thompson) - A mama's boy whose power is conjuring. Unfortunately, everything he conjures has his mother's face and voice. He wears a purple and pink tuxedo and a jeweled turban.
  • Sumo (voiced by Bobby Lee) - Initially known only by his first name, Tim, he's only 11 years old but extremely powerful. In a manner similar to The Incredible Hulk, he can transform into a sumo wrestler when injured or angered, and in this form he appears to be even stronger than Muscleman. Tim doesn't wear a costume.
  • Katherine "Hotwire" Malocchio (voiced by Rashida Jones) - Her power is manipulating electricity. Her background is unknown, but she is Dr. Malocchio's daughter. Concierge doesn't trust her, since she is the only team member who applied to join rather than being recruited. Prock is blind to these concerns. Hotwire previously dated Perfect Man and was also aware of Prock's crush on her while dating Perfect Man.


  • Dr. Giuseppe Malocchio (voiced by Bill Hader) - Founder of Malocchio Laboratories in the 1940s, he was the first doctor to study superheroes and was the confidante of many of the world's leading heroes in his quest to understand and isolate the super-gene. Among his partnerships were the original 1940s lineup of The Awesomes, and Mr. Awesome soon became his best friend. Together they worked in the laboratory and co-discovered the super-gene. But Malocchio and Mr. Awesome had different ideas as to how best use their new discovery. Malocchio wanted to use it to make ordinary humans super, and injected himself with the serum. Although originally good, the terrible side effects of the formula turned him monstrously evil. He gained the ability to control human or superhero minds at will. He then used the serum to create an evil army of super-villains, who have battled superheroes for decades, each villain identifiable as one of Malocchio's by the characteristic red eyes; Malocchio means 'evil eye' in Italian. Considered the world's most dangerous super-villain, he was imprisoned. Once the original Awesomes disbanded, he easily escaped from prison by using his mind control on the guards, and even forced them to become his minions. His goal is to convince everyone to surrender their superpowers, ostensibly to protect bystanders from collateral damage. He has a passion for gourmet cooking and is Hotwire's father.

Others with superpowers[edit]

  • Mr. Awesome (voiced by Steve Higgins) - The founder of the original Awesomes and its leader for the past 60 years, and Prock's father. Although his powers keep him from aging, he announced on his 90th birthday that he was retiring (to outer space, so that he wouldn't be bothered). He wanted Perfect Man to take over - "the son I never had" - but his actual son Prock volunteered when Perfect Man turned down the offer. Mr. Awesome thinks Prock will never be a superhero because he doesn't have any powers (Prock told his dad that he doesn't use his Time ability anymore). Mr. Awesome's powers are similar to Superman's: superhuman strength, speed, flight, super breath, laser vision, and invulnerability. He wears a red, white, and blue outfit with a red cape and a 100-ton metal "A" on his crest.
  • Perfect Man (voiced by Josh Meyers) - An arrogant and publicity-seeking former member of the original Awesomes, who has gone solo. At the beginning of the series, he's dating Hotwire although he considers it a casual relationship. Perfect Man can fly and has telescopic vision and x-ray vision. He has awesome hair and an extremely muscular physique. He wears red tights with a gold cape and a cursive "P" on his chest. Dr. Malocchio has hypnotized him not to interfere with the Awesomes or Hotwire's involvement with them. His personality is similar to Booster Gold's when he first appeared in the DC Universe.
  • Dine and Dash (voiced by Cecily Strong and Mike O'Gorman) - Sumo's parents, two former mercenaries who formed their own criminal duo after meeting in combat and falling in love. After Tim was conceived, they settled down to a quiet life as a real estate agent and a CPA, posing as Japanese immigrants with heavy accents. (In fact, Tim's father is 3rd-generation Japanese-American and his mother is Korean-American.) When the time comes for them to change their identities again, they try to take Tim with them, but he manages to stay with The Awesomes.
  • Teleportation Larry (voiced by Bobby Moynihan) - When Muscleman quits the team, Teleportation Larry joins The Awesomes in his place. He has the power to teleport himself and others as long as he can see them. He is an active alcoholic but saves the day at the end of season one when he teleports the team away from Malocchio's control. He also saves Hotwire before the big explosion in the White House although Prock and the team think she is dead.
  • Black Irish (voiced by Taran Killam) - A former member of The Awesomes in the glory days of the team, Black Irish is masked crime fighter and the world's greatest detective. He helps Prock deduce who the traitor on the team is (Hotwire). He speaks with a gruff voice until it annoys Impresario so much that he gives him a lozenge.


  • Joyce Mandrake (voiced by Rachel Dratch) - She's from the G.O.O.S.A. (Government Office of Superhero Affairs) and she handles the funding for the Awesomes. Since the original team disbanded, the government has been threatening to pull the Awesomes' funding. Prock is constantly trying to get it permanently restored, but Joyce won't make it easy on him.


Season 1 (2013)[edit]

No. Title Original air date
1 "Pilot, Part 1" August 1, 2013 (2013-08-01)
Mr. Awesome retires, and the rest of the Awesomes quit when his son Prock tries to assume leadership. The government decides to stop all funding unless Prock can recruit a new team with the help of his childhood friend Muscleman and one paid staff member, Concierge. 
2 "Pilot, Part 2" August 1, 2013 (2013-08-01)
Dr. Malocchio hypnotized the entire world to believe that he's good; Prock tries to prove them wrong. Also, a mysterious girl "Hotwire" shows up wanting to join the Awesomes. 
3 "Baby Got Backstory" August 8, 2013 (2013-08-08)
The team gets trapped in the training room for mysterious reasons, so they decided to tell each other the back stories of how they got their powers. All except for Gadget Gal, who's being attacked in the hallway by her archenemy Tomboy. 
4 "No Mo' Sumo" August 15, 2013 (2013-08-15)
Tim's parents want him to come home, but we soon realize that his parents aren't being completely honest about who they really are. The Awesomes decide to help them get into a secretive hero protection program, but can they track down that program? At the end of the episode, Prock is warned by a clarivoyant that someone will betray the team. 
5 "It's a Mad Mad Mad Parellel World" August 22, 2013 (2013-08-22)
The team gets sent to an opposite world, Earth 4, where The Awesomes are evil and known as The Astoundings. Prock has to outwit his evil alter ego (Professor Astounding) by working with the good version of Dr. Malocchio so they can get back to their world. Meanwhile the evil Dr. Malocchio is causing trouble in the real world by hypnotizing Joyce and Perfect Man. 
6 "Robotherapy" August 29, 2013 (2013-08-29)
Joyce (hypnotized by Dr. Malocchio) threatens to break up the team unless they submit to robotherapy, a worldwide trend. Most team members are enthusiastic although it seems to reduce their effectiveness as superheroes. However, Prock and Gadget Gal refuse because they distrust both robots and therapy, so they're kicked out of headquarters, along with Hotwire, who was suspected of covering something up during therapy. Later, the robots use the therapy session information to blackmail humanity. 
7 "Paternity" September 5, 2013 (2013-09-05)
Muscleman faces an intergalactic paternity suit, and Impresario and Frantic must defend him on an alien talk show. Prock learns the meaning of delegation when Tim and Gadget Gal go on their first solo mission 
8 "Pageant" September 12, 2013 (2013-09-12)
Frantic is chosen to judge a third-tier beauty pageant, but Gadget Gal suspects it might be a trap. Having been voted the least fun member of the team, Prock tries to loosen up. 
9 "The Super-Hero Awards, Part 1" September 19, 2013 (2013-09-19)
The first annual Superhero Awards take place at the White House. Confirming Prock's suspicions, Dr. Malocchio reveals two secret weapons - one of whom is a member of The Awesomes. 
10 "The Super-Hero Awards, Part 2" September 26, 2013 (2013-09-26)
All the world's superheroes are rendered powerless, except The Awesomes. Can Prock and his team figure out how to stop Malocchio before it's too late? 


In July 2007, Syfy gave a script commitment to the series.[3] Syfy later passed on making the show, but MTV gave it a script commitment in June 2009.[4] After MTV passed, Hulu gave it a 10 episode, straight to series order in April 2013.[5]


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