The Bad Man (play)

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The Bad Man
Written by Porter Emerson Browne
Date premiered August 30, 1920
Place premiered Comedy Theatre
New York City, New York
Original language English
Genre Comedy
Setting Gilbert Jones ranch house on border with Mexico

The Bad Man was a 1920 Broadway three act comedy written by Porter Emerson Browne, produced by William H. Harris, Jr. and staged by Lester Lonergan. It ran for 342 performances from August 30, 1920 to June 1921 at the Comedy Theatre. It was included in Burns Mantle's The Best Plays of 1920-1921.

It was adapted into three films of the same name, The Bad Man (1923), The Bad Man (1930), The Bad Man (1941).


  • Frank Conroy as Gilbert Jones
  • Holbrook Blinn as Pancho Lopez
  • Edna Hibbard as Angela Hardy
  • James H. Bell as Venustiano
  • Frank Bixby as Mexican cook
  • Frances Carson as Lucia Pell
  • James A. Devine as Henry Smith
  • Chief Whitehawk as Alvarado
  • Charles Gibney as Bradley
  • John Harrington as Red Giddings
  • Herbert Heywood as Pedro
  • Indian Joe as Felip
  • James B. Lenhart as Blake
  • Wilson Reynolds as Jasper Hardy
  • Fred L. Tiden as Morgan Pell


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