The Balance

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"The Balance"
Song by The Moody Blues from the album A Question of Balance
Released 7 August 1970
Recorded June 1970
Length 3:33
Label Threshold Records
Writer Graeme Edge
Ray Thomas
Producer Tony Clarke

"The Balance" is the closing track of The Moody Blues 1970 album A Question of Balance. Written jointly by band members Graeme Edge and Ray Thomas, "The Balance" describes the balance reference in the album's title. The album's opening track, "Question" is primarily about the negative feelings and attitude toward the Vietnam War, and "The Balance" closes the album by describing the balance that should be achieved. The song's final line, "He saw his enemies like unto himself, and he learned love. Then, he was answered.", alludes to forgiveness of enemies and loving all, which essentially is "The Balance."

The song's verses are spoken (by Mike Pinder) rather than sung while the refrain was sung.