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The Bash Street Kids Annual was a book published from 1979 to 2010 to tie-in with the children's comic The Beano, specifically The Bash Street Kids comic strip. There were 26 editions in total. The annual was published in the autumn in time for Christmas, and had the date of the following year on the cover. The annuals featured about 15-20 individual reprints from the previous 7 to 12 years of The Bash Street Kids strips from its parent comic, supplemented by some new material.

Originally a new annual was published every two years. However, after the 1986 annual was published in 1985, it was decided to make the annual a yearly publication instead. From 1988 until 2010 a new annual was published every 12 months without a break.

The original title was simply 'The Bash Street Kids' followed by the year, with the words 'from The Beano' printed elsewhere on the cover. This name continued, the year changing for each different annual until the release of the 2002 book in 2001 when it was called 'The Bash Street Kids Book', and then changed again with the release of the 2003 annual in 2002 when it first adapted its next name, The Bash Street Kids Annual, though the year and 'from The Beano' still appeared at the end.

The last annual to be called this was the 2008 one, published in 2007. The one published for 2009 was called "The Bash Street Kids in Space Cadets". There were 4 long stories by Mike Pearse inside, and no David Sutherland work for the first time ever. The stories were "Space Cadets", "Funny Old Game", "Pop Idiot", "All for Fun and Fun for all!" and "Crazy for Harry".

Mike Pearse was also the main artist in the Bash Street Kids Annual 2010, with once again having no artwork from David Sutherland. The main stories were "Funny Old Game", "Custard's Last Stand" and "Treasure Hunt". The annual was discontinued after the 2010 edition.

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