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The Beatnuts discography
Studio albums 8
Singles 21
Music videos 9
Instrumental albums 1
Production credits 20
Guest vocals 17
Remixes 23

The Beatnuts are a hip hop group and production team hailing from Queens, New York. Its two current members, Psycho Les and Juju, have been involved in every Beatnuts album, while Al' Tariq left The Beatnuts after their eponymous 1994 release. The Beatnuts have released six full-length studio albums, two extended plays, one instrumental album, three compilation albums and 21 singles. They have also been featured on other artists' songs as both vocalists and producers. The Beatnuts are known to self-produce all of their songs.

The Beatnuts' debut release was Intoxicated Demons, a 1993 EP released by Relativity Records. It contained two singles setting a minimum for the next two Beatnuts albums, 1994's The Beatnuts: Street Level and 1997's Stone Crazy. 1997 also saw the release of Hydra Beats, Vol. 5, an instrumental album marketed by Hydra Entertainment instead of The Beatnuts' label Relativity. The Beatnuts followed it up with 1998's The Spot, a remix EP containing one previously unreleased track and 1999's hit album A Musical Massacre. Each of these records was released by Relativity Records, but The Beatnuts would soon find themselves signed to Relativity's sister label Loud Records. On Loud, The Beatnuts released 2001's Take It or Squeeze It, but they soon left the label to join the indie label Landspeed Records. They then released the 2002 album The Originators to critical success and commercial failure. The Beatnuts next and last album, 2004's Milk Me, was released by Penalty to slightly better commercial reception than The Originators.


Studio albums[edit]

List of studio albums, with selected chart positions
Title Album details Peak chart positions



The Beatnuts: Street Level 182 3 28
Stone Crazy
  • Released: June 24, 1997
  • Label: Relativity, Epic
  • Formats: CD, LP, cassette
154 4 38
Hydra Beats, Vol. 5
  • Released: July 7, 1997
  • Label: Hydra
  • Formats: LP
A Musical Massacre
  • Released: August 10, 1999
  • Label: Relativity, Loud, Epic
  • Formats: CD, LP, cassette
35 10
Take It or Squeeze It
  • Released: March 10, 2001
  • Label: Loud, Epic
  • Formats: CD, LP, cassette, digital download
51 20
The Originators
  • Released: July 23, 2002
  • Label: Landspeed
  • Formats: CD, LP, cassette, digital download
25 57
Milk Me
  • Released: August 30, 2004
  • Label: Penalty, Rykodisc, HRH Management
  • Formats: CD, LP, digital download
196 21 42 188
"—" denotes a recording that did not chart or was not released in that territory.

Compilation albums[edit]

List of compilation albums
Title Album details
World Famous Classics: 1993-1998
  • Released: August 25, 1999
  • Label: Sony
  • Formats: CD, LP, cassette
Beatnuts Forever
  • Released: 2001
  • Label: Relativity
  • Formats: LP
Classic Nuts, Vol. 1
  • Released: February 19, 2002
  • Label: Relativity, Loud, Epic
  • Formats: CD, LP, cassette
U.F.O. Files
  • Released: September 30, 2008
  • Label: Pit-Fight
  • Formats: CD, digital download

Extended plays[edit]

List of extended plays, with selected chart positions
Title Album details Peak chart positions


Intoxicated Demons: The EP
  • Released: April 6, 1993
  • Label: Relativity, Violator
  • Formats: CD, LP, cassette
28 50
Remix EP: The Spot
  • Released: February 10, 1998
  • Label: Relativity, Epic
  • Formats: CD, LP, cassette
26 52


As lead artist[edit]

List of singles as lead artist, with selected chart positions, showing year released and album name
Title Year Peak chart positions Album



"Reign of the Tec" 1993 6 Intoxicated Demons
"No Equal"
"Props Over Here" 1994 14 101 39 172 The Beatnuts: Street Level
"Hit Me with That" 37
"Hellraiser" Non-album single
"Find That" 1996 Stone Crazy
"Do You Believe?" 1997 10 81 27
"Off the Books"
(featuring Big Pun and Cuban Link)
86 5 52 12
"Here's a Drink"
"Watch Out Now"
(featuring Yellaklaw)
1999 84 29 3 17 84 A Musical Massacre
"Se Acabo"
(featuring Swinger and Magic Juan)
"No Escapin' This"
(featuring Greg Nice and Claudette Sierra)
2001 56 12 47 Take It or Squeeze It
"Let's Git Doe"
(featuring Fatman Scoop)
87 19
"We Got the Funk" 2002 Classic Nuts, Vol. 1
"Buying out the Bar"
(featuring Chris Chandler)
The Originators
"Work that Pole"
"Simple Murder" Exclusive Collection
"Ya Betta Believe It" 2003 The Originators
(featuring Greg Nice)
2004 143 Milk Me
"Find Us"
(featuring Akon)
"It's Nothing"
(featuring A.G. and Gab Goblin)
"—" denotes a recording that did not chart or was not released in that territory.

As featured performer[edit]

List of singles as featured performer, with selected chart positions, showing year released and album name
Title Year Peak chart positions Album
"Out for the Cash"
(DJ Honda featuring Al' Tariq, Fat Joe and Problemz)
1996 DJ Honda
"Dude Descending a Staircase"
(Apollo 440 featuring The Beatnuts)
2003 58 Dude Descending a Staircase
"—" denotes a recording that did not chart.

Music videos[edit]

Year Song Director[9]
1993 "Reign of the Tec" David Perez Shadi
"No Equal" David Perez Shadi
1994 "Props Over Here" Abraham L. Lim
"Hit Me with That" David Perez Shadi
1997 "Do You Believe?"
"Off the Books" Chris Robinson
1999 "Watch Out Now / Turn It Out" Diane Martel
2001 "No Escapin' This" Nzingha Stewart
2004 "Find Us (In the Back of the Club)" Uly Terrero
"—" denotes unknown director.

Production credits[edit]

Year Track(s) Album Artist

"Watcha Gonna Do?"
"Goin' Back to the Wild"

Supernatural Stereo MC's
"Pups Lickin' Bone" Monie Love Down to Earth
1992 The Fabulous Chi-Ali Chi-Ali
"Heidi Hoe" Can I Borrow a Dollar? Common Sense

"Wild Child"
"Honeycomb Hide Out"
"It'z Natural"

The Aftermath Da Youngsta's
"The Shit Is Real" Represent Fat Joe Da Gangsta

"Rat Bastard"
"Verbal Massage"
"Outta My Way Baby"
"Verbal Massage (Part 2)"

Dust to Dust Prime Minister Pete Nice & Daddy Rich
"Qui Paiera Les Dégats?" 1993... J'appuie Sur La Gâchette Suprême NTM
1994 "Ain't Whatcha Do (Radio Edit)" "Ain't Whatcha Do" Bās Blasta

"Lost in Brooklyn"
"Around the Clock"
"Open Sesame"

Lost in Brooklyn Down South

"How'm I Doin'"

House Party 3 - Soundtrack Kid 'n Play (various artists)

"Spell It Wit a J (Yes, Yes Jorge)"
"Top Notch"
"Uptown Shit"
"Fresh Out the Box"
"Walk Like a Duck"
"Tear Shit Up"

A Constipated Monkey Kurious

"Crime Pays"
"Think Not"
"Do Yo' Thang"
"Foxxy Brown"
"All Over the Track"
"Get Down Baby"
"Peace Akki"
"Gods Connect"

God Connections Al' Tariq
"The Nod Factor" From Where??? Mad Skillz

"Genuine (Street Mix)"
"Don't Make Me Try (Main Pass)"

"Genuine / Don't Make Me Try" Triflicts
1998 "Misery Needs Company" Don Cartagena Fat Joe
2001 "Screwed Up" Loyalty Screwball
"—" denotes production credit for the entire album/release.
"†" denotes tracks which also feature rapping by an active Beatnuts member.
"‡" denotes credit as co-producer.

Vocal appearances[edit]

Year Track(s) Album Artist(s)
1996 "Peace Akki" God Connections Al' Tariq

"Out for the Cash"
"Out for the Cash (5 Deadly Venoms)"

DJ Honda (Japan Edition) DJ Honda
1998 "Who the Trifest?" II DJ Honda
1999 "Esta Loca" Tell Em Why U Madd The Madd Rapper
"Can't Relate" Global Warning Rascalz

"Very Good My Friends (Original)"
"Very Good My Friends (Dev Large Remix)"

Shadow of the Ape Sounds - Director's Cut Nigo
2001 "Reign of the Tec 2000" Japan for Sale YKZ (various artists)
2002 "Duck Season" Duck Season, Vol. 1 Babu the Dilated Junkie
"Suicide Bomb" The Future Is Now Non Phixion
"Woody" Beat of Life Vol. 1 Tomekk
2003 "Dude Descending a Staircase" Dude Descending a Staircase Apollo 440

"Original Crhyme Pays"
"Crhyme Pays (Remix)"

Politics of the Business Prince Paul
2004 "Oh My God" A Long Hot Summer Masta Ace
"Steppin (Remix)" "Doin Something" Soulive
2006 "Don't Fail Me Now" Poison Pen Chino XL
"Shake It Up" Stanton Sessions Vol.2 Stanton Warriors
2007 "Shake It Up (Hook N Sling Remix)" Chew the Fat! @ the End Presents: Hook N Sling Hook N Sling
"†" denotes track which also features production by The Beatnuts.


Year Remixed track Released on Artist(s)
1990 "Giggahoe (Exremix Vocal)"‡ "Giggahoe" Shazzy
1992 "Funky Lemonade (Remix)" "Let the Horns Blow / Funky Lemonade (Remix)" Chi-Ali
"Breaker 1/9 (Beat Nuts Remix)" "Breaker 1/9" Common Sense
"Pass the Vibes (The Vibes Mix)" "Pass the Vibes" Powerule
"Rap Prime Minister & Daddy Rich (Rat Bastard What the !?*# Mix)" "Rap Prime Minister (Rat Bastard)" Prime Minister Pete Nice & Daddy Rich
1993 "Ain't Got No Class (The Beatnuts Remix)" "Ain't Got No Class" Da Lench Mob
"Wild Child (Remix)" "Wild Child / Handle This" Da Youngsta's
"Watch the Sound (The Beatnuts Dirty Remix)" "Watch the Sound" Fat Joe Da Gangsta

"I Like It (Lounge Mix)"
"I Like It (Vibes Mix)"

"I Like It" Jomanda
"Rip It Up (Beatnuts Remix)" "Rip It Up" Lin Que
"Will You Ever Save Me (Nutshop Remix)" "Will You Ever Save Me" Lisette Melendez
"I Go On (Mic Professor Mix)" "I Go On" MC Lyte
"Ruffneck (Beatnut Remix)" "Ruffneck" MC Lyte
"It's On (Beatnuts Remix)" "It's On" Naughty by Nature
"Kick the Bobo (Beatnuts Remix)" "Kick the Bobo" Prime Minister Pete Nice & Daddy Rich
1994 "Dedication to Bambaataa (Beatnuts Mix)" "Dedication to Bambaataa" Justice System
"Shade Business (The Beatnuts Remix)" "Swing Your Own Thing / Shade Business" PMD

"No Fronts (Not Pearl Jam mix)"
"No Fronts (PsychoLesPass)"

"No Fronts" 12" Vinyl Dog Eat Dog
1995 "20世紀 (Beatnuts Remix)" "Plus Alpha" Rhymester
1996 "Le Manege (The Beatnuts Remix)" Diggin' Into the Real Mondo Grosso
"Speed (Beatnuts Paradise Mix)" "Shinji Takeda's Abstract Jazz Lounge" Shinji Takeda

"State to State (Pimp Remix)"
"State to State (Mafia Remix)"

"State to State (Remixes)" No I.D.
2003 "Steppin' (Remix)" Turn It Out (Remixed) Soulive
2006 "Tinseltown to the Boogiedown (Beatnuts Variation W/ Scritti Politti)" Universal B-Boy Pt. 2 Mos Def
"‡" denotes credit as a co-remixer.

Solo work[edit]

  • God Connections (1996) – by Al' Tariq
  • Kool Fresh (1997) – by Al' Tariq
  • Psycho Therapy (The Soundtrack) (2007) – by Psycho Les
  • The City Never Sleeps (2007) – by Psycho Les, Al' Tariq & Problemz as Big City


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