The Beautiful Music

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The Beautiful Music
Founded 2002 (2002)
Founder Wally Salem
Genre Indie rock
Country of origin  Canada
Location Ottawa, Ontario
Official website

The Beautiful Music (TBM) is a Canadian record label started in 2002 by Wally Salem, specializing in indie pop. Acts include Skytone, Nick Danger & the Danger City Rebels, The Mules, Jeremy Gluck, Dot Dash, The Higher Elevations and The Social Icons.

TBM has gained popularity since 2004 as the label that is releasing a ten volume tribute series to the Television Personalities.

Articles on the TVP Tribute Series

Detour Magazine [1]

Stylus Magazine [2]

HIPCRANK Magazine [3]


Tremolo - All My Friends EP 2002

Nick Danger & the Danger City Rebels - The Return of Nick Danger EP 2003 [4]

The Mules - Live At The Old Town Hall 2004

Into the Jet Stream of Pop - An International Pop Compilation 2004 [5]

If I Could Write Poetry - A Tribute to the Television Personalities 2004 [6]

The Higher Elevations - Lovestruck EP 2004

Skytone - Echoes in All Directions LP 2005 [7]

Someone to Share My Life With LP Vinyl - The Alternate Tribute to the Television Personalities 2005 (split release with Art Pop Records)

Nick Danger & the Danger City Rebels - Escape from Danger City EP 2006

Would Write a Thousand Words - A Tribute to the Television Personalities Vol. 2 2007 [8]

Jeremy Gluck - This Is 2008 The Barracudas

Armstrong - Songs About the Weather 2009

The Social Icons - I'm're here 2010

Dot Dash - Spark>Flame>Ember>Ash 2011

Dot Dash - Winter Garden Light 2012