The Best Show on WFMU with Tom Scharpling

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The Best Show on WFMU
The Best Show on WFMU with Tom Scharpling
Genre Talk, Comedy, Music
Running time 2 hours (2000-2001)
3 hours (2001-2013)
Country United States
Home station WFMU
Starring Tom Scharpling
Jon Wurster
Mike Lisk (AP Mike) (2005-2013)
Air dates October 10, 2000 to December 17, 2013
No. of episodes 576
Opening theme "The Best Show on WFMU" by Themeweavers, LLC

The Best Show on WFMU with Tom Scharpling was a combination music, call-in, and comedy radio show hosted by Tom Scharpling on New Jersey-based radio station WFMU. The show's slogan was "Three hours of mirth, music, and mayhem."[1]

The Best Show first aired on October 10, 2000, occupying the 9pm-11pm time slot. Starting June 5, 2001, the show was expanded to three hours filling the 8pm-11pm slot, later moving to 9pm-midnight. A worldwide audience listened to the show live through WFMU's Internet stream, and many episodes were also archived on the radio station's website. The Best Show began podcasting its shows, with the music removed due to licensing restrictions, on January 26, 2006. In October 2013, Scharpling announced his intention to end The Best Show within several months, with the program's finale airing on December 17.[2][3] “I’ve joked around about this before, and I’m not joking around about it now,” Scharpling told listeners. “It’s hard to do something that’s more or less a full-time job for free, and I’ve done it for as long as I can. . . . It has to happen. That’s just the reality.”[4]

On October 10, 2014, 14 years to the day after The Best Show first aired, Scharpling announced via his Twitter page that the Best Show would return to smash faces and steamroll chumps.[5]

The show has listeners and callers around the world, from the United States and Canada, to as far afield as the U.K., Sweden, Japan, New Zealand, and Tasmania. Regular callers and in-studio guests of note include Todd Barry, Andy Kindler, Aimee Mann, Paul F. Tompkins, Ted Leo, John Hodgman, and Patton Oswalt.


Superchunk drummer Jon Wurster is a frequent caller to the show, adopting a variety of personae hailing from the fictional and surreal New Jersey suburb of "Newbridge." Frequent Wurster characters include "Philly Boy Roy" (an unflinching supporter of all things Philadelphia), "Timmy von Trimble" (a genetically modified, two-inch-tall racist), and "The Gorch" (a senior citizen from York, Pennsylvania, who claims that the character of The Fonz on the TV show Happy Days was based on him, without permission).[6] Some of these calls have been released on CD by Scharpling and Wurster's Stereolaffs label.


YEAR MONTH DATE EPISODE # DESCRIPTION[7] Jon Wurster Character(s)[8]
1997 11 19 Rock, Rot and Rule (pre-Best Show) Ronald Thomas Clontle
1998 1 21 Conventions Inc. (pre-Best Show) Paul Higgins
2000 10 10 1 Tom returns to WFMU, smashes French and Alt-Country CDs, and receives a call from Todd Billups, his number one fan[9]

[Not listed on WFMU archive page]
Todd Billups
2000 10 17 2 Tom wants a Yankees fan and a Mets fan to come down to the station and fight, Hot Rockin' Ronny calls in vowing revenge on Tom for taking his time slot, Unfair Record Review: Hermann Nitsch 8 disc box set[10]

[Not listed on WFMU archive page]
Hot Rockin' Ronny
2000 10 24 3 Yankees Vs. Mets! Philly Boy Roy
Donald (Pressure Pants)
Hot Rockin’ Ronny
2000 10 31 4 Halloween Show With The Rock Band POUT! The Creature from POUT
2000 11 7 5 Election Night Special! Who Will Be Our Next President! I Hope It's Not George W. Bush! The Answer Revealed IN THIS SHOW! (Not Really.) The Creature from POUT
Brad Somerstant
2000 11 21 6 Tom Can Talk About Anything! No Appearance
2000 11 28 7 Barbershop Madness With Zachary Brimstead, Esq. Todd Billups
Zachary Brimstead
2000 12 5 8 Special Guest In Studio - Author Neal Pollack! Zachary Brimstead
2000 12 12 9 Tom Talks to Radio Hut Employee[11]

[Not listed on WFMU archive page, "Radio Hut" call released on Scharpling & Wurster's "Chain Fights, Beer Busts, and Service with a Grin"]
Jeff Cooper
2000 12 19 10 A Star Wars Insider Spills the Beans[11]

[Archived at[12]]
Star Wars caller (questions for the Insider)
Hot Rockin’ Ronny
2000 12 26 11 Tom Talks to Dick Halligan, Jr., author of Blood, Sweat and Real Tears. (Archive removed at request of David Clayton Thomas) Todd Billups
Del McKenzie
2001 1 2 12 Predictions For 2001 With The Nationally Famous Psychic Myrlyn Hogan. Myrlyn Hogan
2001 1 9 13 A Very Real Interview with the "Real-life Fonzie" Roland Gorchnick[11]

[Not listed on WFMU archive page, "The Gorch" call released on Scharpling & Wurster's "Chain Fights, Beer Busts, and Service with a Grin"]
The Gorch
2001 1 16 14 Tom Apologizes To David Clayton Thomas. Hot Rockin' Ronny
2001 1 23 15 A Chat with Maurice Kern, Head of Citizens For A True Democracy[13]

[Not listed on WFMU archive page, "Citizens for a True Democracy" call released on Scharpling & Wurster's "Chain Fights, Beer Busts, and Service with a Grin"]
Maurice Kern
2001 2 6 16 Interview With Rick Benson, "George Benson's White Son." Rodney (Newbridge Book Barn)
2001 2 13 17 Tom interviews Ron Garver, author of "Upright Positions: Flying the Erotic Skies" and Tom Gets Hypnotized. No Appearance
2001 2 27 18 Tom Blows The Lid Off The XFL! Roger Devlin
"Spankalicious" cheerleaders caller
2001 3 6 19 Hot Rockin' Ronny Versus Tom, And Weatherman Cliff Petterson Explains "The Storm of the Century." Stephen Malkmus review caller
Hot Rockin' Ronny
2001 3 13 20 Listener Appreciation Week. Danny (saw Hannibal 17 times)
Claude Billups
Todd Billups
2001 3 20 21 2001 Marathon Week One The Gorch
2001 3 27 22 2001 Marathon Week Two Hot Rockin’ Ronny
2001 4 3 23 Tonight Show Segment Producer Brad Lester (part one), Plus The Return Of Zachary Brimstead, Esq. Zachary Brimstead
2001 4 10 24 Tom Challenges WFMU DJ's To A Fight, Plus Tonight Show Segment Producer Brad Lester (part two). The Gorch
2001 4 17 25 Tom Explains Why He Hates Al Green and NRBQ Reggie (defends Al Green)
2001 4 24 26 Tom Ties Up Some Loose Ends No Appearance
2001 5 8 27 An Interview With Legendary Record Collector Giles Palermo. No Appearance
2001 5 22 28 Tom Says Farewell To The XFL And Talks About "The Producers." Mike Ruggles
2001 6 5 29 Tom Interviews "The Creature" From The Band POUT. Tom Also (Unknowingly) Begins His Love Affair With The Movie Moulin Rouge.

[First three hour show]
The Creature from POUT
Hot Rockin' Ronny
2001 6 12 30 Tom Continues His Love Affair With Moulin Rouge, And Hot Rockin' Ronny Allegedly Breaks Glen Jones's Record. Hot Rockin’ Ronny
2001 6 19 31 Tom Interviews "Mr. Loophole" Tony Torgvort, Author Of The Book "The System." Tony Torgvort
2001 6 26 32 Tom Talks To Augie Richards, Owner Of Ye Olde Burger Barn, Which Features The Infamous "Batter Butler." Augie Richards
2001 7 3 33 The Return of Augie Richards, And His Plan To Sue Tom And Take His Batter Butler On The Road. Also, Tom Challenges His Listeners To Find One Frank Zappa Song That Doesn't Suck. Augie Richards
2001 7 10 34 Tom Is The White Knight Of WFMU, Shining A Light On The Cockroaches That Infest The WFMU Message Board. (Note: This is a very angry and not-so-entertaining show. For completists only!) No Appearance
2001 7 17 35 Tom Talks To Tonight Show Segment Producer Brad Lester Yet Again, And Tom Gets Into An Argument With Mike Healy Over Whether Or Not Tom Is Trying To Pass Himself Off As A Doctor.

["Mike Healy" call released on Scharpling & Wurster's "Chain Fights, Beer Busts and Service with a Grin"]
Mike Healy
2001 7 24 36 Bands On the Run Super-Spectacular with Special Guests Producer Dan Cutforth and Beastie from Soulcracker! No Appearance
2001 7 31 37 Tom Gets Royally Screwed By Perry Farrell And Virgin Records. Also, "Scharpling's Army" Is Born. Filmmaker (Surfboard Love)
2001 8 7 38 The Return Of Hot Rockin' Ronny, And Tom Gets Yelled At Again By Mike Healy Hot Rockin' Ronny
Mike Healy
2001 8 14 39 Troy Dershman, A Bully From Tom's High School Days, Re-Enters Tom's Life, And A Very Depressed Man Asks Tom For Advice. Troy Dershman
2001 8 21 40 We Accidentally Listen In On a Cell Phone Conversation, Too Many People Call And Talk About Getting High, And More Mike Healy. Jason (REO Speedwagon)
Mike Healy
2001 8 28 41 Tom Attempts To Interview Voice-Over Legend Kendrick Martin, The Very Depressed Man Calls Again. Also, Overrated/Underrated. No Appearance
2001 9 4 42 Tom Talks To The Coolest Guy On Earth, And Tom Talks To Roger Tamblyn, Manager Of Bands Like The Inspiral Carpets And Gaye Bikers On Acid. Also, Tom Talks To Today's Youth About Returning To School.[14]

[Not listed on WFMU archive page, "The Music Scholar" call released on Scharpling & Wurster's "Chain Fights, Beer Busts and Service with a Grin"]
Charles R. Martin
2001 9 18 43 Tom talks about the World Trade Center attack. No Appearance
2001 9 25 44 Tom Talks To An Angry Mr. Bungle Fan, Julian From The Strokes, Mark From Sparklehorse, And Gets Goofed On By A Pair Of Teenage Girls, And Ultimately Attempts To Return Things To An Artificial State Of Normalcy. No Appearance
2001 10 2 45 Tom Talks To Three Teenage Girls And Lays The Groundwork For Letting Them Host His Show. No Appearance
2001 10 16 46 Teenage Girl Night! Three Teenage Girls Take Over The Show! No Appearance
2001 10 23 47 Tom Talks To Promoter Roger Tamblyn, and Vanilla Hotbox Grits.

[Removed from WFMU archive, "Consolidated Ball Bearings" call released on Scharpling & Wurster's "New Hope for the Ape-Eared"]
Stan (Consolidated Ball Bearings)
2001 10 30 48 Tom Talks About Mischief Night And The Damages Therein. No Appearance
2001 11 6 49 Tom Talks To The Incredibly Depressed Office Worker For The Third Time. Also, Plenty Of Talk About Cannonball Run. No Appearance
2001 11 13 50 Tom Talks To Nostrodamus Scholar John Hogue The Man Who Saw Tomorrow caller
2001 11 20 51 Tom Gets Yelled At By An Alleged Record Fair Shopper. Tom Gets Schmoozed By An Alleged Smirnoff Ice District Manager. Tom Tries To Make ALove Connection Between Two Listeners. And A Little Bit Of Cannonball Run Talk To Close It Out! No Appearance
2001 11 27 52 An Interview With Michael Azerrad, Author Of Our Band Could Be Your Life. Also, Kacper Tells Tom About The Oral Report He Did In College About The Show. Wire Train caller
2001 12 4 53 Billy Joel is Named And Honored As WFMU's Artist Of The Year. Also, Calls From The Billy Joel Tribute Band 'Glass Houses' And Donnie Van Zandt. Danny Phipps
2001 12 11 54 It's The Night of a Thousand Shout-Outs! Plus, The Hasu Kids Agree to a Christmas Morning Duel, and a Local Policeman Explains the Finer Points of Getting Out of Speeding Tickets. Hot Rockin' Ronny
2002 1 8 55 The Return Of Hot Rockin' Ronny, A Great Interview With Paul Collins, Author Of 'Banvard's Folly', And The Fourth Appearance By The Depressed Office Worker. Hot Rockin’ Ronny
2002 1 15 56 Tom Argues With Philly Boy Roy About Why Philadelphia Isn't Better Than NY/NJ. Also Tom, Inspired By The Ghost Of Howard Cosell, Decides To Tell It Like It Is. Philly Boy Roy
2002 1 22 57 Philly Boy Roy Challenges Tom To An 'All Or Nothing' Football Bet, An Exciting Interview With Utica NY Recording Artist Woodsy, And Tom Talks To 'Captain Catchphrase'. Philly Boy Roy
Mike (Woodsy-mania)
2002 2 5 58 Tom Explains Why 'Lord of the Rings' Is The Worst Movie In The History Of Cinema. Also, Philly Boy Roy Welches On His 'All Or Nothing' Bet, The Hasu Kid Acts Out A Scene From 'Good Will Hunting', And DJ Spooky Makes A Few Bad Requests. Philly Boy Roy
2002 2 12 59 Showbiz Agent Barry Levitz Calls To Promote Michael Jackson's Transformation From 'The King Of Pop' To 'The Prince Of Punk'. Also, Open Phone Tuesday, A Dramatic Reading From 'Good Will Hunting', And Tom Is Kinda Punchy. Barry Levitz
2002 2 19 60 The Band 'Punk', Featuring Michael Jackson - aka Mike Jackyl - Cancels On Tom. Barry Levitz Explains Why Michael Jackson Is No Longer 'The Prince Of Punk'. The Party Doctor Calls Up With Party Advice, And Tom Bids On A Segway Human Transport. Barry Levitz
2002 2 26 61 The Glutton Bowl Super Spectacular, Featuring Interviews With Richard Shea, The President of the International Federation Of Competitive Eating, Eating Athlete Ed "Cookie" Jarvis, And Eating Athlete/WFMU Volunteer Andy "Eyeball" Goldstein. No Appearance
2002 3 5 62 Marathon show with co-hosts Belinda and Hova Hot Rockin’ Ronny
2002 3 12 63 Marathon show with co-host Jason Das No Appearance
2002 3 19 64 A Barrage Of Special Guests - Philly Boy Roy Mocks Tom, Turntable Artists DJ Clue and Liquid Brooklyn Stop By To Spin, And The Party Doctor Sends Tom A Special Package. Also, Tom Challenges A Pair Of Thirteen Year Olds To A Fistfight. Philly Boy Roy
2002 4 2 65 An Interview With Barry Dworkin, The 4-11 Handlebar Mustachioed Leader Of 'The Gas Station Dogs', Who Sings The Worst Song In The History Of Music. Also, Tom Sets Up His Fight With Eight Male Teenagers, And The First Installment of 'Smash Or Trash'.

[Removed from WFMU archive, "The Gas Station Dogs" call released on Scharpling & Wurster's "New Hope for the Ape-Eared"]
Barry Dworkin
2002 4 16 66 Special Guest Harry Knowles From Aint-It-Cool-News. Plus, Tom Announces The Formation Of His Band 'The Medical Marijuana', Who Are Being Assembled To Defeat Former Best Show Ally Band 'STRO', And Tom Gets A Young Teenager In Trouble With His Military Dad. No Appearance
2002 4 23 67 The Best Show Brings It For Three Hours With The Best Show Extreme. Come Strong Or Don't Come At All. Be Prepared To Bring It. No Appearance
2002 4 30 68 Post Extreme Best Show Fall Out Show. The Kids Keep Calling, Tom Talks To A Member Of Wafflestomper's Mommy, And Tom Nearly Falls Asleep On The Air During The Final Fifteen Minutes (Listen Closely!). No Appearance
2002 5 7 69 Tonight's Best Show, With Exclusive Attack Of The Clones Discussion, Is NOT Being Archived! If You Didn't Hear It Live, You're Out Of Luck! That'll Teach You To Watch The Osbournes Instead Of Listening To The Best Show! No Appearance
2002 5 14 70 Philly Boy Roy Calls In To Announce His Motion Picture Debut, Brooklyn-Based Alt-Country Rocker Alan Loewenstein Requests Some 'Real Country' Music, Petey Checks In, And Tom Announces Plans To Assemble A 'Scared Straight' Segment On The Program. Philly Boy Roy
2002 5 21 71 Daily Show Correspondent Matt Walsh Calls In To Promote His Television Special But Is Interrupted By A Pair Of Fans And Is Chastised By SNL's Horatio Sanz. Plus, The Return Of Mike Healy, And 'Smash Or Trash' With The Band 'Management'. Mike Healy
2002 5 28 72 Tom's Dad(dy) Calls In To Bring Up Childhood Horrors And To Borrow Money. Also, Smash Or Trash With Wafflestomper, And Ranger Jim Is Forgiven!

[Removed from WFMU archive, "Tom's Daddy" call released on Scharpling & Wurster's "New Hope for the Ape-Eared"]
Roger Scharpling
2002 6 4 73 Tom Gets Duped By Brett Haskins, The Guitarist/Singer For 'The Clash', A New Jersey-Based Blues Band Not To Be Confused With The Real Clash. Also, Smash Or Trash With Ted Steel. Brett Haskins
2002 6 11 74 A Second Exciting Interview With Matt Walsh, Who Is On The Show To Promote His Movie Martin & Orloff Also, An Exciting Phone Call From Jan-Michael Vincent, And Tom Tells A Personal Las Vegas Celebrity Encounter Story. No Appearance
2002 6 18 75 Best Show Junior Correspondent Petey Interviews Matt Maiellaro and Dave Willis From Cartoon Network's Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Also An Appearance By Captain Catchphrase, And Much Talk About Why The Band Are So Incredibly Horrible. No Appearance
2002 7 9 76 Tom Tells Some Funny Stories. He Gets A Weird Call From A Guy Misialing For A Dating Service. And He Explains Why Creedence Are Infinitely Better Than The Hyper Shitty Canadian Group Called 'The Band'. No Appearance
2002 7 23 77 A Very Sad Tom Asks The Listeners To Cheer Him Up Or He'll Kill Himself. And They Don't! Tune In To Hear Tom's Death! No Appearance
2002 7 30 78 The Stitch 'n Bitch Sewing Circle Stops By The Show To Teach Tom How To Crochet. Also, Cory From The Alternative Band Mother 13 Calls In To Promote Their Latest Corporate-Sponsored Show.

[Removed from WFMU archive, "Mother 13" call released on Scharpling & Wurster's "New Hope for the Ape-Eared"]
Corey Harris
2002 8 13 79 Call Screener Dave Announces His Retirement, And The Search For A New Call Screener Gets Underway! Roderick J. Martinez
2002 8 20 80 Still Searching For That New Call Screener! Philly Boy Roy
2002 8 27 81 The Farewell Party For Call Screener Dave! Featuring Hot Rockin' Ronny, Philly Boy Roy, Officer Tom And A Smash Or Trash With Petey! Hot Rockin’ Ronny
Philly Boy Roy
2002 9 3 82 A Quiet Show - Tom Talks About Austin Texas, The MTV Video Music Awards And Takes Some Calls. Also, Tom Gets His Ass Kissed By An Old Friend Of His Younger Brother. No Appearance
2002 9 10 83 An Exciting Interview With Jimmy McDonough, The Author Of The Neil Young Biography 'Shakey'. Plus, The Friend Of Tom's Younger Brother Calls Back In To Kiss Tom's Ass Some More. No Appearance
2002 9 17 84 Tom Is The Advice Guy, Giving Advice To All Kinds Of People On All Kinds Of Subjects. No Appearance
2002 9 24 85 An Interview With Mark Porro From Nutri Nuts. Not One Of The Best Shows. In Fact It Might Be The Worst Show Of The Year. And That's Saying A Lot. No Appearance
2002 10 8 86 Pianist John Conte Announces His Attempt To Break The World Record For Playing The Piano For Fifty Consecutive Hours. Also, Philly Boy Roy Welches On His Bet Again! Philly Boy Roy
2002 10 22 87 The A Capella Soundtrack Vocal Duo SOUNDTRACAPELLA Stop By The Studio. Also Another Call From Kevin, And Officer Tom Debuts 'Officer Tom At The Movies'. No Appearance
2002 10 29 88 Mischief Night Discussions, A Scarier Call From Kevin, And The Debut Of The Award Winning Call-In Segment 'I Don't Get It!'. No Appearance
2002 11 5 89 Tom Couldn't Get His Hands On An Oreo McFlurry, Thus Leading To A Discussion On The Things In Life That You Crave. Also, John Conte Depressingly Checks In. No Appearance
2002 11 12 90 Tom's Angry Co-Worker Ron Templeton Mistakenly Calls Him Three Times. Also, The Callers Speak Out About The Worst Band Of All Time. Ron Templeton
"Worst band ever" caller (KISS)
2002 11 19 91 Tom Calls Corey From The Corporate Rock Band Mother 13 To Even The Score, The Exciting Debut Of, Kevin Calls Up Yet Again, And The Premiere Of Tom's Alter Ego 'Doc Shock'. Corey Harris
2002 11 26 92 The Long Awaited Return Of The Gorch, Officer Tom Reviews 'Jackass The Movie', And Tom Talks To Your Pets. Fun! The Gorch
2002 12 3 93 The World-Shaking Return Of Barry Dworkin, Kevin Calls To Announce His Impending Marriage, Doc Shock Pranks Some WFMU Disc Jockeys And There's Impending Talk Of A Peter Tork Interview. Barry Dworkin
Caller who wants Tom to "shock" Don Imus or Howard Stern
2002 12 17 94 Billy Joel Is Named The WFMU Artist Of The Year For 2002! The Drummer For Billy Joel Tribute Band 'Glass Houses' And A Couple Guys From John Cougar Tribute Band 'Pink Houses' Check In. Also, Kevin Makes A Weird And Disturbing Call. Danny Phipps
2002 12 24 95 A Christmas Eve Show Co-Hosted By Terre T. Philly Boy Roy Reads His Philadelphia Rendition Of 'The Night Before Christmas', And A Farewell Call From Kevin, Who Is In Jail. Philly Boy Roy
2003 1 7 96 It's Petey's Twelfth Birthday Party! An Insanely Insane Three Hours Of Petey! Music! Doc Shock and Doc Shock Junior! Genndy Tartakovsky From Samurai Jack! Dave And Matt From The Aqua Teen Hunger Force! And More! 'A Classic Best Show! "Petey"
Barry Smith-Robley
2003 1 14 97 Guitar God Alan Licht Stops By To Talk About His Book 'An Emotional Memoir Of Martha Quinn' And Play Some Of The Best Of The 80's. No Appearance
2003 1 21 98 Many Must Suffer For The Crimes Of The Few - After Some Negative Feeback, The Listener Punishing 'Party Zone' Is Launched. Also, Philly Boy Roy Checks In Post-Eagles Defeat, Tom Sings A Sad Song From 'Magnolia', And Some 'Two Towers' Bashing. Philly Boy Roy
2003 1 28 99 Very Exciting In-Studio Visit From Tanner Wildgrass, The Inspiration For Patrick Swayze's Character In 'Roadhouse'. Also, Tom Makes A Call To The Sports Radio Program 'The Shark Tank' As Super-Idiot Steelers Fan 'Jack From Pittsburgh'. Greg ("Sharky"), host of “The Shark Tank”
2003 2 4 100 Officer Tom At The Movies, With Officer Tom's Year In Review. Also, A Very Meta Conversation With 'Old School' Star Matt Walsh And Jon Benjamin. No Appearance
2003 2 11 101 A Call From Jarrett 'The Weight Loss Kid' From Dessert Town, Who Pushes The Toxic 'Chocologgedeon' On Tom. Later: The Debut Of 'The Majority Report' With Sam Seder, With Julian Phillips Of Fox News And Janeane Garofalo.

[Removed from WFMU archive, "Chocologeddon" call released on Scharpling & Wurster's "New Hope for the Ape-Eared"]
Jarret, the Weight Loss Kid
2003 2 18 102 The Callers Were Pretty Shitty Tonight, Driving Tom To Song. Also, Guinness Book Winner John Conte Returns For His Post-Record Wrap-Up. No Appearance
2003 2 25 103 Comic Book Genius Mike Allred Gets Interviewed! Also, A Shout! Network Executive Unveils The Spring Lineup, And Tom Announces The Winner Of The Art Contest! Matthew Tompkins
2003 3 4 104 Week One Of The WFMU Marathon. A Very Special In Studio Appearance By Philly Boy Roy! Hova Co-Hosts. Philly Boy Roy
2003 3 11 105 Week Two Of The WFMU Marathon. Tom Rides An Exercise Bike For Pledges. Please Don't Listen. There Are Better Shows. Like March 18, 2003. No Appearance
2003 3 18 106 Tom Talks To Bill Chippert, Host Of The Chippert Report. And Kevin Makes A Long-Overdue Appearance.

[Removed from WFMU archive, "The Chippert Report" call released on Scharpling & Wurster's "New Hope for the Ape-Eared"]
Andrew W.K. fan
Gargoyla (banned from the forum)
Bill Chippert
2003 3 25 107 Country Superstar Kenny Dupree Calls In To Promote His New Record. Also, Some Talk About Hockey, Iraq, Petey And Movies. Kenny Dupree
2003 4 1 108 The Patriot Zone, Hosted By The Colonel, Thomas Sharp. Three Hours Of Extreme Conservative Talk Radio! Check It Out, Patriots! No Appearance
2003 4 8 109 A Prank Phone Call Goes Horribly Awry As Tom Calls 'Bruce Willis' And Stumbles Upon A Seriously Unhinged Man. Bruce Willis
2003 4 15 110 More Of The Patriot Zone With The Colonel, Including An In-Studio Appearance By Kenny Dupree. Bruce Willis Also Storms The Studio! Kenny Dupree
Bruce Willis
Roger (wants Tom off the air)
2003 5 27 111 Tom Comes Back! Lots Of Calls From Teenagers And Pre-Teens! And An Amazing Prank Phone Call To Country Superstar Kenny Dupree! Kenny Dupree
2003 6 3 112 A Sad Yet Bittersweetly Funny Show. Philly Boy Roy Calls. Roger Tamblyn Returns. And Tom Sings Along With Too Much Aimee Mann. Philly Boy Roy
2003 6 10 113 Tom Learns To Play Drums. Tom Does A Drums And Police Car Siren Duet With Officer Tom. And Petey 'Quits'. No Appearance
2003 6 17 114 A San Antonio Shock Jock Calls To Even The Score On A Sports Bet With Tom, Some Harry Potter Talk. And The Listeners Fail To Make Tom Laugh. Madman, Mann and Mann
2003 7 1 115 An Annoying Audiophile Calls In Complaining About The Station. Petey Records A 'Gay Bar' Remix On The Air, And Stuntman Creekwood Banks Checks In.

[Removed from WFMU archive, "Todd and the Audio Guru" call released on Scharpling & Wurster's "New Hope for the Ape-Eared"]
Todd the Audiophile
"Heinrich", the Audio Guru
2003 7 8 116 Leidra Lawson, Author Of 'Sugar Daddy 101', Gets Yelled At By The Gorch, And The Director Of The Documentary 'Weapons Of Mass Deception' Can't Grasp The Concept Of Compact Discs. Gene Simmons
The Gorch
Terry Fritch
2003 7 15 117 Dr. Udo Erasmus Talks About Proper Eating With Philly Boy Roy, Things That Suck, And The Return Of 'Smash Or Trash' With The Tokeleys! Philly Boy Roy
2003 7 22 118 Discussion About Things That Changed Your Life, Tom Gets Interviewed By Mullet Man, And The Unsuccessful Reviewing Of Thirty-Five John Zorn CDs In Fifteen Minutes. No Appearance
2003 7 29 119 The Most Boring Caller Ever Checks In To Talk About Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Return Of Kevin And The First Installment Of The Johnny Depp Game. Bill in San Diego
2003 8 5 120 Tom Unveils The Sleaziest Rocker Of All Time, Bill Cheetah Takes Over The Show, And Jamie Farr Declares Himself A Cyber-Punk. Gary Puckett fan
Bill Cheetah
2003 8 12 121 The Most Boring Caller Ever Calls Back, The Return Of The Angry Mr. Bungle Fan And The Debut Of The Super Successful Game 'Getting To Know You'. Bill in San Diego
2003 8 26 122 A Call From One Of Tom's Neighbors, The Best And Worst Cover Songs Ever, And Another Call From The Angry Mr. Bungle Fan. Dennis from the Newbridge Neighborhood Watch
2003 9 2 123 Part 1: Plenty Of Song Contest Entries, Back To School Talk, And Tom Says 'Get Off My Phone' To A Woman Who Just Gave Birth Three Days Earlier.
Part 2: Bryce Doesn't Show Up, So Tom Calls Payphones From Around The Country. This Features An Hour-Long Conversation With A Man In California Named Clem And His Step Daughter. Pure Radio Magic!
No Appearance
2003 9 16 124 The Exciting Conclusion Of The Best Show On WFMU Song Contest! Also, An Appearance By Rodriguo The Corrupt Drum Pin Salesman, And A Call From A Hard Boiled Private Eye. Rodriguo
2003 9 23 125 Tom Signs Up For Friendster On The Air And Sings Most Of The 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' Album To A Troubled Teen. Also - Cookies! No Appearance
2003 9 30 126 Special Guests- 'Bubba Ho-Tep' Star Bruce Campbell and Director Don Coscarelli! Also, Calls From Rodriguo, The Hard Boiled Detective, And A California Republican Committee Member. Mike Dornton
2003 10 7 127 Tom Talks To A Man Who Had An Encounter With Arnold Schwarzenegger. And Detective Skag Winesack Calls Back With More Tough Talk. No Appearance
2003 10 14 128 A Call From Paul 'Golf Nuts' Shwartzendruber, And An Increasingly Annoying Round Of 'Getting To Know You', Which Devolves Into Tom Breaking Down. Paul Shwartzendruber
2003 10 21 129 Matt Walsh And Ian Roberts Discuss Their Suicide Plans, Tom Hates Kill Bill And School Of Rock, And Tom Lies To Some People. No Appearance
2003 10 28 130 The Cougar From Pout Checks In, Some Intense Talk About The Band Yes, And Plenty Of Halloween Chat. The Cougar
2003 11 25 131 Tom Gets Back Into The Swing Of Things, And A Call From Someone Looking To Be Tom's Personal Magician. Freddy Harmon
2003 12 2 132 The Return Of Tom's Daddy, Who Has Some Horrifying News For Tom. Also, An Unfair Record Review Of The Entire Ryan Adams Oeuvre. Roger Scharpling
2003 12 9 133 A Call From Skag Winesack About His Ex-Wife, A Visit From Moriarty Of Aint It Cool News Fame, And Tom Talks Job Interview Tips With Some Callers. No Appearance
2003 12 16 134 A Call From Reggie From Survivor, Who Talks About 'The Incident'. Also, Open Phones And Talk Of Christmas And The Artist Of The Year Poll. Reggie Monroe
Paul Higgins
2003 12 23 135 A Pre-Christmas Show, With A Call To Gene Simmons Toyota And The Return Of Skag Winesack. Also, Officer Tom Stops By![15]

[Not listed on WFMU archive page, "Rock 'n' Roll Car Dealership" call released on Scharpling & Wurster's "Hippy Justice"]
Chet (Gene Simmons Toyota)
2003 12 30 136 The 2003 Artist Of The Year Tribute Show Collapses Under Its Own Weight. Also, A Very Exciting Call From Timmy The Two-Inch Racist.[15]

[Not listed on WFMU archive page, "Timmy von Trimble" call released on Scharpling & Wurster's "Hippy Justice"]
Philly Boy Roy
Timmy von Trimble
2004 1 6 137 Tom Talks To An Angry Record Promo Guy. Tom Talks To 'Extreme Dad'. Tom Talks About Who Is A Factory Wrapped Douche.

[Six hour show, first half removed: Archive Taken Down at the request of Tom Due To Controversial Statements - That's Why You've Got To Listen To The Best Show LIVE!]
Kimmy McCook
2004 1 13 138 Tom Fights Back Against 'Lady, Talk!' By Doing The Best Advice Show On WFMU, Which Grows Into Tom Taking On Every Radio Format In Existence. Brian (thinks he has committed murder)
Ricky (Brian's son)
2004 1 20 139 Tom Compares Howard Dean To Cronos And Don West, Tries To Re-Unite Big Dipper And Puts 'The Leader' In His Sad Little Place. Philly Boy Roy
2004 1 27 140 Wow, Was This A Bad Show Or What? Technical Problems Galore. The Only Good Part Is Hearing Gary And Steve from Big Dipper Call In During The Second Hour. Otherwise, Forget It. No Appearance
2004 2 3 141 An Interview With Author Paul Collins, The Big Dipper Reunion Plot Thickens, And Plenty Of Dream Talk. No Appearance
2004 2 10 142 An Interview With Ty From Black Tyger, Tom Pays Tribute To Belle And Sebastian With A Former Studio 54 Disc Jockey. And More! Ty Clark
2004 2 17 143 The Return Of The New, Creepier Party Doctor. Petey Interviews Tom, And Plenty Of Bashing Of Steely Dan. No Appearance
2004 3 2 144 Talking Toblerone, Open Phone Madness And An Unfair Record Review That Proves Brad Delp Is The Godfather Of Independent Music. No Appearance
2004 3 9 145 Week 1 of the 2004 Marathon with Co-Host Black Ops Hot Rockin' Ronny
2004 3 16 146 Week 2 of the 2004 Marathon with Co-Host Terre T. No Appearance
2004 3 30 147 Petey's Grandmother Calls In, Talk About The Coen Brothers, Some Other Stupid Stuff, And Somehow It Turned Into A Pretty Okay Show In The End. No Appearance
2004 4 6 148 Chubby Checker's Tenth Anniversary Tribute To Kurt Cobain, A Call From A Republican Tax Nut, The Return Of The Party Doctor, Captain Jack, And The Big Dipper Reunion Gets One Tiny Step Closer. No Appearance
2004 4 13 149 Basketball Oracle Hoopstradamus Calls In, Tom Makes Fun Of An Old Lady, And An In Studio Appearance By Home Movies' Loren Bouchard And Jon Benjamin. No Appearance
2004 4 27 150 Jason Comes From England To WFMU. The Fast Zombies Versus Slow Zombies Debate Rages On. Philly Boy Roy Decides To Become A Motivational Speaker. Plus Mike Lupica And Capt. Jack. Philly Boy Roy
2004 5 4 151 An Evening Of OnStar Related Comedy, Talk Of The Since-Postponed Singles Mixer, An Old Lady Gets Jerked Around And Jason Returns To The Studio With His British Buddy Debs. Bill Mirkin
Burt Reubensaul
2004 5 25 152 An Interview With 'Cy The Hole Guy'. An Old High School Classmate Calls Up Trying To Sell Tom Some Crap. And Other Stuff! Mason Wilkinson
Bryce Gorsham
2004 6 1 153 Tom Plays 'Make Me Laugh' With The Listeners. Talk Of The Big Velvet Revolver Concert, And A Vocal Tribute To Stone Temple Pilots. No Appearance
2004 6 8 154 The Trial Of Petey! A Prank To The Hosts Of 'Greasy Kids Stuff'. And Other Stuff! No Appearance
2004 6 15 155 Tom Introduces The Word 'Awfulsome' To The Lexicon. And A Wonderful Call From Kid eBay That Goes Horribly Wrong. And Horribly Right![16]

[Not listed on WFMU archive page, "Kid eBay" call released on Scharpling & Wurster's "Hippy Justice"]
Danny (Kid eBay)
2004 6 22 156 The Show Goes Off The Rails. The Leader Calls In. The Party Zone Returns. And Capt. Jack Comes Down To The Studio! No Appearance
2004 7 13 157 Philly Boy Roy! Skag Winesack! The Party Doctor! Matt Walsh! Petey's Grandmother! The Leader! And Hanging Outside The Holland Tunnel At A Hess Station With Officer Tom And Some Reckless Youth! Philly Boy Roy
2004 7 20 158 Tom Does A One Man Version Of The Entire Movie Road House! Also, An Unfair Record Review Of The New Wilco Album. No Appearance
2004 7 27 159 Hot Rockin Ronny Calls From A Political Convention, Tom Tries To Start A Blog, Unfair Reviews Of Polyphonic Spree And Brian Wilson, And Talk Of Pancakes And The MC5. Not The Greatest Show Ever, But What Are You Gonna Do? Hot Rockin' Ronny
2004 8 3 160 Listener Mistakes Tom For 'The Problem Solver'. The Party Doctor Checks In. A Round Or Two Of 'Getting To Know You'. Talk Of Fantasy Bands, And An Eric Carmen-Fleetwood Mac Finale. No Appearance
2004 8 10 161 Tom Holds An Audio Cuddle Party. Tom Talks About What You Wanted To Be When You Grew Up. Tom Talks To A Potter And An EMT. And Smash Or Trash Returns With Group Sounds! No Appearance
2004 8 17 162 An Arrogant Call From Air America's Sam Seder, Philly Boy Roy Checks In With A Concert Update, And Tom Goes On A Gomping Spree. Philly Boy Roy
2004 8 24 163 Jon Glaser And NBA Star Mehmet Okur Talk About Their West Memphis 3 Benefit, An Interview With The Author Of A Book, Skag Winesack Checks In, And Tom Misleads A Caller. And More! Whee! No Appearance
2004 8 31 164 The Gorch and Skag Winesack Team Up In Memphis. Rick Warren Talks About His Adult Film Career And Arnold Schwarzeneggar. Talk About The Video Music Awards With ElleGirl Magazine. And So Much More! The Gorch
2004 9 7 165 The Exciting Debut Of Tom's On-Air Rock Group 'The Medical Marijuana'! A Call From The Poorest Rich Boy! And The Winner Of The 'I Love The Best Show' Contest Is Announced! Blanchard Dunleavy
2004 9 14 166 Tom Gets Screwed Out Of Jets Tickets And A Helpful Caller Steps In To Fix Things, A Rock Critic Gets GOMPed, Some Little Steven Talk And A Best Show Correspondent Gets Tossed Out Of The Billy Joel Musical. Sheila (Green Day tickets)
Craig Hastings
Jerry (stole Tom's ticket)
2004 10 5 167 Tom Surveys The American Public During The Vice Presidential Debate. Also, Non-Smokin' Joe Becomes A Factory Wrapped Douche, And Other Such Nonsense. Barry Caunter
Mike Danforth
Richard Rutherford
Philly Boy Roy
2004 10 12 168 Tom Talks To The Head Of The Swift Jocks For Truth, A Polling Person, People From Two Different Countries. Plus, The World Nearly Ends When Adrian, Petey And Captain Jack Talk At The Same Time. Dr. Dandy Dan Dannington
Randy (questions regarding the election)
2004 10 19 169 Tom Talks To Author/Humorist Marsha Marks, Discusses Bill O'Reilly, Why Sgt. Pepper Sucks, Why A Listener Shouldn't Vote For Bush, And Bans Capt. Jack For A Year. No Appearance
2004 11 2 170 The Horror.... The Horror.... No Appearance
2004 11 9 171 The Glorious Return Of The Patriot Zone! And The Officer Tom/Purple Shirt Battle Continues! No Appearance
2004 11 16 172 November 16, 2004: A Solid Round Of 'Getting To Know You'. Some Phone Calls From Capt. Jack's Friend. And Other Stuff. I Thought It Was A Pretty Good Show Looking Back, But Then Again I Am The Host Of It. No Appearance
2004 11 23 173 November 23, 2004: Pacers-Pistons Talk With Philly Boy Roy, An Interview With 'Home Movies' Creator Loren Bouchard, A Freelance Used Car Dealer Tries To Sell Autos To The Listeners, And A Round Of 'Getting To Know Me'. Philly Boy Roy
2004 11 30 174 What Is The Worst Song Ever? Basketball Riot Starter John Green Calls In To Discuss His Career Goals, Stacy Keach Promotes Skag Winesack's New Energy Drink, And The Final Appearance By Captain Jack. Marty Lindwig
John Green
2004 12 7 175 Tim And Eric From 'Tom Goes To The Mayor' Stop By For Some Fun. Gene Simmons Tries To Sell Tom Some Stuff. Some Talk Of How American Chocolate Is The Best, And The Absolute Final Captain Jack Appearance. Gene Simmons
2004 12 14 176 An In-Studio Appearance By The Great Todd Barry. And An Outrageous Phone Call From Hippy Businessman 'Hippy Johnny'. A Great Show, If I Do Say So Myself. And I'm My Harshest Critic.[17]

[Not listed on WFMU archive page, "Hippy Johnny" call released on Scharpling & Wurster's "Hippy Justice"]
Hippy Johnny
2004 12 21 177 A Call From Maurice Kern And Hot Rockin' Ronny, Don The Pottery Guy Brings Buy Some Pottery For Tom, And Tom Dies Just A Little Bit Inside Thinking About How The Holidays Suck And How His Life Is Falling Apart. And The Callers Show No Mercy. Maurice Kern
Hot Rockin’ Ronny
2004 12 28 178 The Death Of Tom's Soul. Ending 2004 With A Sad Whimper. Don't Listen To This Archive. I Keep Shows Like This Up So That When I'm Dead There'll Be Some Historical Perspective To The Whole 'Tom Was A Genius' Thing. No Appearance
2005 1 18 179 Back With A Bang! One Of Tom's Buddies Mistakes Him For Another Friend. Skag Winesack Checks Back In. Cleaning House In The '05. And Bill Goffrier From Big Dipper Finally Calls! The Reunion Is Starting To Take Shape![18]

[Not listed on WFMU archive page, "Darren from Work" call released on Scharpling & Wurster's "Hippy Justice"]
Darren Ploppelton (Darren from Work)
2005 1 25 180 Helping A Guy Pick Out Music To Seduce A Lady. Philly Boy Roy Talks Super Bowl. A Call To Hova And Belinda, And A Round Of Getting To Know You/Getting To Know Me. Philly Boy Roy
2005 2 1 181 Petey In Studio For His Birthday! Master Shake Calls In, As Does Petey From The Future. Smash Or Trash With Petey's Father's Music, And The Exciting Debut Of The Rock Group 'Von Scharpling'! Zachary Brimstead
Petey from the Future
2005 2 8 182 A Guy From The Band Old Skull Calls In. Philly Boy Roy Post-Super Bowl Defeat. Petey's Grandmother Cries. And Talk Of The Spectacular 'Puppy Bowl'![18]

[Not listed on WFMU archive page, "Old Skull" call released on Scharpling & Wurster's "Hippy Justice"]
Philly Boy Roy
Paul Jerome "P.J." Benedict
2005 3 1 183 Mike Sajak - Brother Of Pat Sajak - Calls In. And The 2005 WFMU Marathon Planning Begins! Captain Jack Is Coming Down! Plus Some Other Fun Talk! Mike Sajak
2005 3 8 184 2005 WFMU Marathon with co-host OCDJ Mike Sajak
2005 3 15 185 The annual Yo La Tengo request-a-thon with Tom Scharpling and Gaylord Fields.Listeners called in, pledged for a song, and then watched the band play their request! No Appearance
2005 3 22 186 Post-Marathon Show. Mike Sajak Melts Down, Judge Tom Is In Session, And Sathington Checks In After A Two Year Absence. Mike Sajak
2005 3 29 187 Tom Gives Voice To The Disenfranchised. An Actor Playing Tom In Philly Boy Roy's Movie Calls. And Someone From The Band 'Crust' Checks In, Trying To Start A 'Crust Space'. Jeffrey Ludell
Philly Boy Roy
2005 4 5 188 The Son Of The Bassist From The Ventures Calls In, Another Call From The Guy From Crust, Todd Barry Pays Tribute To The Late Great Mitch Hedberg, And The Friends Of Tom Hall Of Fame Is Open! Philly Boy Roy
Bob Bogle, Jr.
2005 4 12 189 Tim & Eric From 'Tom Goes To The Mayor Check In. Some People Get Mad. If You're One Of Them, Fuck You You Don't Deserve Their Show, You Piece Of Shit. Maybe You're Too Fucking Dumb To Get It. And, Listeners Vote Whether Officer Tom Is Hall Of Fame-Worthy. Rick in Newbridge
Mel in Westbridge
Pierre in East Scandinavia
2005 4 19 190 Bishop Pablo Fontana Discusses The New Pope. More FOT Hall Of Fame. The Audience Tells What's Interesting About Them. And A Special Tribute To Miles Davis! Bishop Pablo Fontana
2005 4 26 191 Fallout From the Miles Davis Tribute. Hippy Johnny Checks In. A Feral Cat Hunter Checks In. Philly Boy Roy's Wife Rhoda Checks In. Plus Basketball Playoffs Talk! Hippy Johnny
Ray in Newbridge
Rhoda Ziegler
Bryce Prefontaine
2005 5 3 192 Talk Of Your Delusions. The Show Gets Handed Over To The Ladies. And Tom Is Back From Coachella. No Appearance
2005 5 10 193 Tim And Eric Stop By To Discuss Their New Sitcom And Movie Of The Week. The Crust Guy Calls In. Tom GOMPs Baby Ed, And Petey Lays Out A Very Special Tribute To Bob Dylan. No Appearance
2005 5 17 194 The Listeners Get Five Minute Talk Shows To Do Whatever They Want. Some Of Them Are Good. But Most Are Bad. Very Bad. Even Worse Than This Actual Show. They Cant All Be Winners. Bryce Prefontaine
Todd in Newbridge
2005 5 24 195 Bradley Beesley, Director of the Flaming Lips Documentary 'Fearless Freaks' Is On The Show. Also, The Freedom Hawk Checks In. And Some Other Fun Stuff. A Good Show! Bryce Prefontaine
Ted in Newbridge
2005 6 7 196 The Shocking Revelation That Many Of Today's Finest Musicians Are 'Getting Fogged'. Tom Gets Accused Of Buying Beer For Young Kids, And More Hall Of Fame Action. Bryce Prefontaine
Chip in Newbridge
Rich Hutchins
2005 6 14 197 Tom Talks About The Movie 'Be Cool'. Capt. Jack Enters The FOT Hall Of Shame. And Tom Calls Out The New WFMU Disc Jockeys Who Refuse To Call In And Show Some Fucking Respect. A War Is Brewing! No Appearance
2005 6 21 198 Tom Talks To The People. A Round Of 'Are You Sexy Or What?' And Steinberg Breaks Through. No Bells Or Whistles On This One, But People Seem To Like It. And It Was The Hardest Show Tom Ever Did, For Reasons That You Don't Know. No Appearance
2005 6 28 199 Tom Starts To Assemble A List Of The Top 100 Movie Quotes To Counter The Dopey AFI Quotes List. Everybody Calls In! Philly Boy Roy Drops In. And NBA Star Mehmet Okur Calls In To Discuss His Love Of Surfing. Drug dealer
Philly Boy Roy
2005 7 5 200 The Author A Book Called 'Roadie Rage' Checks In. Much Talk About Who Should Carry The Torch For the 2008 Olympics When It Comes To New York City! And Some Other Fun Stuff. Bryce Prefontaine
Ted in Old Westbridge
Craig Bullins
2005 7 12 201 Philly Boy Roy Calls In. Much Talk Of Dinosaur Jr. Some Flip Flop Chat. A Member Of Run Westy Run Checks In. Oh, And It's The Final Episode Of The Best Show. Goodbye Everybody! Philly Boy Roy
2005 8 2 202 Tom Returns From His Hiatus. A Talk With The Publisher Of Pizza Aficionado Magazine. Some Random Calls, And Jason Is In Studio From England, With Megan And Therese, Who Only Came From New Jersey. Mark Michaels
2005 8 9 203 Tom Grunts At The Outset, But The Show Gets On Track. Bryce Mourns Jerry Garcia, The Return Of Kevin, MC Steinberg Breaks Out A New Song, And Some General Fun Good Time Moments. Bryce Prefontaine
2005 8 16 204 Another Sad Call From Bryce. Kevin Is Back With A Vengeance. Lots Of Fighting Between MC Steinberg And Tommert, And Tom Makes It Official - He's Leaving WFMU For Satellite Radio! Goodbye FMU, Hello Little Steven! Bryce Prefontaine
2005 8 23 205 The Second To Last Ever Best Show! Hot Rockin' Ronny Calls To Ask For Tom's Job. Another Kevin Call. Some Talk Of The Good Things That People Have Done. The End Is Just Around The Corner! Hot Rockin' Ronny
2005 8 31 206 It's The End Of The Summer, End Of The Best Show Battle Of The Bands! Hear Von Scharpling Crush The Shit Out Of Fureball. Also, MC Steinberg Rips It Up Live In The Studio! And Another Sad Call From Bryce. This Is The End! Goodbye, WFMU! Bryce Prefontaine
2005 9 6 207 Tom Crawls Back To WFMU Completely Defeated, The Sirius Deal A Distant Memory. The Pain In His Voice Will Send Chills Up Your Spine. He Fights To Get The Will To Carry On. Does He Get It? Listen! Philly Boy Roy
2005 9 20 208 The Debut Of Stevie Blue, And Bryce Calls In And Answers Some Grateful Dead Trivia For The Fine Listeners. Bryce Prefontaine
2005 9 27 209 Tom Gets Deeper Into The Stevie Blue Story, People Ask Some Either/Or Questions, A Call To Belinda, And A Rally Against People Who Say 'Bye Bye' When They Hang Up. No Appearance
2005 10 4 210 Tom Plays Dark Side Of The Moon In Its Entirety, The Winner(s) Of the FOT Logo Contest Are Announced. And Skag Winesack Drops By. Bryce Prefontaine
2005 10 11 211 Horse From 'The Jock Squad' Calls, An Appearance By Comedy Legend Matt Walsh, Smash Or Trash With The Barbarellatones, And New Songs From Petey And MC Steinberg. A Fun Show!

[Removed from WFMU archive, "Jock Squad" call released on Scharpling & Wurster's "The Art of the Slap"]
Horse from Jock Squad
2005 10 18 212 Andy From Lake Newbridge Calls In. Fun Stuff. Going Well... Then The Show Goes Off The Rails. Next Week Is No Dudes Allowed! Ladies Only!

[Removed from WFMU archive, "Andy from Lake Newbridge" call released on Scharpling & Wurster's "The Art of the Slap"]
Andy from Lake Newbridge
2005 10 25 213 No Dudes Allowed? Eh. But There's A Call From The 'One On One News Team', And Some Other Random Moments Of Okay-Ness. Chick (Dirty greeting card writer)
Garrett Wilson
2005 11 1 214 Tom Talks About The Madonna Inn, Some Halloween Chat, Officer Tom and Purple Shirt Get Heated, And The Exciting Debut Of Petey 4.0! No Appearance
2005 11 8 215 The Owner Of Club Pizzazz Checks In, Tom Works On His Public Speaking Skills, Philly Boy Roy Is Caught Up In A Weird Alliance, And Some Talk About Whether Sammy Hagar Was In Montrose (He Wasn't). Philly Boy Roy
Tony Diminico
2005 11 22 216 Jerry Seinfeld Is Supposed To Call In But Tom Talks To His Publicist Instead. A Truly Upsetting Call From No Smoking Joe, Officer Tom Calls In And A Round Of 'Getting To Know You'. Britt Belkin
2005 11 29 217 Philly Boy Roy Calls In. Timmy Von Trimble Calls In. Jimmy Crespo From Aerosmith Calls In. Talk About The Unfunniest Funny People, MC Steinberg And Some Other Chit Chat. Trip in Newbridge
Philly Boy Roy
Bryce Prefontaine
Jimmy Crespo
Timmy von Trimble
2005 12 6 218 Tom Gets A Call From A Sad Sad Man. Plenty Of Talk About The Ugliest Band In Rock History. And The Incomparable Stevie Blue Stops By The Studio To Sing, Take Calls And Teach! Bryce Prefontaine
Rick in South Westbridge
Timmy von Trimble
Hal from Newbridge Vinyl Siding
2005 12 13 219 Tom Reads An Interview With SuperDouche Chris Klein, Some Philly Boy Roy, Some Scag Winesack, Petey And Tom Sing A Duet And The Debut Of 'I Love, I Hate'. Philly Boy Roy
Timmy von Trimble
Bryce Prefontaine
2005 12 20 220 Tom Makes Fun Of The Transit Strike, A Possibly Stoned Petey, MC Steinberg, Talk Of The Best/Worst Christmas Memories, And A Visit From Jason and Megan. No Appearance
2005 12 27 221 A Show Plagued By Technical Difficulties Almost Goes Down The Toilet, But We Pull It Out With Some Talk Of Celebrity Fragrances And New Years. Much Thanks To Stan! He's A Good Guy! No Appearance
2006 1 3 222 Marky Ramone Takes Offense To Some Ramones Talk, MC Steinberg Issues A Rap Battle Challenge To All Comers, Relaxation Guru Gregor McWilliams Tries To Help Tom Relax, And Scag Winesack Talks About The Daughter He Didn't Know He Had. Marky Ramone
Gregor McWilliams
2006 1 10 223 An Unfair Record Review Of The Soupjam Stevens Album, The First Factory Wrapped Douche Of The Week, A Round Of 'I Love, I Hate', MC Steinberg Rap Battles John Junk, And Ted Leo Accepts A Rap Battle Challenge! No Appearance
2006 1 17 224 Tom Talks About A Sad eBay Auction, Marky Ramone Calls In To Plug His Many Endeavors, And The Ted Leo-MC Steinberg Rap Battle, With A Panel Of Celebrity Judges! Marky Ramone
Philly Boy Roy
Timmy von Trimble
2006 1 24 225 A Fun Chat With Comedian Jim Gaffigan, Some Awesome Song Contest Entries, A Disturbing Call From Akiva Smirnoff, Some Jibber Jabber, And Another Talk With Marky Ramone. Marky Ramone
2006 1 31 226 Tom Is Mean To Spike. Marky Ramone Talks About His New Romance Novel And Reveals His Big Surprise! Some Jerk Threatens To Melt Tom. Tom Is Accused Of Being On The Take (Which He Is Not!). Ricky (Marky Ramone Productions)
Bryce Prefontaine
Marky Ramone
Drew (The One's Brother)
Nils from Matador
2006 2 7 227 A Call From Super Bowl Champ Troy Renfro, A Referee From Puppy Bowl II Calls In, Tom Gets Interviewed By A High School Student, The War With The Poster Children Heats Up And More! This Was A Good One, People! Rick in Albany
Troy Renfro
Zeph Marshack
2006 2 14 228 Tom Has Technical Difficulties. Tom Fights With Poster Children. Tom Tries To Get It Back On Track. Tom Tried. Happy Valentine's Day. Zeph Marshack
Bryce Prefontaine
2006 2 21 229 Craig Cooper From Radio Hut Checks In, The 'Build A Movie Game' Is Birthed, Some Theme Song Songs, Another Revealing Call From Spike And More! Craig Cooper
2006 2 28 230 Week One Of The Marathon For The Best Show, With Co-Host Evan 'Funk' Davies. Spike Heats Things Up, Marky Ramone Tries To Help, And Tom Makes Sounds Like An Animal For Your Pledges! 800-989-9368! Marky Ramone
2006 3 7 231 Yo La Tengo play live.

[Archive not available.]
No Appearance
2006 3 14 232 The Director Of 'The Tool Belt Killer' Calls In To Defend George Clooney, The CEO Of Aebercrombie & Fitch Is Discussed, An Enlightening Rap From MC Steinberg And More!

[Removed from WFMU archive, "The Auteur" call released on Scharpling & Wurster's "The Art of the Slap"]
Trent L. Strauss
2006 3 28 233 An Interview With Jeff Feuerzeig, Director Of 'The Devil And Daniel Johnston', Philly Boy Roy Calls To Talk About 'The Sopranos', Tom Rails Against Mutant Bike Culture, And Some Other Fun Things. Fun, I Say! Fun! Philly Boy Roy
2006 4 4 234 Tom Gets Attacked By Tall Bikers, The Debut Of 'Am I The Only One On Earth..?', A Call From The King Of Coatchecks, And Talk Of Why Tom Sounds Like A Sixty-Five Year Old Man. Larry Smirthwaite
2006 4 11 235 What Moment Makes You Sad. The Return Of Jeff Feuerzeig. The Danielson Family Get Attacked By Philly Boy Roy. Bryce Bemoans Jerry's Toilet. And More! Zeph Marshack
Marky Ramone
Philly Boy Roy
Bryce Prefontaine
2006 4 18 236 An Interview With Keith Garfinkle, A Man That Cannot Be Described, More Tall Bike Threats, A Rock Critic Licks His Wounds On The Air, MC Steinberg And More! Get Blazed!

[Removed from WFMU archive, "Postal Slap Fight" call released on Scharpling & Wurster's "The Art of the Slap"]
Keith Garfinkle
2006 4 25 237 Tom Checks In With 'The Miracle Man From Missouri'! Scag Winesack and His Ex-Wife Stop By The Studio Live! The Worst Song In The History Of Mankind!

[Removed from WFMU archive, "Tornado Todd" call released on Scharpling & Wurster's "The Art of the Slap"]
"Worst song" caller #1 ("Rockin' in the USA" by KISS)
Rich ("Porcupine Pie (live)" by Neil Diamond)
Todd Hutchins
2006 5 2 238 Corey From Mother 13 Returns To Announce An Outrageous Event, Talk Of The Creeps From Ithica Biting Tom's Stylee, And The Winner Of The Theme Song Contest!

[Removed from WFMU archive, "Mother 13...The First Rock Band on Mt. Everest! (Part I)" released on Scharpling & Wurster's "The Art of the Slap"]
Corey Harris
2006 5 9 239 Corey Harris Calls To Recount His Mount Everest Concert, Ted Leo Calls To Recount His Coachella Concert, Freddy From Danielson Calls To Promote His Upcoming Concert, And So Much More!

[Removed from WFMU archive, "Mother 13...The First Rock Band on Mt. Everest! (Part II)" released on Scharpling & Wurster's "The Art of the Slap"]
Corey Harris
Philly Boy Roy
2006 5 16 240 The Build-A-Movie Game! Rate Your High School Experience! More Tall Bike Adventures! Tom Takes A Stand! Plenty Of Fun Calls! Don't Be Soft Serve! No Appearance
2006 5 23 241 Darren From Work Checks In To Discuss The Corporate Battle Of The Bands, Matt Walsh - Star Of Comedy Central's 'Dog Bites Man' Calls From An Airplane, The Band Wet Rat Make Their Presence Known, Open Phone Tuesday And More! Trent L. Strauss
Darren Ploppelton
2006 5 30 242 Comedy Master Zach Galifianakis Calls In! Philly Boy Roy Talks About Memorial Day! An Argument About CNN Crawls, Your Lowest Moment And More. In Tribute To Gleason Jones... RIP. Philly Boy Roy
Tim Jenkins
Red in Newbridge
Buzzy in Anchorage
2006 6 6 243 Tom Gets A Call From A Bitter Old Friend, An Interview With Henry Owings From Chunklet, Some Bryce, War is Declared On 80-Year-Old DJs And More! Bryce Prefontaine
Gene Simmons
Keith Schwarzendruber
2006 6 13 244 What Started Off Bad Turns Out Good. The Show Starts With Tom's Life Falling Apart, But Calls From Bryce, Philly Boy Roy, Spike And Others Turn It Around. I Like It! Bryce Prefontaine
Philly Boy Roy
2006 6 20 245 Zachary Brimstead Returns! The Debut Of 'Shoot Me In The Head If...', And More. Sounds Like Fun? Yes... Until The Bad Guys Win. Greg in Raleigh
Zachary Brimstead
2006 6 27 246 No Archive. Why? Cuz It Was A Horrible Show. Tom Is Going Away To 'Recharge His Batteries'. Maybe For A Week. Maybe More. While He's Gone, Think About Doing Your Part. It Wouldn't Hurt If You Called Once In Awhile Rather Than Just Chatting Away In The Chat Reverend Ken Miller
2006 7 11 247 Philly Boy Roy And His Psychic Son. A Very Troubled Judge. Superman. Tourgasm. Hippies. The Mamas And The Papas. Teddy. Score This One A 'W'!

[Removed from WFMU archive, "Philly Boy Roy" call released on Scharpling & Wurster's "The Art of the Slap"]
Philly Boy Roy
Judge Montgomery Davies
2006 7 25 248 Philly Boy Roy Mourns A Hero. Tom Goes To Canada. Open Phone Tuesday. Plus A Complete Mauling Of Clerks II! What More Could You Ask For? You'd Ask For What? Sorry, I Cant Give You THAT! Philly Boy Roy
2006 8 8 249 A Call From Gene Simmons, The Debut Of 'Good/Not So Good', The Debut Of 'Lighthouse Confessions', And The (Second) Trial Of Petey. Caller with a bet
Gene Simmons
Trent L. Strauss
2006 8 15 250 A Call From The Head Of Anything, Inc., Another Lighthouse Confession, The Real Or Fake Elvis Presley Movie Character Name Game, Tom's 1500th MySpace Member And So Much More! Bryce Prefontaine
Brian Hottenstein
2006 8 22 251 A Call From Someone In Tom's Past, Bryce Checks In, Philly Boy Roy Is Pumped For INVINCIBLE, More Lighthouse Confessions, Who Is The Worst Band On MySpace And Slightly More! Philly Boy Roy
Bryce Prefontaine
Don Klaumenzer
2006 8 29 252 Philly Boy Roy Reviews INVINCIBLE, Callers Put Together Their Slap Lists, Talk Of Who Would Play Whom In The Best Show Movie, Smash Or Trash And More! Philly Boy Roy
2006 9 5 253 Spike. August. Autographs. Open Phones. And More! No Appearance
2006 9 12 254 A Riveting Talk With Sam Seder The Day Before Air America Went Bankrupt. Bryce Checks In. A Man With A Bill Murray Grudge, And Some Blah Blah Blah. Bryce Prefontaine
2006 9 19 255 Tom Gets A Call From His New Neighbor. August Pulls The Hat Trick. Talk Of Superheroes In Sports. And Some Craaaaa-zy Callers! Keith Kincaid
2006 9 26 256 Bryce Is Scared. Zeph Is Angry. Ted Leo Needs Lyrics. Dennis Wants Halloween Candy For His Kids. August Is August. And Tommy Needs You To Listen! Zeph Marshack
Bryce Prefontaine
2006 10 3 257 Bryce And Reagan. PC Richard. Sam's Town. Atlantic City. The Scary Neighbor. Jim Cramer. The Children Of Ritalin. Bryce Prefontaine
2006 10 10 258 It's The Danielson Bachelor Party, Featuring Little Freddy Danielson And (Most Of) The Danielson Familie, WIth Special Guests Timmy Von Trimble, Marky Ramone, Philly Boy Roy, Troy Dershman And Pudge! Pudge Palfner
Philly Boy Roy
Timmy von Trimble
Marky Ramone
Troy Dershman
2006 10 17 259 A Sick Tom Contemplates The Death Of CBGB's And Tower Records, Fixing Your Netflix Queue, Trump Magazine, Pudge And Smash Or Trash With Indieblockedappella. Pudge Palfner
2006 10 24 260 A Television 'Star' Calls Up. So Does Pudge. And Dennis. And Some Talk Of Handguns, Jim Cramer And Beck. Pudge Palfner
"Fill1965" (Phil Monroe, "star" of To Catch a Predator)
2006 10 31 261 The Halloween Unspectacular Spectacular. A Round Of 'Pay Me'. And Dennis Yells At Tom About Dropping The Trick Or Treat Ball! No Appearance
2006 11 7 262 Some Talk Of The Election, StubHub, Borat, Bryce, And Other Stuff. Have Fun With This. Bryce Prefontaine
2006 11 21 263 Some Talk Of The Horrors Of Comedy, Spike Gets In The Thanksgiving Spirit, Tom Works On His One-Man Show, The Build A Movie Game And More! No Appearance
2006 11 28 264 Pudge And His Reading, A Local Man With Some Money Issues, Talk Of Happy Feet, And Some Of The Worst Callers In The History Of Radio. Pudge Palfner
The Poor Millionaire
2006 12 5 265 How Do You Want It? Morning Zoo Pace Or Best Show Pace? Philly Boy Roy Is Waiting, Best Of The Worst/Worst Of The Best, Pete And Some Other Fun Stuff. Poor Millionaire do-over (Morning Zoo pace)
Philly Boy Roy
2006 12 12 266 What Would You Do With The Fiftieth Use Of Your Time Machine, Pete Enters The Fray, An Angry Message Board Poster Calls, Some Bryce, And Some Other Such Stuff Too. Bryce Prefontaine
"majaplaya" (Velvet Rope forum)
2006 12 19 267 Philly Boy Roy Gets Ready For Rocky Balboa, First Show/Worst Show, An American And A Briton In Studio, And The Worst Callers In The History Of The Show. Things Are Gonna Change Soon - Mark My Words. Philly Boy Roy
2007 1 2 268 The Best Show Is Back! Paul F. Tompkins And Philly Boy Roy! PFT Versus Philly Boy Roy! Plus New Years Resolutions And A Man Looking To Create An Icon. Philly Boy Roy
Trip Whiting (Planet GG)
2007 1 9 269 Philly Boy Roy Has The Upper Hand, Some Talk Of Names, A Call From A Young Man With A Taste For The Limelight, The Top CDs And More. Philly Boy Roy
Impaired and Dangerous participant (son of To Catch a Predator star)
2007 1 16 270 Dial It Down A Notch, A Call From A Hero, And Some Other Shit - I Don't Remember And My Notebook Is Upstairs. Brock Peuchk
2007 1 23 271 Talk Of Feuds, I Want My Money Back, Petey Versus August And More! No Appearance
2007 1 30 272 I Don't Get It, Philly Boy Roy's Charity Proposal, Talk Of The Barnes & Noble Men's Room And More. Philly Boy Roy
2007 2 6 273 Some Super Bowl Talk, The Return Of Tim And Eric, Tom's Trivia-Obsessed Co-Worker, Jason Needs A Job And More! Kip Palfner
2007 2 13 274 Zach Galifianakis Swings By The Studio, A Call From A Blogger, Give Me That Time Back And Even More! Where Do We Fit It? I Don't Know! Linus (Blogger from South South Newbridge)
2007 2 20 275 Bill Of Rights For Life, What Is The Meanest Thing Anyone Ever Said To You, Spike, Other Hilarity. Tom Just Talks And Talks And Talks! No Appearance
2007 2 27 276 The Worst Bands In Rock And Roll Heaven, The Oscars And The Pre-Marathon Hype Parade Begins! No Appearance
2007 3 7 277 Week One Of The 2007 Marathon! With Co-Host Dan Mackta. Philly Boy Roy
2007 3 13 278 Week Two Of The 2007 Marathon! Ted Leo Plays Songs Live In The Studio! With Co-Host Laura Cantrell! Not To Be Missed! Philly Boy Roy (Motivational CD Excerpt)
2007 3 20 279 Tom Gets A Kidney Stone Live The Air. Tom Plays Miles Davis While Suffering For A Stretch. Tom Grinds It Out. A Heroic Effort And One For The Radio History Books. Are There Radio History Books? No Appearance
2007 4 17 280 The Exciting Return Of Tom. Philly Boy Roy Is Becoming A Mogul, And Some Random Chit Chat. Philly Boy Roy
2007 4 24 281 Seth Galifianakis Makes His Radio Debut, A New Chapter In The Life Of Bryce, And Tom Gets Jury Duty. Radio Hall Of Fame Quality? You Decide! Bryce Prefontaine
Zachary Brimstead
2007 5 1 282 The Return Of Bishop Pablo Fontana And His Goals For The Pope, What Is The Best Thing You've Ever Overheard, I Wish I Didn't Know That, Ted Leo And So Much More. Bishop Pablo Fontana
2007 5 8 283 Why Am I Doing This Again, Philly Boy Roy Is Running Things, Paul F Tompkins Calls In And So Much More. Actually Not Much More Than That. Philly Boy Roy
2007 5 15 284 A Call From Tom's Brother Dom, Were The Good Old Days Better Than Now And Some Other Funny Stuff. Dom Scharpling
2007 5 22 285 An Author Calls In To Talk About His Book. A Power Pop Enthusiast Calls In To Talk About His Festival. The Debut Of 'Oh God, What Have I Done' And 'Things That Make Me Feel Dumb.' This One Was Not Too Shabby! Ken Rogers
Associate of Power Pop Pop-Pop
2007 5 29 286 Another Try With Ken Rogers, A Geico Caveman Chat With An ABC Executive, The Worst Sayings, And A Last Second Call From An ll-Time Favorite Who Will Be IN STUDIO Next Week! Ken Rogers
Matthew Tompkins
The Gorch
2007 6 2 287 A Last Minute Miniature Best Show Due To A Scheduling Mishap. Featuring A Call From A Police Fan And Ted Leo From Europe! Troy in Newbridge
2007 6 5 288 The Gorch Finally Reaches The WFMU Studios To Murder Tom! Philly Boy Roy Stops By And Takes Control Of The Station, Interviewing Ben Gibbard In The Process. Plus Another Interview With Ken Rogers. Hall Of Fame, People! Ken Rogers
The Gorch
Philly Boy Roy
2007 6 12 289 Funnyman Paul F Tompkins Joins The Program As He Kicks Off His Week Of Triumph. A Reporter Calls To Ask Tom About The Sopranos Finale, And Some Talk Of The Amazing Movie Mr. Brooks, Which Is In Theaters Now! Mark Healy
2007 6 19 290 Who Are The Five People You Would Want To Have Dinner With The Least? And Some Exciting News About Power Pop Pop Pop. Power Pop Pop-Pop associate
2007 7 3 291 Tom Talks Of His Exciting Trip To Los Angeles, Philly Boy Roy Talks Of Wawa Records, Talk Of Studio 60 And Paul Simon And More. Philly Boy Roy
2007 7 10 292 Patton Oswalt Is Live In Studio! An Appearance From Philly Boy Roy! More Jamie Lee Curtis Nonsense! This One Is Special. Philly Boy Roy
2007 7 17 293 A Call From The Leader Of The Newbridge Hardcore Scene, So Help Me I Like It, Who Would You Not Want In The Foxhole And More. Hammerhead
2007 7 24 294 Tom Gets A Call From A Guy Desperate To Rant, When Your Mind Says One Thing And Your Body Says Another, And Will This Be The First L Of 2007? Bob in Newbridge
Thor in Eastbridge
2007 7 31 295 A Sad Call From Philly Boy Roy, A Topic That Brought Out The Scary In Everyone, Oliver North At Great Adventure And More! Thor
Philly Boy Roy
2007 8 14 296 Philly Boy Roy Checks In From Amish Country, The Thirty Second Rule Is Enacted, What Would YOU Do If Tom Called It A Day, And Somehow It All Leads Back to Kevin Smith. Philly Boy Roy
2007 8 21 297 Philly Boy Roy Might Have Murdered Someone, Gary Waleik From Big Dipper Call In With Exciting News, Tom's Adventures In Pittsburgh, Bob Saget And A Round Of 'Take It, Leave It'! Philly Boy Roy
2007 8 28 298 Darren From Consolidated Cardboard Talks About Tom's Family. The Topic Is 'I Can Do That!'. Tom Deals With A Young Person Coping With 'Rich People Problems' And More! Darren Ploppelton
2007 9 5 299 The Return Of Best Show Law, A Call From Paul F Tompkins, Some Redeeming Rainbow Chatter And More Discussion Of The Hate Pit And Its Inhabitants. No Appearance
2007 9 11 300 Clark, The Bashing Of Joe Torre And His Bigelow Tea Commercials, A Call From Horse, A Call From Ted Leo, And The Notion Of 'Poetic Justice' Is Focused Upon. Horse from Jock Squad
2007 9 18 301 The Insanity Of The Emmys, Anthony Kiedis Can't Sing, 'I Know It Doesn't Make Sense!', Tom's Trip To The Whitney Museum's 'Summer Of Love' Exhibit And Discussion Of 'The King Of Kong'. No Appearance
2007 9 25 302 A Continuation Of The Legendary 'The Best Show On WFMU's 100 Top Movie Quotes'! It's Epic And It Makes Everyone Who Hears It Happy, So Listen! No Appearance
2007 10 9 303 Tank Hypes Deltoid Airlines, More Joe Torre Bashing, Tom Talks Of His Trip To Los Angeles And The Adventures Of Flying And A Few Other Things To Boot. Tank from Deltoid Airlines
2007 10 16 304 Timmy Von Trimble! Patton Oswalt! Author Ken Rogers! Embarrassing Moments! Is That It, Tom? NO! There's SO MUCH MORE. Ken Rogers
Timmy von Trimble
2007 10 23 305 Tom Goes To IKEA, Bryce Checks In, Some Mocking Of Podcasts And A Buffet Line Of Other Random Fun Things Beyond Those Fun Things I Just Mentioned. Bryce Prefontaine
2007 11 6 306 Comic Genius Fred Armisen Is Live In The Studio, Both As Himself And As Jens Hanneman, Star Of The New DVD "COMPLICATED DRUMMING TECHNIQUE"! No Appearance
2007 11 13 307 Gene Simmons, The Birth of Dutch, James Takes Over, Tom And His Book Problem And So So So Much More. Gene Simmons
2007 11 20 308 Ten Years Later, The Exciting Return Of Ronald Thomas Clontle! Plus A Round Of 'Can We Stop?' And Discussion Of 'The Ultimate Playlist'. Ronald Thomas Clontle
2007 11 27 309 Glen Danzig Calls To Join The Mayubinatorial Race, Tom Tries To Figure Out What Book To Write, Who Goes In YOUR Hate Pit, And New Jersey Wins Again! Glenn Danzig
2007 12 4 310 Tom Gives His Review Of 'I'm Not There'. The Sound Effects Machine Provides Thrills And Chills. The Plotting Of 'The United States Of Dutch'. And The Weighing In On Stephen King Weighing In On 'What's Cool'. No Appearance
2007 12 11 311 What Haunts You? The Build A Movie Game. How Many Days Could You Survive In Jail? The Starbucks 'Really?!' Woman. Rachel Ray's Dunkin Donuts Commerials And The Mickey Dolenz Pinkie Shake. No Appearance
2007 12 18 312 Christmas Triumph And Christmas Tragedy. Other Holiday Talk And Random Whatnots, And God Forbid Someone Doesn't Love The Wire. No Appearance
2007 12 25 313 A Live Show On Christmas Day. I Know, Right? Especially When Tom Is Sick! Ted And Jodi And Therese And Jillian All Stop By To Celebrate. Plus 'What Did You Get For Christmas?'. No Appearance
2008 1 8 314 Philly Boy Roy Comes Out Of Hibernation, Who Would You Kick Off The Planet Via Space Shuttle Launch To Make 2008 A Better Year?, The Debut Of Julie From Cincinnati And Other Random Jibber Jabbings. Philly Boy Roy
2008 1 15 315 Television Executive Matthew Tompkins Engineers A Season Without Writers, A Round Of 'Getting To Know You', Klausner On Young Frankenstein And Discussion Of Burger King's Shocking 'Whopper Freakout' Campaign. Matthew Tompkins
2008 1 22 316 An Interview With Author Ken Rogers, Paul F Tompkins Does His Thing, Kurt Gaistburn Is Running For Mayor Of Newbridge, The Topic Is 'I'm Stupid' And Other Things Too! Ken Rogers
Kurt Gaistburn
2008 1 29 317 Which Movies Would Make A Great Video Game, FOT Fan Fiction, Talk Of A Slogan And Some Other Random Dribblings. No Appearance
2008 2 5 318 The First Annual "The Best Show On WFMU Best Show On WFMU" Awards! Featuring Paul F Tompkins And Spike Super Fan Dylan Milford! Best GOMP! Most Violent Threat To Tom! And Soooo Much More!! Kip Palfner
Gene Simmons
2008 2 12 319 Talk Of The Best Advice And The Worst Advice You've Ever Gotten. A Call From A Fan Of Both Mike Huckabee And Bass Guitars. Plus Tom's Exciting Trip To Atlantic City Is Documented In Exacting Detail! Bill in Millersville, Maryland
2008 2 19 320 Marky Ramone Announces His Candidacy And His Safe Sex Kit, Plus Much Talk About The Jerky Boys, Roger Clemens And The Kid From Brooklyn. Marky Ramone
2008 2 26 321 Week One Of The Best Show On WFMU's Fundraising Marathon. Special Co-Host Hatch! Bryce Prefontaine
2008 3 4 322 Week Two Of The Marathon! Special Guests Galore: Ted Leo! Ben Gibbard! Patton Oswalt! A Show That Is Not To Be Missed! Pseu Is Tom's Co-Host And Works Miracles Amongst The Chaos! No Appearance
2008 3 11 323 Post Marathon Madness! Philly Boy Roy! The Topic Is 'It's Ovah'! A Condemnation Of The Oscars! And Music Blogger Linus Checks In To Hype Some Of His Favorite Bands! Yet Somehow There's EVEN MORE! Philly Boy Roy
2008 3 18 324 Comedian Todd Barry Is Live In The Studio! And Marky Ramone Calls In! Marky Ramone
2008 3 25 325 Talk Of A Bunch Of Different 'Funny' Things, Probing Discussion Arises From The Topic, Which Is 'I Love Ya, But -'. Then Tom Gets Jamesed. Then The Debut Of 'Coffin Talk'. No Appearance
2008 4 1 326 Don't Bother. Sleepy Jeff
Jeep Cherokee Wilson
2008 4 8 327 Tom Breaks Down His Sad Visit To The BeatleFest And His Defeated Quest For Bootlegs. Bryce Calls In To Talk Bootlegs. Pudge Throws His Hat Into The Ring. And The Topic Is 'Losing Your Cool'. Bryce Prefontaine
Pudge Palfner
2008 4 15 328 Bishop Pablo Fontana Checks In, Talk Of Hot Streaks And Cold Streaks, The Winners Of The Best Show Art Contest, Analysis Of Jerks Who Appear On Gameplay HD And So Much More! Bishop Pablo Fontana
2008 4 22 329 Funny Man Paul F Tompkins Live In The Studio! Philly Boy Roy Live In The Studio! An Interview With Author Ken Rogers! Plus The Debut Of 'That's Not Right!'. Ken Rogers
Philly Boy Roy
2008 5 6 330 Zachary Brimstead, Esquire Live In The Studio. Tom Discusses His Trip To Boston To See Big Dipper Reunite, The Launching Of The Creepopedia And More. Rodney from Newbridge (Hagar the Doowopper)
Zachary Brimstead
2008 5 13 331 The New Regime Is Instituted! A Liar Of A Man Named Bill Calls! The Topic 'Bad Kids/Bad Parents' Is Launched! I Do It And I Do It And I Do It More More! Bill from Work
2008 5 20 332 Gene Simmons. Speed Racer. How Did This Happen? Paul From Tom's Volleyball League And His Romantic Troubles. And Tom Won't Stand For Bullies And Needs This So Much Less Than You. Gene Simmons
Paul from Consolidated Cardboard
2008 5 27 333 The New Indiana Jones Adventure Is Discussed. As Is The Brooklyn Kickball League. As Is Tom's Plan To Leave America For Toronto. Then It's 'Who Would And Wouldn't You Trade Places With?' No Appearance
2008 6 3 334 Ted Leo And The Pharmacists Write A Song With The Best Show Listeners And Ninety Minutes Later 'The World Is In The Turlet' is Born! A Show For The Ages! Plus Real Life Soundtracks And A Jerk In Marham IL Gives Tom Flack. No Appearance
2008 6 17 335 The Order Of Everything Is Determined, Paul F Tompkins, Tom Is Nearly Murdered At A Death Cab For Cutie Rock Concert, Spike Plots His Summer Vacation And More! No Appearance
2008 6 24 336 Tor Halversom Calls, Little Mike Halversom Calls, George Carlin Is Dead, Bryce Drops Out, Paul F Tompkins Calls In, You're Lying And Horse Drops Out. Bryce Prefontaine
Gene Simmons
Tor Halversom
Little Mike Halversom
2008 7 1 337 Darren Discusses His New Band And Drops Out, A List Of 'Most Talented To Least Talented' Is Compiled, The Introduction Of Spike Force And Tons More. Darren Ploppelton
2008 7 22 338 BJ Bryson Wants To Know If You're Biting Or Chewing, Tom's Trip To LA, Danzig And Tank Drop Out Of The Race, And Some Talk Of Mama Mia And More. Glenn Danzig
BJ Bryson
Randy from Tunnelbridge
2008 7 29 339 Tom's Shrink Dr. Fred Meyers Calls The Program, Celebrity ITunes Playlists, Tom's Dreams Of Writing A Book Are Dying As Fast As Jazz Once Died And More. Dr. Fred Meyers
2008 8 5 340 Philly Boy Roy Applies For A Job. What Book Should Tom Write? 'The Little Things!' The Palisades Mall! And More (Somehow!). Philly Boy Roy
2008 8 12 341 Tom Introduces His Protegee 'The H-Man' To His Audience. Hear The Future NOW! Plus A Call From Dr. Fred Meyers And Talk Of The Family Guy Art Exhibit. Dr. Fred Meyers
Bryce Prefontaine
Tim of the Newbridge Republican Times Herald Democrat
2008 8 19 342 The Mayubinatorial Debate! Fourteen Candidates! One Of The Best Best Shows Ever! Do Not Miss This One! Seriously! Philly Boy Roy
Barry Dworkin
Marky Ramone
Zachary Brimstead
Pudge Palfner
Bishop Pablo Fontana
Timmy von Trimble
Tor Halbersom
Dr. Fred Meyers
Bryce Prefontaine
2008 9 2 343 Tom And The Listeners Compile The Fab Five Of Jerks, Tom Cannot Get a 33 1/3 Book, A Call From Spike, A Call From Julie, And More. Some Call This One 'Freewheelin - In A Good Way! No Appearance
2008 9 9 344 A Call From Gene Simmons, Tom Bemoans His ITunes Rating, Bashing Of Kid Rock, 'Does The World Need This' And Philly Boy Roy Discusses His Relationship With Sarah Palin. Gene Simmons
Philly Boy Roy
2008 9 16 345 Tom Documents His Trip To Yankee Stadium, Talk Of 'Yay, Nay Or Eh', Brian Wilson Is Insane And Facebook Updates From The H-Man! Marky Ramone
2008 9 23 346 Chris Langstrom From The Wednesday Rockets Calls In, Brad From Newbridge Mourns The Passing Of The Foo Fighters, The Spike/Julie Summit And More! Brad from Newbridge
Chris Langstrom
Rod Langstrom
2008 9 30 347 Pete Seeger Triggers A Discussion Of 'Good For You', Some Talk Of The World Domination Scheme Phase One, Religulous Vs. American Carol And The 'Ghost Story' Curse. Bryce Prefontaine
Marky Ramone
2008 10 7 348 A Call From Todd Palin, Tom Talks Of His Adventures On A Ferris Wheel And A Few Other Fun Things. Todd Palin
2008 10 14 349 Philly Boy Roy Talks Of The Phillies, H-Man Updates, Ringo Starr Unhinged And Tom's Very Moving Adventure With Papa Roach. Philly Boy Roy
2008 10 21 350 Paul F Tompkins, Host Of 'Best Week Ever With Paul F Tompkins' Is Live In Studio, A Call From Joe The Plumber, Plus 'Feeling Sorry For Things You Shouldn't Feel Sorry For'. Joe the Plumber
2008 11 4 351 The Winner Of The 2008 Newbridge Mayubinatorial Election Is Announced! And The Winner Of the 2008 American Presidential Election Is Announced Also. Philly Boy Roy
2008 11 11 352 A Post-Election Discussion Of The Election, A Post-Election Call From Joe The Plumber, A Review Of Zach And Miri Make A Porno And 'Not In This Lifetime'. Joe the Plumber
2008 11 18 353 Tom Gets A Call From Hammerhead, The Hate Pit Gets Restructured, And A Discussion Of 'You Are Selling But I Ain't Buying'. Hammerhead
2008 11 25 354 An In Studio Appearance By The One And Only Author/Actor/Pitchman John Hodgman! A Call From A Guy Named Bill. And Tom Talks About His Adventure With The Movie SYNECDOCHE NEW YORK. Big Bill
Little Bill
Mr. Sherbert
Brad in Sciencebridge
2008 12 2 355 The Topic Is 'Oh Family'. There's Some Discussion Of Quantum Of Solace, And Tom Recounts His Adventures In Ticket Scalping. Oh, And THE BEST STORY IN THE HISTORY OF THE PROGRAM! No Appearance
2008 12 9 356 Funny Man Zach Galifianakis Stops By The Studio To Deliver Some Of His Greatness. He Talks, Takes Calls And Makes Everybody Laugh. Plus The Debut Of 'Match Wits With Mike'. No Appearance
2008 12 16 357 The Amazing Funny Man ANDY DALY Checks In! A Mini-Set From Boss Hog! Two For Tuesday Indeed! Plus, Who Is The Dumbest Member Of Crosby Stills Nash & Young? No Appearance
2008 12 23 358 A Christmas Call From Philly Boy Roy, The Topic Is 'What Am I, A Kid Again?", A Bunch Of Bizarre Callers And More. It Adds Up To A Show I Am Proud Of, If I May Say So Myself! Philly Boy Roy
2008 12 30 359 A Brave Survivor Of An Plane Crash Tells His Story, The Highs And The Lows Of 2008, A Call From A Very Edgy Man, Who Is The Dumbest Member Of CSNY And One Of The Greatest Moments In Best Show History. Shawn from Rampbridge
2009 1 6 360 Psychic Kelvin Juniper Stops By With Some 2009 Predictions And Brings A Few Very Special Guests Along. What Should Be Left In 2008 And What Should Be Brought Into 2009, Fredericks Sound Board, The Debut Of The Mike Show And More. Kelvin Juniper
2009 1 13 361 A Call From A Very Irate Hot Dog Vendor, An In Studio Appearance By The One And Only PAUL F TOMPKINS, 'I Am Sorry And I Would Like To Apologize' And So Much More! Barry the Hot Dog Vendor
2009 1 20 362 Sean From Newbridge! Mitch From Newbridge! 'You're Not Fooling Anyone'. Plus The Police And Elvis Costello Face The Music. Shawn from Rampbridge
Mitch from Consolidated
2009 1 27 363 A Call From Bernie Taupin That Is Not To Be Missed, The Mike Show, Francesa Takes On Snack Mountain And A Ton More! Bernie Taupin
2009 2 3 364 Springsteen At The Superbowl, Tom Slips On The Ice Twice, Joe Torre Is A Rat, 'The Greatest Day Of My Life' And More! No Appearance
2009 2 10 365 An In Studio Appearance By Jon Glaser, The Star Of DELOCATED, A Very Exciting And Troubling Call From Pilot Hero Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, A Little Bit Of Comic Con Talk And More! Bleh! Chesley Sullenberger
2009 2 17 366 The Best Show On WFMU Best Show AWARDS SHOW! Best Caller! Most Delusional! Best Guest! The 'Shop For A Coffin' Guy Calls In! So Much Fun! Gene Simmons
2009 2 24 367 PATTON OSWALT In The Studio! ROBERT POPPER From LOOK AROUND YOU And TIMEWASTER LETTERS On The Phone! Darren From Work Calls In! Jason Woliner Hangs In The Background! Cameos From Tim Heidecker, Julie Klausner And Todd Barry! A Star Studded Night! Darren Ploppelton
2009 3 3 368 Week 1 of the 2009 WFMU Marathon, With An In Studio Appearance From Philly Boy Roy And Co-Host Hatch! Philly Boy Roy
2009 3 10 369 Week Two Of The WFMU Marathon! With Special Guests: Ted Leo! Aimee Mann! Paul F. Tompkins! John Hodgman! Philly Boy Roy! Famous Flamer! Therese! So Legendary It's Scary. No Appearance
2009 3 17 370 A Post Marathon Show Filled With Exhaustion And Gratitude. And A Lot Of Callers Also. I Cannot Remember What This Show Was About, To Be Honest. No Appearance
2009 3 24 371 A Call From Tom's Very Unhealthy Cousin. The Topic Is 'I Love You Friend, But You're Wrong On This One', And Fredericks Logs A World Class Call. All During The Filming Of A Nicolas Cage Movie! Tom's cousin Hutch
2009 3 31 372 A Call From A Fellow Newbridge Green Raiders Supporter, A Lengthy Discussion of Watchmen, A Correction In The Rush Market And Lots Of Good Calls. Fun Fun FUN. Rick Remington
2009 4 14 373 A Call From An Irate Boxmasters Fan, The Greatest And Worst (Non-Historical) Moments Of The Twentieth Century Part 1, The Debut Of Kids Radio And More. Pepe in Milwaukee
2009 4 21 374 Special Guest Paul F Tompkins In The Studio, A Phone Call From (To, Actually) John Hodgman, A Talk With The Captain Of The Hijacked Boat And More. A Great Show. Enjoy It Now! Richard Philips
2009 4 28 375 The One And Only MARTIN SHORT Calls In And Talks To Tom! A Call From A Basketball Legend! The Debut Of THE MIKE SHOW, With A Call From Bryce! The Ultimate Spike Turf Out! A SHOW FOR THE AGES!! Rick Stevens
Bryce Prefontaine
2009 5 5 376 An In Studio Appearance by Todd Barry! A Call From A Frustrated Comedian! And The Mike Show With Special Guest Kevin Smith!?! What?! If Ever There Was A Show To Hear It Is This One. PJ Thompson
2009 5 12 377 The One And Only AIMEE MANN and PATTON OSWALT Live In The Studio! A Visit From Del The Pizza Guy! Match Wits With Mike! A Call From Zach Galifianakis! Spike And Larry The Perv Unhinged! So So Good. Fan of The Mike Show
Del the Pizza Guy
2009 5 26 378 A Tribute To The One and Only Dogmo, The Greatest Friend I've Ever Had. Thanks For Everything. No Appearance
2009 6 2 379 A Six Hour Extravaganza With PAUL F TOMPKINS and JOHN HODGMAN Live In Studio! A Call From A Newbridge Superstar Jock, The Julie Show, James Live In Studio, The Mike Show And MORE. A True Epic. Claude Monroe
2009 6 9 380 A Call From Tom's Godfather, Larry The Perv Attempts To Debut His Play, Spike Announces He's Writing A Book And 'It's Time To Stop' Is The Topic. Butch Daffodil
2009 6 16 381 A Call From The Brushman, A Discussion Of Dumb Vanity License Plates, The Neil Young Box Gets Tom Mad And Strike Two For Larry The Perv And His Play. Rex (The Brushman)
2009 6 23 382 A Live In Studio Appearance From TED LEO, The Brushman Stops By The Studio To Do Battle With Tom, Strike Three For Larry The Perv And A True Battle Of Wits With A Caller Trying To Beat Tom At His Own Mind Game! Rex the Brushman
2009 6 30 383 A Call From A Man Looking To Spread His Talent Across The Land, The Topic Is 'Going South' Which Brings Out Some Great Stories, And You Will Not Believe The First Caller Of The Show. What A Complete Jerk. Seriously. Ben Vollrath
2009 7 7 384 Tom Talks Of A Fake Guy Fieri, A Call From Todd Palin, The Topic Is "What Have I Been Missing?" And Some Clown Tries To Psyche Tom Out But Fails Miserably. Todd Palin
2009 7 21 385 An In Studio Visit From PAUL F TOMPKINS. A Great Call From Darren. Talk Of The Gathering Of The Juggalos And Other Stuff. This One Is A GREAT One. Darren Ploppelton
2009 7 28 386 THE MIGHTY BOOSH Call In To Talk About Things! AIMEE MANN Swings By The Studio To Talk And Debut Her Advice Segment 'Ask Aimee'. A Disgruntled Juggalo Calls In. Plus The Mike Show! LEGENDARY! Rabid B. Hatchetman
2009 8 4 387 Darren From Work Is In Los Angeles, Tom Talks Of Gwyneth Paltrow And GOOP, The Debut Of SCUMM FORCE And A Short Installment Of The Mike Show. Darren Ploppelton
2009 8 11 388 HOLY MOLEY! In Studio Appearances From JOHN MULANEY, PAUL F TOMPKINS And TED LEO! A Call From A Newbridge Baseball Legend! Plus JEN KIRKMAN And JOHN HODGMAN! This Is Why They Call It The Best Show! Pete Ganther
2009 8 18 389 PATTON OSWALT Gets Metsmerized Live In The Studio! A Caller With A Cursed Family. Matt Fraction Gets Interviewed By The Tombstone Kid And Larry Da Perv Requests A Radio Date With Laurie! Vic Walp
2009 9 8 390 Ted Leo In Studio! John Hodgman In Studio! Karl The Repairman In Studio! A Special Interview With Sanjaya! Lisa Jane Persky In Studio! Talk Of INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS! The Pre-Best Show Meetup Show! A Ton Of Fun! Carl the Repairman
2009 9 15 391 Spike Mourns The Passing Of The Guiding Light, The H-Man Goes On Trial, The Debut Of Wally Wackiman, A Fantasy Football Fan Talks About His Team And The Laurie/Larry Da Perv Radio Date! Karl (Twin brother of Carl the Repairman)
2009 9 22 392 A Call From Tom's Uncle Who Wants To Jam With Santana, The Topic Is "You Went Too Far, Now You Are The One Who Is Wrong", Calls From Jen Kirkman And Paul F. Tompkins, And Discussion Of Shohreh Aghdashloo's Breathing Issues. Mort (Tom's Stepuncle)
2009 9 29 393 JACKSON PUBLICK And JAMES URBANIAK From THE VENTURE BROTHERS Are Live In Studio! Talk Of Tom's Car Breaking Down! And Spike Discusses Why He Keeps WEIRDOS EXPOSED At Work Instead Of At Home. No Appearance
2009 10 6 394 Tom Talks Of Brad Benson And His Horrible Commercials, David The Intern Stops In, A Call From The One And Only NARDWUAR And Mike Takes The Bayonne Challenge! No Appearance
2009 10 27 395 Tom Returns From Lipstick City With Tales Of Jimmy Webb, Panic Attacks And Celebrity Sightings, Philly Boy Roy Issues A World Series Challenge And Reminds Mike That It Is Harder Than It Looks. Philly Boy Roy
2009 11 3 396 JOHN HODGMAN In Studio! PAUL F TOMPKINS In Studio! DAVID REES In Studio! Philly Boy Roy Calls In! Talk Of Rage And Of Tom Doing His Fontasy Basketball Draft From A Kinko's On The Sunset Strip, And Discussion Of How Fat Chris Christie Is. Philly Boy Roy
2009 11 10 397 ANDREW W.K. Is Live In Studio! Philly Boy Roy Loses Everything! A Call From Sam Seder! And Spike Admits Something For The Sake Of This Conversation That Will ROCK YOUR WORLD. Philly Boy Roy
2009 11 17 398 The 2009 Emergency Marathon Show With Co-Host Terre T! Featuring A Call From Zachary Brimstead, Esq! Hear WFMU History In The Making (And Thanks To All Who Pledged!) Zachary Brimstead
2009 11 24 399 A Six Hour Epic! A Call From A Man Who Is Trapped By His Own Existence! Bryce Requests Zappa! Fredericks Den! An Interview With Andrew Sandoval! The Mike Show! Bad Business Names! And MORE! Terrence from Billyburg
Bryce Prefontaine
2009 12 1 400 An In Studio Appearance By AIMEE MANN and TODD BARRY! Aimee Sings Songs And Todd Is Funny! The Kraftwerk Song "USB Port" Is Discussed, 80s Rick Calls In And Some Other Stuff Too! Good! 80s Rick
2009 12 8 401 Tom’s Protégé Wally Wackiman Is In Studio! And He's A Puppet! The H-Man Calls In! So Does Paul F. Tompkins! As Does A Guy In England With A Horrible iPhone! Razor Talk! And The Topic Is "Time To Cut The Fat!" No Appearance
2009 12 15 402 An Introduction By Peanut Butter Pete. Serious Discussion Of Child On Child Violence, The Condemnation of Tommy Heinsohn And His Points And Tom's Search For Flip Flops In Boston. No Appearance
2009 12 22 403 A Sean And Shane Stop By The Studio. Talk Of Last Minute Christmas Gifts And Holiday Wishes From All Your Favorites, Including The Denver Nuggets and Chicago Bulls. Sean and Shane
2009 12 29 404 The Last Best Show Of The Decade! Celebrity Chef Victor Freeman Stops By To Cook In The Studio. Discussion Of The Heroes And Villains Of 2009 And Calls From Paul F Tompkins, Eric Wareheim And Jen Kirkman! Victor Freeman
2010 1 5 405 The First Best Show Of The Decade! Comedian Patton Oswalt Checks In! Wally Wackiman Is A Cyclops! A Food Delivery Guy Talks About His Website! Talk Of Gallagher’s Meltdowns! The Happiest Of New Years To You And Yours! Chip from JC Bites
2010 1 12 406 An Aspiring Horror Filmmaker Stops By To Discuss His Star Studded Project. Should Tom Go See Avatar Or Sherlock Holmes? Thoughts On Conan Versus Leno, We Try To Earn Ted Leo A Shorty Award And So Much More! Vince Strauss
2010 1 19 407 The Battle Of The Proteges—Wally Wackiman Faces Off Against The H-Man! Wally Melts Down And The H-Man Interviews AZIZ ANSARI. Who Will Win? JON AUER From Posies And Big Star Live In Studio! A Good One Indeed! Todd of The Smiths Tribute Band "These Charming Men"
2010 1 26 408 Author And Funny Person JULIE KLAUSNER Is Live In Studio! Bryce Checks In From The Hospital. The Topic Is ‘Just Desserts’. Talk Of Avatar And Overweight Nazis. Tom Is Cranky And Mike Takes The Show To Where He Takes The Show. Again. Bryce Prefontaine
2010 2 2 409 An In Studio Appearance By MATT FRACTION! Details Of Tom's Action Packed Trip To And From Atlanta! The Topic Is "I Tried It And I Still Don't Get It", And More! Trip Whiting
Matt Fraction caller ("The Band" comic book/edible comic book cake/comic book bed)
Bryce Prefontaine
2010 2 23 411 Tom Talks With TIM AND ERIC About Their New Show! He Also Talks To And Bans Comic/Toiletmouth MATT WALSH. Listen To Tom Sink Into A Bad Bad Mood! No Appearance
2010 3 2 412 Week One Of the WFMU Fundraising Marathon! Tom And Co-Host HATCH Welcome TED LEO Back To Help Raise The Money! Plus In Studio Appearances By BRYCE And A Dude From The Shout! Network! Want To Hear The Good Guys Win? Listen To This! Ron Jacobs
Bryce Prefontaine
2010 3 9 413 Week Two Of the WFMU Fundraising Marathon! Tom And Co-Host THERESE Welcome PATTON OSWALT And John HODGMAN To The Show! Comedy! Nerd Battle! Laughs! Fundraising! Triumph! No Appearance
2010 3 16 414 Tom Apologizes To Vampire Weekend! Tom's Cousin Willy Calls In To Discuss The Joys Of Seeing A Newborn! A Call From PAUL F TOMPKINS In Which John McCain's Eating Habits And The Rocky Statue Are Discussed! There Can't Be Room For More, Right? Wrong! Ron Jacobs
Cousin Willy
2010 3 23 415 Tom Is Visited By The Dejected Owner Of A Pizzeria! The Topics Are "Best And Worst Celebrity Endorsements" And "What Celebrities Are Currently In Jail?" A Fun One! Pizza Warehouse owner
2010 3 30 416 A Beatles Super Fan Stops By The Studio To School Tom. The Anvil Movie Bums Tom Out. Spike Is Unmasked And Tom Tries To Sleep Through Kevin Smith's New Movie. Milt Mortner
2010 4 13 417 Tom Takes The Train From Los Angeles To New Jersey And He Has Some Stories To Tell! Plus Beatles Talk With A Young Child And So So Much More! Best Show's Back! No Appearance
2010 4 20 418 An Old Garrison Keilor Fan Calls Up To Give Tom The Business. More Beatles Talk With Superstar Rising Milo. The Topic Is 'The Fix Is In' And More! No Appearance
2010 5 4 419 A Call From Aqua Teen Hunger Force Superstars DAVE WILLIS And DANA SNYDER! Comic Book Genius MICHAEL KUPPERMAN Is In The Studio! Buck Owens Gets Translated And The Topic Is 'An Exercise In Futility'! Philly Boy Roy
2010 5 11 420 Tom Is Joined In Studio By Famous Funny Man ZACH GALIFIANAKIS! A Fellow Disc Jockey Named DJ Shane Stops By To Bother Tom And Zach. Talk Of Greedy Census Workers And A Man Whose Arm Got Bitten Off! A Great One! Shawn McMyers (DJ Shane)
2010 5 18 421 Tom's Former Bandmate/Co—Worker Darren Ploppleton Stops By. The Topic Is 'How Much Would You Pay Me', Tom Auditions For Cartoon Voiceover Gigs And Lots More! Darren Ploppleton
2010 5 25 422 It's The Third (semi) Annual BEST SHOW AWARDS! Best Caller! Saddest Caller! Best Threat! So Many More Awards! Plus Legendary Comedian PAUL F TOMPKINS Calls In! No Appearance
2010 6 1 423 Tom Talks About Driving To Wilmington And Eating At CiCi's Pizza. A Weird Call From Wally Wackiman. The Topic Is 'What Am I Doing? I'm Better Than This!'. Plus Dave From Knoxville Condemns Neil Young And More! No Appearance
2010 6 8 424 A New Front Runner Emerges For Rookie Of The Year. Amazing Comedian JEN KIRKMAN Enters Frederick's Den! The Topic Is 'I Was Wrong!" And Some Surprises Too! No Appearance
2010 6 15 425 The Legendary PAUL F TOMPKINS Is Live In The Studio Along With Puppet WALLY WACKIMAN And Tom's Protegee THE H-MAN! A Call From DAMIAN From F'ed Up. The Musical Pacings Of The West Wing Are Discussed And More! You Can't Miss This One! No Appearance
2010 6 22 426 The One And Only JOHN OLIVER And JOHN HODGMAN Are Live In The Studio! Hodgman Defends Keillor And Talks D&D. Oliver Discusses The World Cup. Philly Boy Roy Checks In To Give Them Both The Business And Talk Homemade Vuvuzelas. Philly Boy Roy
2010 7 6 427 A Record Producer With A Diverse Resume Stops By To Discuss A Few Things That Suck. Tom Hangs Up On A Three Year Old. Love Is In The Air. And More! Rick Spangler
2010 7 13 428 Comic Legend TODD BARRY Calls In To Discuss Helicopter Rides And Dumb Comedy Club Names. A Local Basketball Coach Who Refuses To Lose. The Repentant Return Of The Record Producer, Milo's Dad And More! Rich McGuiness
Rick Spangler
2010 7 20 429 A new era begins as we welcome Call Screener Steve! Dave from Knoxville has a story about casual racism! Fredericks on scarecrow voices! Tom defends Kevin Smith against angry bloggers! And Luther Campbell from 2 Live Crew is sent to the Hate Pit! No Appearance
2010 7 27 430 Funnyman JOHN MULANEY joins Tom in-studio to reimagine old movies! Phil in Newishbridge calls to discuss SNL Trivia! Bryce talks to Milo! An author stops by to discuss the Stupidization of America! Tom gets an email from the First Lady! Phil from Newishbridge
Bryce Prefontaine
Rick Higgins
2010 8 3 431 Terrence the aging Billyburg hipster stops by to discuss things both stupid and hilarious! Damien from F'ed Up talks about bad Canadian films! Luther Campbell finally calls the show! Tom considers buying a Simon & Garfunkel-inspired musical on eBay! Terrence from Billyburg
2010 8 10 432 A friend/bandmate of President Obama stops by and regales everyone with some unbelievable state secrets from the past century! Tom describes a bad cinema experience for 'Dinner for Schmucks' and discusses country music monster Trade Martin! Rick Spangler
2010 8 24 433 Tom talks about a creep at a massage parlor, and his eventful trip to Philly to see Pauls F. Tompkins and McCartney! A caller asks for the proper etiquette for when meeting your idols! Tom unveils the Scharpling15k and his kids’ show Sasperilla 123! No Appearance
2010 8 31 434 Tom’s in a bad mood but calls from TODD BARRY (with Louis CK cameo), JEN KIRKMAN and PFT cheer him up! Shed guy Rick calls to introduce his hot new wife and worry about his son's experience at summer camp! A great story about a delusional cabbie! Rick Morplethorpe
2010 9 7 435 A dude from the Midwest calls repeatedly to start a fight! Milo gets banned for being an evil genius! Tom walks out of Piranha 3-D, and sings Vampire Weekend! A call from a Norwegian who shoots polar bears! LISA JANE PERSKY lights up our lives! No Appearance
2010 10 12 436 Best Show 10th Anniversary with Guest Hosts Mike and Therese No Appearance
2010 10 19 437 Tom's back after a long absence! Early callers make him wonder if it was worth it, but celebrity callers TODD BARRY and TED LEO turn it around! There’s an argument with a snob who thinks Jackass is beneath him. Captain Elitist, I think his name was. No Appearance
2010 10 26 438 Comedy heroes PAUL SCHEER and JASON WOLINER are in-studio! So is our favorite actress, LISA JANE PERSKY. Stories of Piranha 3D, Weekend at Bernie's, and Russell Crowe's standup skills, follow! And Tom drafts his fantasy basketball team live on air! No Appearance
2010 11 2 439 Darren from works checks in with stories about his voting experience and rock n' roll fantasy camp! Tom bemoans movie stars that try pandering to nerds! Is John Carpenter terrible? And the topic is "Best Show Hall of Heroes / Hall of Villains"! Darren Ploppelton
2010 11 9 440 Tom says 'Shame on you, Brooklyn' after encountering Georgio the Human Carpet! A sad restauranteur takes Tom to task! Mike talks of seeing Roger Waters! The topic is an old fave, "You Couldn't Pay Me" and Tom threatens to beat up the Zodiac Killer! Rick DeBetto
2010 11 16 441 Philly Boy Roy checks in to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving, and drop a bombshell from his past! An Unfair Record Review of the new Santana album! Two calls from Australia, and one from Switzerland! And Spike wants Times Square to be more gross. Philly Boy Roy
2010 11 23 442 Funnymen TIM AND ERIC call and discuss their ambitious new live show! Tom imagines what the Human Carpet's comedy podcast would sound like! Dexter from the Offspring has his own hot sauce! And Burger King’s Human Whopper commercials are creepy! No Appearance
2010 11 30 443 A Bruce Springsteen biographer calls in and reveals many shocking secrets about the Boss! (Or does he?) TODD BARRY calls while walking down the street! A 93 year old man offers much wisdom, and Tom regrets watching a film that Mike recommended! Steven Jennings
2010 12 7 444 The one and only JULIE KLAUSNER joins Tom in the studio! Mike drinks Four Loko and goes nuts! A young lady recounts her adventures in babysitting! Tom’s nephew Caesar, an aspiring writer, calls in to bond with his uncle! This was a good one! Caesar
2010 12 14 445 It’s the 2010 Best Show Holiday Party! Tom is joined in the studio by JOHN HODGMAN, JOHN RODERICK, many other friends, and all the Four Loko they can drink! Mike dances! Tom giggles! AIMEE MANN calls in! So does 80s Rick! Happy Holidays to all! 80s Rick
Bryce Prefontaine
2010 12 21 446 No sign of a Four Loko hangover as Tom welcomes Matador Records’ signing KURT VILE to the studio to play a couple of tracks! Plus a chat with ANDREW EARLES about his awesome new Husker Du book! And Philly Boy Roy does something inappropriate for once. Philly Boy Roy
2010 12 28 447 Ron Scharpling is furious because his brother Tom ruined Christmas! PFT calls from South Carolina, and AP MIKE calls from Florida! Plus: Spike won the lottery, Tom saw the Wu-Tang Clan with a crowd of maniacs, and someone new is thrown into the Hate Pit! Ron Scharpling
2011 1 4 448 It’s a new year of music, mirth and mayhem! A youngster with an old problem checks in! Tom dissects the Huffington Post’s list of the 50 funniest people of the decade! The Hate Pit is repopulated! And the callers are mostly terrible. Happy 2011! Vern L. Miller
2011 1 11 449 The great PATTON OSWALT calls to discuss his awesome new book ‘Zombie Spaceship Wasteland’! Spike presents some Big Bang Theory fan-fiction! Tom and Mike take an insane tour through the Hate Pit! And Philly Boy Roy is becoming a doctor or a banker! Philly Boy Roy
2011 1 18 450 The race to become Tom’s new protégé heats up! AP Mike talks about his cruise! Tom had an unfortunate incident with a UPS machine and asks listeners to call in with stupid stuff that happened to them! And an NFL legend regrets some of his life choices! Mike Manheim
2011 1 25 451 A star studded show - AIMEE MANN, AZIZ ANSARI and JASON WOLINER are all in-studio! Pranks! Cookies! Oscars! Potential protégés The H-Man and Greg Gethard go at it! Damien from F’ed Up! And Matthew Tompkins from the Shout! Network pitches new shows! Matthew Tompkins
2011 2 8 452 Tom talks about his L.A. trip, including hell at the airport and an annoying creep at a Clippers game! Rock stars Laura from NO JOY and Coco from THE ETTES check in! Julie from Cinci! Spike! And an Egyptian man reports from the not-so-frontlines! Rick von Gilderschmidt
2011 2 15 453 Tom recounts his horrible experiences in line on Black Friday and announces Love Hill – a list of his favorite celebrities! More protégés enter the race! The topic is "Dumb versus Evil"! And the exciting debut of Podcastin' with Gary and Roy! Early pledger
2011 2 22 454 Tom talks with one of his heroes: the legendary CHRIS ELLIOTT! They discuss Get a Life, Eagleheart, Letterman and much more! Also: the topic is “Ugh! Give me a break,” and brings out some great stories! No Appearance
2011 3 1 455 It’s week one of the 2011 WFMU Fundraising marathon! Tom and co-host THERESE are joined in the studio by TED LEO and A.C. NEWMAN! Gene Simmons checks in! Help keep WFMU afloat: Donate now! Gene Simmons
2011 3 8 456 Week 2 of the 2011 Marathon! Co-host HATCH! TED LEO and CARL NEWMAN return and play each other's hits! JOHN HODGMAN reads pledges! KURT VILE plays songs! PHILLY BOY ROY is in trouble! Thanks to everyone for supporting the station! Philly Boy Roy
2011 3 15 457 American comedian TODD BARRY calls in from his new landline and brings the laffs! Tom talks about his experience aboard the Bruise Cruise! Is Chicago such a tough city? And Congressman Monroe checks in and calls Tom a silly-dilly-pickle! Robert Monroe
2011 3 22 458 Newbridge High basketball star, and viral video star, “Magic” Todd Manheim checks in! Things get supernatural! Spike finally breaks his silence on Chris Brown! Tom discusses Garrison Keillor’s retirement! Fredericks! More! "Magic" Todd Manheim
Mike Manheim
2011 3 29 459 Philly Boy Roy is stuck at an Emerald Nightmare party! Guy Ritchie is a British Kevin Smith! NJ’s most dangerous theme park, Action Park! PATTON OSWALT calls from onstage in Athens, GA! And PAUL F. TOMPKINS checks in from Australia! What a show! Philly Boy Roy
2011 4 5 460 The great JEN KIRKMAN is live in the studio! Sex and the City slot machines! America’s most racist cities! Charlie Sheen’s live show! A Punchline Magazine boycott! Much Keillor-bashing! Wally Wackiman vs Fredericks! Larry the Perv returns! No Appearance
2011 4 12 461 Tom had a bad experience with ice cream! The protégé race heats up with new candidates and dropouts! The topic is “Forward/Backwards” – are things getting better or worse? Record Store Day! Trump for Prez! Excitement for the next Fast & Furious movie! No Appearance
2011 4 19 462 An incredible story about a monkey in a diaper! Tom imagines 'The Three Stooges at Coachella'! Happy Days slot machines! Wally Wackiman! Paycheck! Ted Leo! An author reveals some secrets the retail industry doesn’t want you to know! Listen to this! Myron Felkerton
2011 4 26 463 The great ROB SCHRAB calls in to discuss his comics and TV work! TED LEO and EMMA FROM TORONTO are in-studio! People enjoy flying first class! Tom’s run-in with a parking garage valet! Pro-wrestling talk! And a man who’s confused about hardcore music! Herb Wilkinson
2011 5 10 464 PAUL SCHEER shares casting and plot details from the set of Piranha 3DD! Darren from Work discusses his and Tom’s dads’ band, and reveals some amazing Bin Laden secrets! Imagining an early 90s Chicago musical! The topic is “Things We Just Don’t Get”! Darren Ploppelton
2011 5 17 465 Guests galore! EVAN from AM I RIGHT?? talks about Canadian funnymen! LISA JANE PERSKY bemoans weird Kiss fans! ANDY ZAX discusses his time on Beat the Geeks! Also: Gene Simmons has many wheels a-turnin’! PFT! And Tom’s fight with the Apple Corporation! Gene Simmons
2011 5 24 466 The topic is “Why is it good/bad that the Rapture didn’t happen?”! Toronto-based funnyman NICK FLANAGAN is in the studio! So is TED LEO! An interview with Shaq! And The Leader is back! No Appearance
2011 5 31 467 A slew of bad early callers won't derail this one, as Tom is joined by the one and only MARC MARON! He tells funny stories about gigs, politics, and the most irritating WTF guests! And old pal SAM SEDER calls in to yell at him! A classic! No Appearance
2011 6 7 468 International superstar ZACH GALIFIANAKIS calls and discusses possible Hangover sequels and partying with AP Mike! The warden from Newbridge Jail has stars in his eyes! The topic is “Grow A Pair”! Tom’s sick but plows through because THAT’S WHAT HE DOES! Bill Rutliff
2011 6 14 469 Tom addresses the Miami Heat’s loss in the NBA Finals! Prison slang with Julie from Cinci! More on ‘Locked Up Abroad’! Twin topics: ‘Who are the most/least likeable celebrities?” and “This is not good for me”! Plenty of good stories in this one! No Appearance
2011 6 21 470 Documentary director JEFF FEUERZEIG calls in to pay tribute to the Big Man! DAMIAN from F’ED UP talks about his band’s great new album! Tom and the callers share their summer memories and reveal summer plans! Topic: “What Are They Doing Right Now?” No Appearance
2011 6 28 471 A jam-packed show: TODD BARRY gets political! JULIE KLAUSNER is in-house! Darren from Work is in trouble! Tom visits America’s noisiest eatery! A lady tries to defend her husband’s honor! Clark returns! Woody Allen snobbery! Don’t miss! Darren Ploppelton
2011 7 5 472 Tom recounts his trip to Portland, home of the noisiest hotel room in America! An essay and a poem! Philly Boy Roy talks about his latest family venture and his latest arrest! Competitive eating! Pawn Stars! I Love Lucy! A horrifying Spike soundboard! Philly Boy Roy
2011 7 12 473 The phrase “Espresso Beans for Everyone” is used! Tom intervenes in a lovers’ quarrel! Flippin’ the bird while driving! DAVID REES defends Pete Seeger! Larry da Perv explains Watergate! And taste-making blogger Mr. Furst has plenty to brag about! Ron Furst
2011 7 19 474 Tom tells “A Tale of Two Boardwalks”, an epic story about Seaside Heights! “Come at me Bro” is a real slogan! Also: Drunk basketball! Ricky Gervais’ atheism! The Best Show Mentorship Program! And Spike celebrates a celebrity divorce! No Appearance
2011 7 26 475 LAURIE FROM MIAMI and GENEVA are in studio! Guess how that goes! Michael K gives an extensive history of Led Zep’s ‘Presence’! The Z-Man talks Comic Con! JEN KIRKMAN! Two Southern Gents! Tom pitches his 90s musical to Laurie’s Doddy! No Appearance
2011 8 9 476 VANESSA BAYER is in-studio, discussing her trailblazing dad, Offspring parodies and the poor dietary habits of SNL staff! All the regular callers get banned! And Brent Prefontaine – Bryce’s brother – offers to be the show’s Cannabis Correspondent! Brent Prefontaine
2011 8 16 477 The anatomy of a buffet! A harrowing tale of high school bullying! A drunken dad at a hardcore show! Philly Boy Roy had a great time at the Gathering! Bugtussle Bill, Alabama’s most famous possum! And an appearance from JULIE FROM CINCINNATI! Philly Boy Roy
2011 8 23 478 What if more demons called in! Singing over the Pet Sounds instrumentals! Chestnut Mare –a song about a man and a horse! Topics: Most of the Least; Least of the Most! And Blaze Monroe, of the Newbridge Monroes, speaks of his many achievements! Blaze Monroe
2011 9 6 479 Tom talks about the sad, and weird, effects of Hurricane Irene! Trembling Eagle returns to defend mixed martial arts! Mayor Philly Boy Roy talks about the Newbridge hurricane response! A great landlord/tenants story! Chris Kattan trivia! Orson Welles! Philly Boy Roy
2011 9 13 480 The welcome return of JOHN HODGMAN! A cautionary tale about devil-worship and another about hungry ghosts! More dream roles for Orson Welles! Hodgman-themed reality shows! Rat holes! And Tom is invited to his 25-year high school reunion! Rich Ridgley
2011 9 20 481 Tom immerses himself further in the dark arts! Matthew Tompkins returns and unveils the Shout! Network’s exciting fall line-up! A bizarre Fonzie novelty record is discussed! Coco from The Ettes checks in! The Dollar-Menu Dickens does it again! Matthew Tompkins
2011 9 27 482 Tom takes a Fenway field trip and spooky Salem sojourn! Darren Ploppleton returns with a bang! Jimmy Page in a track suit! A demon field reporter is deputized! Some new callers try to turn the show into a snoozatorium but a banned caller names names! Darren Ploppelton
2011 10 4 483 Trip Whiting has sizable news on Time Trampoline! Michael K takes the scenic route! The trouble with Fribbles! Larry Da Perv says the coolest thing Tom has ever heard anyone say! And the much-discussed Feltdown! Don’t miss! Trip Whiting
2011 10 11 484 The topic is “You’re doing it wrong, fella!” Abbot & Costello Meet Hitler! A new caller turfs out hard! Fredericks on Yoga! Willy Wackoman is born! Budapest Confederates! Philly Boy Roy mourns a bad sports week! And the tale of a botched jailbreak! Philly Boy Roy
2011 10 25 485 Calls from funnyman TODD BARRY, ‘The Real Rocky’ director JEFF FEUERZEIG and wordsmith JOHN HODGMAN! Skip Dworkin has many stories to tell about Newbridge Dance Party! The Scrivener becomes the Commish! And AP Mike Day, a possible Bayonne holiday! Guy who just woke up ("That wasn't coffee")
Skip Dworkin
2011 11 1 486 Herman Cain’s Presidential Campaign! The WFMU Record Fair! Daryl Hall’s TV show! Great calls from Michael K and Spike! Darren from Work is troubled for a change! A call from JOHN HODGMAN’s book launch! And The Mike Show returns, now with Skeevy! Darren Ploppelton
2011 11 8 487 The exciting debut of Vance, Tom’s progressive rock-loving new puppet! AP Mike has trouble operating an iPhone! A funny story about Gary Busey! Topic: I’m A Sucker! Joff in Newbridge has celebrity merch for sale! And Tom’s experiences at NY Comic-Con! Joff in Newbridge
2011 11 15 488 Ross from Newbridge Tonight reports from a hot premiere! The Greggulator declares war on Mit Hamine! A 13 year old impressionist! Vance discusses the Pink Floyd reissues! Lazer Whips! And the legendary SYL JOHNSON checks in! A weird but great one! Ross Fryhinkel
2011 11 22 489 The 12 year-old Canadian Glenn Beck! “It’s Dumb, But I Love It”! An overview of Stephen King’s oeuvre! Changing the past! Vance imagines an alternate-universe Genesis! Fancy Nancy! Ted Leo! And a Thanksgiving message from Larry Da Perv! No Appearance
2011 11 29 490 The return of Build-A-Movie generates many great and weird ideas! The 12 year old Canadian Glenn Beck takes on the elderly! A call about Syl Johnson’s pelvic thrusts! J. Edgar! Best Buy Black Friday craziness! Vance on Soft Machine! Drain me, Zork! No Appearance
2011 12 6 491 JEN KIRKMAN’s airport woes! Lake Y’allbegone! The Maple Syrup Mussolini and his horrorbilly dad! Vance meets Michael K! An update on Brian Wilson’s ‘Pleasure Island’! Dumb sushi names! And Philly Boy Roy had a jolly old time in London! Philly Boy Roy
2011 12 13 492 Earning your beard! A local music critic discusses the best of 2011! A rare call from Newbridge musician-slash-renaissance man David Quinnfelder! A fake Damian Abraham! And Tom gets a threatening letter from an illiterate podcaster! Mark Remington
David Quinnfelder
2011 12 20 493 The 2nd Best Show Holiday Party! JOHN HODGMAN! TED LEO! DAVID REES! A secret guest! Singalongs! Also: Darren calls with some pals from the Consolidated Cardboard Party! John Roderick! Wally Wackiman returns! “A Storage Wars Christmas”! Too Much Gold! Darren Ploppelton
Philly Boy Roy
Gene Simmons
Marky Ramone
Glenn Danzig
Zachary Brimstead
Old Man Dalrymple
Bryce Prefontaine
2011 12 27 494 JULIE KLAUSNER comes to visit, and she brings gifts! AP Mike tussles with Ice-T and his Twitter minions! Tom's cousin Sherm has trouble telling the truth! A Nate Hartley update! Topic: What'd you like to leave in 2011? Happy New Year, youse guys! Tom's cousin Sherm
2012 1 3 495 The search begins for a new Best Show theme song! Callers’ predictions for 2012! AP Mike’s crazy NYE adventure! Tom resolves to ignore anonymous creeps! JESSE THORN from ‘Bullseye’ checks in! And Tom’s amazing Rage Against the Machine impression! No Appearance
2012 1 10 496 TODD BARRY calls from the gritty NYC streets! Comedian and ‘A Bad Idea I’m About To Do’ author CHRIS GETHARD is in-studio with his brother THE GREGGULATOR! Chris has traumatic stories, and Gregg has people who hate him! Sparks (and felt) will fly! No Appearance
2012 1 17 497 Nuggets 94! Philly Boy Roy is in Weirdowood! Anonymity in Red Bank! The Black Leprechaun! Mischief Night City: The Movie! Novelist and bon vivant D.C. PIERSON is in-studio! Hawkwind Trivia! And Introducing Vance’s roommate Gary the Squirrel! Philly Boy Roy
2012 1 31 498 Mit Hamine can’t stop! Tom’s visit to Lipstick City! The corruption of ‘Sweet Caroline’! The premiere of Yallbegone Pond! Gary the Squirrel returns to bust Mike’s beans and review ‘Young Adult’! And Tom’s incredible impressions revue! No Appearance
2012 2 14 499 Writer and illustrator MICHAEL KUPPERMAN is in the studio! The Newbridge machete craze! The Banksy of Human Interaction checks in! Gary takes on 3D and busts Mike beans some more! Howard Cosell meets John Lennon! And the lovelorn call in to complain! Ed Grimes
Rick Sherman
2012 2 21 500 2012 WFMU Marathon! Tom and co-host Therese with TED LEO and JULIE KLAUSNER! Gary! Vance! Duets! Insults! Celebrity Apprentice! Philly Boy Roy! Keep WFMU going! Please! We Love You! Donate Now! Philly Boy Roy
2012 2 28 501 Week 2 of the WFMU Marathon! Tom and HATCH are joined by TED LEO, JOHN HODGMAN and PATRICK STICKLES from TITUS ANDRONICUS! A suit from Shout Radio gives Tom his marching orders! Radio Theater! Puppets! Skeevy! Thanks everyone! We did it again! Steve Neckles
2012 3 6 502 Spike discusses the GOP Presidential candidates! Michael K talks at Vance! Tom’s one-man performance of Bye Bye Birdie deserves a Genius Grant! A look at Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Men! Philly Boy Roy checks in! And Gary busts Mike’s beans again! Philly Boy Roy
2012 3 20 503 Tom dissects Comedy Central’s daytime programming! A college DJ starts a fight! Howard Cosell stories! Pudge Palfner is back! KURT BRAUNOHLER from IFC’s ‘Bunk’ says hello! Flight rituals! And a table read for Gary’s movie ‘Midnight in Times Square’! Pudge Palfner
2012 3 27 504 MATT WALSH discusses his new film ‘High Road’, and TV show ‘Veep’! KURT BRAUNOHLER talks about subs! Casting ‘The Best Show Apprentice’! Tom went to another Beatles convention, and things got weird! And a little taste of ‘The Vance and Gary Show’! No Appearance
2012 4 3 505 Rockstar TED LEO talks CBGB! Trump shills for walking! Local legend Gus Brennan of the Newbridge Ratmen checks in! Then his teammate Tim Reddick calls with some shocking truths! Kevin Smith comes to Broadway! And Gene Simmons endorses Mitt Romney! Gus Brennan
Tim Riddick
2012 4 10 506 Living legend CHRIS ELLIOTT in studio with JASON WOLINER to talk Eagleheart & the end of Chris' career! Calls from comedians JIM GAFFIGAN & MARC MARON! Darren Ploppleton calls to brag about his “unimagined of” packing peanuts promotion! Plus, Gary! Darren Ploppelton
2012 4 17 507 Callers draft the ultimate "Celebrity Apprentice" cast from all of history! "Hardcore Pawn" race war conspiracy! Tales of young Eric Trump! TED LEO! Grunge alternate history! "The Gary & Vance Show" returns to tackle the topic "How dumb is Mike?" No Appearance
2012 4 24 508 Comedian TODD BARRY calls in for an on-air Twitter war! Mit Hamine's album finally breaks! Terrence Shropshire calls about life in "Da Bumble" and his new venture! Bath salt comedy! Mike reviews Kevin Smith's audio book! And Gary opens his mailbag! Terrence Shropshire
2012 5 1 509 Movies summed up in one sentence! The Best Show 100! Forgiveness! A cavalcade of classic callers! Tom’s self-coronation as the King of Free Entertainment! A chat with a human Siri! Ice Cube v/s a can of Coors Light! And MATT FRACTION checks in! No Appearance
2012 5 22 510 CHRIS GETHARD's worst idea ever. Atlantic City. Dumpster woes. Calls from Newbridge High class presidential candidate Mike Wilkens & his campaign manager, Kyle. Entertainer DAVE HILL, author of “Tasteful Nudes”, and comedian NICK FLANAGAN in studio! Mike Wilkens
Kyle Rove
2012 5 29 511 Tom speaks to the future about his place in history as his 500th show looms! De-mythologizing The Band. "Hollywood Babylon." Philly Boy Roy wants Newbridge to shine. Keep It or Dump It. Gary & the Heartthrobs debut their hit record "Hey, AP Mike!" Philly Boy Roy
2012 6 5 512 Comedian KURT BRAUNOHLER of IFC's 'Bunk' is in the studio! Tom defends Sammy Hagar & alligators. COCO of THE ETTES calls! AP Mike fires back at Gary the Squirrel with his spooky answer song! Save It, Shelve It, Stuff It. Plus, PIXARt's "The General." No Appearance
2012 6 12 513 THE 500th SHOW! Classic bed music! Omar checks in! JULIE KLAUSNER, TED LEO, SAM SEDER, JOHN HODGMAN & JASON WOLINER pay homage! Gary’s remix of his AP Mike remix! Glimpse the future as the show gets unstuck in time! Wally Wackiman 'sings' for peace! Charles from North Newbridge
Dr. Charles DeMartini
2012 6 19 514 It’s ‘Talk over Tom’ night! Tom sounds off on Soundgarden, spoonmen & Adam Carolla. Philly Boy Roy breaks some big political news! Topics: phony retirements & most annoying companions on a trip to Mars. Plus, Vance seeks a band to produce his epic! Philly Boy Roy
2012 7 3 515 Fear & Loathing in Spike's Basement. Non-pro fireworks stink. Sir Scott heralds yet another summer of bored kid callers. Tom pitches 'Fargo 2: Hockey Cat.' Gary & Mike contrasted. Plus, Exhibit A of Anthony Kiedis' crimes against the music industry. No Appearance
2012 7 10 516 Remembering Dennis Flemion of The Frogs. 'Put down that shark!' Darren from Work calls in from a wild night on the high seas! Can Tom & Mitt Hamine make peace? Vance, Gary & AP Mike join Tom to talk ‘The Wall.’ Plus, a reading from 'Scar Tissue.' Darren Ploppelton
2012 7 17 517 The Best Show passes 1500 hours! Officer Tom & Purple Shirt return from the void! Tom's brother Dom catches us up on his favorite TV show. Tom & AP Mike 'Break Bad.' Tom's waiting room entertainment woes. Plus, 'Staten Island Garbage Rats!' Dom Scharpling
2012 7 24 518 Terry calls in from Woodstock by way of outer space. Topic: 'Perfect Storms.' More on ‘Staten Island Garbage Rats.’ Tom’s still losing his marbles over ‘The Wall.' ‘CPO Scharpling!’ What if America was a Golden Corral? Plus, Gary's 'List Of Fools!' No Appearance
2012 7 31 519 Tales of trampoline terror! KURT BRAUNOHLER joins Gary the Squirrel on the premiere of ‘Comedians are Nuts.’ De Niro vs. Robo De Niro. Todd from 'Behind the Saloon Doors' calls about his charitable work. Topic: 'Never Seen It, Read It or Heard It.' Todd Laramie
2012 8 7 520 COCO from THE ETTES professes her love. National touring comedian TODD BARRY pleads with those who are on the fence. Garrison Keillor’s ‘Writer’s Almanac on the Storm.’ Tom is hooked on the Olympics. 'Batman 3' talk. Plus, callers get Bad Companyed! No Appearance
2012 8 14 521 A night of legends! Comedian ANDY KINDLER calls to talk to Tom, but gets hijacked by Gary the Squirrel for an episode of ‘Comedians are Nuts!’ Stephen in Chicago finally engineers a call from his boss, STEVE ALBINI! Plus, is this the last Best Show? No Appearance
2012 9 4 522 JAMES URBANIAK seeks sanction for his new podcast. Dom Scharpling dials a wrong number. Garry Shandling: Twitter bully. Comedian ROB DELANEY calls about his new special, but Gary the Squirrel nabs him for ‘Comedians are Nuts!’ Plus, GENTLEMAN JESSE! Dom Scharpling
2012 9 11 523 Dom gets his wires crossed. Topics: 'Never Saw, Heard or Read It' & 'Humanity 101.' Gary throws the book at AP Mike. Tom makes a Twitter love connection with Chuck Woolery! Vance reads an open letter about, well, you know. Plus, other big huckadoos! Dom Scharpling
2012 9 25 524 Author/Artisanal Pencil Sharpener DAVID REES & Comedian KURT BRAUNOHLER are in the studio! Topics: ‘Dudes walking through doors’ & ‘Stump Dr. Pencil.’ Darren from Work meets Newbridge’s finest. Plus, Gary’s back with another ‘Comedians are Nuts!’ Darren Ploppelton
2012 10 2 525 A call from DC PIERSON, witness to true rage. Chuck Woolery blocks Tom on Twitter. Romney staffer Ben Dublin tries to make up some demographic ground. Topic: ‘Credit Where Credit is Due.’ Little Steven Kickstarts The Rascals. Plus, Tom's 'Skum List!' Ben Dublin
2012 10 9 526 It's the Best Show’s 12th Birthday! In studio: funny person JULIE KLAUSNER & rock star A.C. NEWMAN! Topic: Clinic for Karaoke Flameouts. The words 'sex', 'placenta' & 'Tony Danza' get said a lot. Plus, Gary presents a ‘Comedians are Nuts' 2-for-1! No Appearance
2012 10 16 527 Candidates debate, but the show rolls on! Tom issues the ‘Frankie Teardrop’ Headphone Challenge. ‘Sons of Anarchy’ ruins TV. 'Podcast Hero' is born! AP Mike reviews Neil Young's book. Topic: Rap Album Skits. Plus, Gary the Squirrel mesmerizes Mike! No Appearance
2012 10 23 528 Comedy legends CHRIS ELLIOTT & ADAM RESNICK are in studio for all 3 hours! Amongst other things, they discuss: 'Cabin Boy's troubled production and lasting legacy, the all too short-lived 'Get A Life' and of course, Chuck Woolery and Garry Shandling. No Appearance
2012 11 6 529 It's an odd one straight from the heart. The Good News: Tom's back post-Hurricane Sandy taking calls on a $9 cellphone to prove that NEW JERSEY DON’T QUIT! The Bad News: No Record Fair + storm damage = WFMU needs your help. Please, pledge @ No Appearance
2012 11 13 530 The phones are back! Calls from funny men KURT BRAUNOHLER aka ‘Joe California’ & the mellowly fruitful DAVID REES. TIM HEIDECKER does his 1001st pitch of his new film ‘The Comedy’ & mourns the death of America. Remember, WFMU still needs your help! No Appearance
2012 11 20 531 Things start with talk of 'Sons of Anarchy,' rocking Depends & the dumbest Stones lyrics ever heard. Can Tom get Herman Cain to call the show? Philly Boy Roy has a musical proposition. Papa John's delivers. The Monsters of Dubstep. Plus, COCO calls! Philly Boy Roy
2012 11 27 532 Tom pitches his Internet novelty record. Director JASON WOLINER, CEO of, & National Comic ANDY KINDLER check in! Gar McDaniel, drummer of Flesh, calls about his autobiography. Topic: ‘Who is the least funny person in America?’ Plus, Shaq! No Appearance
2012 12 4 533 Tom's nine year Micky Dolenz grudge ends! 'WTF' host MARC MARON talks art! Topic: 'Who’s the unfunniest comedian in the world?' Thrill to the worst call in the history of the show & a Hate Pit game changer! Plus, Gary & AP Mike have a breakthrough! No Appearance
2012 12 18 534 ‘A Four Loko Carol,’ in which Tom is visited by 3 spirits: TED LEO, JOHN HODGMAN & JULIE KLAUSNER! Mr. Pencil DAVID REES, director LANCE BANGS & CHRISTOPHER MCCULLOCH from the ‘Venture Brothers’ spread cheer! Plus, will Gary the Squirrel see 2013? No Appearance
2013 1 8 535 True story: comedian TODD BARRY calls to ring in 2013. Tarkington 44 is getting back together! Tom’s father calls to chide his son. AP Mike & two bags of shrimp visit Fredericks in Florida. Tom tinkers with rock history. Plus, “Dinklage Unchained!” Roger Scharpling
2013 1 15 536 Californian comedian KURT BRAUNOHLER calls & gets a movie pitch from Gary the Squirrel. MICHAEL K of the Cynics calls to chew the fat. Topics: “What if GG Allin was switched with Elvis?” & “What’s the worst song to get beat up to?” Plus, Canadians. No Appearance
2013 1 22 537 Please stand for the singing of our national anthem. Tom’s party jam, 'Come On, Y’all (It’s Time to Have Fun!),' finally drops! Philly Boy Roy has a new hobby. Listeners submit their picks for 'Best Moments in Music.' Plus, Tom rides the rails again. Philly Boy Roy
2013 1 29 538 AP Mike Appreciation Night! Listeners recount their favorite Mike Memories, including big time Movie star ZACH GALIFIANAKIS! Bryce reveals some secrets from the past. Mike is honored in story, song and verse. Plus, Gary the Squirrel's pays tribute! Bryce Prefontaine
2013 2 5 539 Tom seeks revenge on infamous prankster Brad Pembroke. The listeners help Tom write the outline for the upcoming “Entourage” movie live on the air! A contrite JOHN HODGMAN calls AP Mike to make amends. Plus, Gary the Squirrel does some networking. No Appearance
2013 2 12 540 A visit from DAVE WYNDORF of MONSTER MAGNET, comic book writer MATT FRACTION and TIM CRONIN of RIBEYE BROTHERS. Talk about illegal dumping, Ramones and Iron Man. Pete calls from the Laser Tosh line. The 20 Best Dirtbags In Rock History. Pete in Lower Left Hand Corner Newbridge
2013 2 19 541 It's a cavalcade of writers! Actor/producer/writer MIKE WHITE talks “Enlightened.” Author ANDREW SANDOVAL discusses Monkees and Bee Gees. Zachary Brimstead calls in to plug his book. Comedian/writer DC PIERSON drops by for a visit. Plus Gary! Zachary Brimstead
2013 2 26 542 For the first time ever the Best Show is pre-taped because "Tom's got work to do." Darren from Work bought a motorcycle. JAKE FOGELNEST calls in. Wally Wackiman seeks podcast advice. Tom records a song. And the return of "The Gary & Vance Show!" Darren Ploppelton
2013 3 5 543 MARATHON WEEK ONE! Tom and co-host Hatch are joined in-studio by JULIE KLAUSNER and COCO from THE ETTES! Vance! Gary! Philly Boy Roy calls in with a threat! Summer Nights! Keep WFMU and The Best Show going. PLEDGE NOW! Philly Boy Roy
2013 3 12 544 Funnyman John Hodgman & New Pornographers Frontman AC Newman Join Tom & Therese for This Year's Final Best Show Marathon Special No Appearance
2013 3 19 545 Comedian NATHAN FIELDER phones in to talk about his new series "Nathan For You" and creating a viral video. Bishop Pablo Fontana provides a papal update. Should Tom watch "Game Of Thrones?" Plus lots of low energy callers who like to talk over Tom. Bishop Pablo Fontana
2013 4 2 546 Comedians ANDY KINDLER and SUE COSTELLO call in; Sue joins Gary on “Comedians Are Nuts.” News about a Best Show sermon. “Sewer Skunks” star Stench Monroe checks in. Tom plays a Universal Monsters slot machine. JAMES McNEW of YO LA TENGO is in-studio. Stench Monroe
2013 4 9 547 Director JEFF FEUERZEIG calls in to talk about the Piano Van. NATHAN FIELDER discusses Canadian television. Newbridge State Community College handball coach Orenthal Harrups catches up with Tom. Jelloman and Tom hatch a party scheme. Coach Orenthal Harrups
2013 4 16 548 AP Mike vs. Mad Men. Tom talks about a Troma documentary he watched; listeners call in with tales of Lloyd Kaufman. Marky Ramone's ice cream. ANDY KINDLER checks in. JEN KIRKMAN phones in to talk about her new book. Plus product placement galore! No Appearance
2013 4 23 549 A surprise call from ALAN MILMAN. DAVE WILLIS phones in to talk about his new show on Adult Swim - “Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell.” Mickey from Mickey’s Towing checks in. So does JELLOMAN! Tom wonders what Jackson 21 is all about. Mickey from Mickey's Towing
2013 4 30 550 MARC MARON calls to talk about his new book and TV series. Tom talks “Pain & Gain,” The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac. SEAN KUHL (of Kerbivore) and RACHEL LICHTMAN join Tom in-studio. Gary the Squirrel's poetry. TOPIC: That thing you’ll never get to. No Appearance
2013 5 14 551 TOPIC: Did you ever win anything? Tom wants a Daft Punk helmet. Catching up with JELLOMAN and KURT VILE. “The Invisible Hipster” is born. Philly Boy Roy reduces teen crime in Newbridge and drops a bombshell. Gary the Squirrel makes an announcement. Philly Boy Roy
2013 5 21 552 Doing Twitter correctly. Dave from Knoxville checks in. The return of Milo. Tom wonders about Kanye's pyramid and the guy in the Guitar Center commercial before having an Imus moment that instigates Grandmagate. Look out...the cicadas are coming! No Appearance
2013 5 28 553 Five-star bummers start things off. KURT BRAUNOHLER has a podcast. Fred from Honolulu meets Dog the Bounty Hunter. A few callers did the Frankie Teardrop challenge. Matthew Tompkins promotes the Shout Network’s new shows. AP Mike’s salute to Pigpen. Matthew Tompkins
2013 6 4 554 “Evocateur: The Morton Downey, Jr. Movie” co-director SETH KRAMER calls in to talk about the film. Catching up with Jelloman and ALAN MILMAN. Reginald Monroe promotes his new book. The boardwalk is back! Reginald Monroe
2013 6 11 555 Musician CHRIS SLUSARENKO talks Wings. Greggulator did the Frankie Teardrop challenge. JOHN HODGMAN drops by to discuss Star Trek, Star Wars, the works of Henry Purcell and his upcoming Netflix special “Ragnarok.” Philly Boy Roy checks in. Philly Boy Roy
2013 6 25 556 Deconstructions of Black Flag reunions and Paul McCartney shows start things off. TOPIC: The best of the best; the worst of the worst. Darren from work announces a new venture. Some classic callers check in. Tonight we dine on elf meat! Darren Ploppelton
2013 7 2 557 NATHAN FIELDER drops by for a visit. A first-time caller raises the bar for first-time callers. Dennis needs Tom to fill-in for him at the pool. Shingles Going Steady with DJ Keili, Danne D, pencil expert/former census worker DAVID REES + many more! Dennis (lost his toe)
2013 7 9 558 Comedian KURT BRAUNOHLER has an invitation for Gary the Squirrel. JELLOMAN might be flying too close to the sun. Director LANCE BANGS checks-in with a great Frankie Teardrop story. Jay-Z and cronut talk. TOPIC: the most neglected celebrity website. No Appearance
2013 7 16 559 Three calls about Frankie Teardrop: two challenges; one bee attack. Anthony from Tremarche returns. An unexpected call from Trent L. Strauss. Who is Captain Bayonne? Tom and Mike try cronuts on-air. Gary pops in. It's Ladies Night on Best Show! Trent L. Strauss
2013 7 30 560 Comedian/podcast guru JON DALY joins Tom in-studio. Author NATHAN RABIN promotes his new book about ICP and Phish. Todd from CD Submarine is working on a new box set. ANDREW SANDOVAL talks Harry Nilsson. Plus the long-awaited return of Bad Company! Todd from CD Submarine (Count Rockula)
2013 8 6 561 ANDY KINDLER talks Adam Carolla and Pigpen. AP Mike is Judas to Deadheads. Henry Rollins was on Jeff Garlin's podcast. Mike from Stonebridge checks in. Tom gets stuck in an elevator. Stephen from Chicago receives a peculiar letter. #AndrewWhoClay Mike from Stonebridge
2013 8 13 562 TODD BARRY has a new podcast. JAKE FOGELNEST joins Tom in-studio. TOPIC: Who actually sucks? The Frankie Teardrop audio collage gets more epic. Chef Jake Divonia talks about his restaurant Divonia's Too. "Midnight Cowboy" gets updated. Jake Divonia
2013 8 20 563 Tales of the filming of “Sharknado.” The racism of Star Wars. Kiss is opening a Rock & Brews in Maui. Bon Jovi’s dad has a pasta sauce. The debut of “Breaking Nuts” with Gary the Squirrel. Lots of lousy callers in this one...hoo boy. Anonymous ("You're going to get yours...")
2013 8 27 564 Gary threatens to sue AP Mike. "Breaking Nuts" with BOB ODENKIRK. Paul Stanley hates laser pointers. "Our Nixon" director PENNY LANE calls in. The audio collage is becoming The Blob. TOPIC: What's the most frustrating thing in movies and TV shows? Anonymous ("Someone really needs to take you to task...")
2013 9 10 565 Former Videogum editor GABE DELAHAYE and Tom discuss “Under The Dome." Alderman Shorter calls in to set the record straight. The sound collage continues to expand. Tom has a beef with Johnny Maestro & The Brooklyn Bridge. Alderman Shorter
2013 9 17 566 TODD BARRY talks about his current crowd work tour. Callers talk about pancakes. Ben from The Coffee Hump checks in. TOPIC: Who has the worst iPod music in showbiz? Artist STEVE LAMBERT joins Tom in-studio. Lots of New Jersey callers in this one. Ben from The Coffee Hump
2013 10 1 567 Some cops hassle Tom. The bawdiness of Happy Days. Captain Bayonne gets controversial. Tom went to Goner Fest and saw ducks and great bands. The freewheelin’ ANDY KINDLER. Do Tom a favor...don’t ruin the “Breaking Bad” finale for him. Anonymous (threat)
2013 10 22 568 Tom recaps his trip to Los Angeles. The return of Spike. Is Ringo Starr better as drummer or painter? A great first-time caller. Someone calls from a Coheed & Cambria show. Author PAUL MYERS checks in. Gary presents the finale of “Breaking Nuts.” Anonymous (Broiler room)
2013 10 29 569 Remembering Lou Reed. GABE DELAHAYE wants to be in the Entourage movie. Larry Da Perv wants to know what everyone is going to be for Halloween dere. R. Kelly fans are upset. Irv Chimples talks sports and music with Tom. Tom makes a big announcement. Irv Chimples
2013 11 5 570 Comic book writer MATT FRACTION and Monster Magnet’s DAVE WYNDORF join Tom in-studio. Captain Bayonne versus Captain Cronut. Timmy Von Trimble checks in. The Fenway Park organist. Tom visits a haunted prison. Timmy von Trimble
2013 11 12 571 Callers try resurrecting past show topics. Things haven’t been going well for Bryce Prefontaine. ANDY KINDLER and SAM SEDER check in. TOM LAX from Siltbreeze Records and director PHIL MORRISON join Tom in-studio. Gary has a scheme to fix AP Mike. Bryce Prefontaine
2013 11 19 572 KURT VILE, JASON FROM HUNTSVILLE and FRED FROM HONOLULU in-studio. JAKE FOGELNEST checks in. TOPIC: What crimes will celebrities commit? The return of The Gorch. Gary wants to be in KV's band. Plus some of the worst callers in the show's history. Lance Kincaid
The Gorch
2013 11 26 573 JOHN HODGMAN and KURT BRAUNOHLER in-studio. A pizza mystery. Dump cakes. A caller has an idea for a Led Zeppelin movie. AP Mike receives a piece of luggage and spoils “Sons Of Anarchy.” Roger Scharpling drops several bombshells. Gary versus Hodgman. Roger Scharpling
Maurice Kern
2013 12 3 574 PATTON OSWALT and JULIE KLAUSNER in-studio! TODD BARRY on the horn. Buying a switchblade before a Billy Joel concert. Bob Dylan needs 178 pizzas. Bruno Mars at the Dole Plantation. "Comedians Are Nuts" returns! Fonzie and ALF talk. No Appearance
2013 12 10 575 The penultimate Best Show with JULIE KLAUSNER, COCO from THE ETTES, JELLOMAN, GABE DELAHAYE, CHRIS GETHARD, AIMEE MANN, TED LEO and others in-studio! Lots of classic callers. Gary's Twelve Days of Christmas. A startling admission by Darren from Work. Darren Ploppelton
2013 12 17 576 Headphones vs. Tom. Calls from old, new and weird callers. Officer Harrups needs help. Vance and Gary drop by. AP Mike wants a new job title. Philly Boy Roy and Roy Jr. wreak havoc. JON WURSTER joins Tom in-studio. It's the electrifying conclusion! Officer Harrups
Philly Boy Roy






On February 11, 2003, Janeane Garofalo and Sam Seder appeared on The Best Show to discuss the political atmosphere of America. The chemistry between them as radio talents was evident, and their agreement on many liberal political views made them kindred spirits. In the summer of that same year, Garofalo was approached by representatives of Air America Radio to be a radio personality for their programming. She insisted that they hire Seder and that he share the hosting responsibilities. Less than one year later, The Majority Report was born.


Best Show Gems[edit]

Best Show Gems Logo

On February 23, 2009, a spin-off program titled Best Show Gems began podcasting once every other week. The podcast is a "greatest hits"-type program featuring highlights from The Best Show.[20] Best Show Gems ranges anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes, and usually centers on a call between Scharpling and Wurster.

Big Dipper Reunion[edit]

On his January 20, 2004 radio program, Scharpling had been derisively talking about the VH1 show Bands Reunited. This discussion led to Scharpling facetiously declaring his goal of reuniting the beloved (though relatively unknown) 1980s Boston indie-rock band Big Dipper. In the following weeks, the concept of a "Big Dipper Reunion" had become a recurring in-joke on the program. Scharpling began calling the members at home to convince them to reunite. In 2008, the group reunited for a live concert. In advance of several reunion shows in April 2008, Merge Records released the 3-disc Supercluster: The Big Dipper Anthology on March 18, featuring liner notes by Scharpling.

Reception and fan base[edit]

Notable fans of The Best Show include Todd Utz, David Foreman, Conan O'Brien[21] and David Cross.[22]

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