The Best of Both Worlds (Marillion album)

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Best of Both Worlds
Greatest hits album by Marillion
Released February 1997
Recorded 1982–96
Genre Neo-progressive rock
Label EMI
Producer Nick Tauber
Chris Kimsey
Chris Neil
Nick Davis
Dave Meegan
Marillion chronology
Made Again
The Best of Both Worlds
This Strange Engine

Best of Both Worlds is a two-disc compilation album by British neo-progressive rock band Marillion released in 1997 by EMI Records, who the band had been signed to from their debut in 1982 until being dropped in 1995. The title refers to Marillion's two distinct "eras" with lead singers Fish (1980—1988) and Steve Hogarth (since 1989). By the time this compilation was released, both line-ups had recorded four studio albums each. The second best-of since the 14-track one-disc compilation A Singles Collection (known as Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other in the US) from 1992, this one additionally contains material from Brave (1994) and Afraid of Sunlight (1996). Two different covers were created for the compilation, one by Mark Wilkinson, who had worked for the band during the Fish years, and one by Bill Smith Studio, who took over after Fish's and Wilkinson's departure. The booklet was printed so that either of the covers could be displayed in the jewel case according to personal preference. The track list, comprising 29 songs, was put together by Lucy Jordache, then the responsible manager for the band in EMI, in close collaboration with the band's fans' mailing list, "Freaks" (named after the eponymous song). Jordache also motivated singers Fish and Hogarth to contribute liner notes—at a time when both camps were not yet on friendly terms again—by telling each of them the other had already agreed to do so.[1]

Although the compilation did not contain any previously unreleased material, it was attractive to existing fans as it included various edited versions that were not easily accessible at the time, resulting in "better than expected" sales.[1]

Track listing[edit]

Disc one[edit]

  1. "Script for a Jester's Tear"
  2. "Market Square Heroes" (B'Sides version)
  3. "He Knows You Know"
  4. "Forgotten Sons"
  5. "Garden Party"
  6. "Assassing" (Single version)
  7. "Punch and Judy"
  8. "Kayleigh" (Single version)
  9. "Lavender" (Single version)
  10. "Heart of Lothian" (Single version)
  11. "Incommunicado"
  12. "Warm Wet Circles" (Single version)
  13. "That Time of the Night (The Short Straw)"
  14. "Sugar Mice"

Disc two[edit]

  1. "Uninvited Guest"
  2. "Easter"
  3. "Hooks in You" (Meaty Mix)
  4. "The Space"
  5. "Cover My Eyes"
  6. "No One Can"
  7. "Dry Land"
  8. "Waiting To Happen"
  9. "The Great Escape"
  10. "Alone Again in the Lap of Luxury" (Radio Edit)
  11. "Made Again"
  12. "King"
  13. "Afraid of Sunlight"
  14. "Beautiful" (Radio Edit)
  15. "Cannibal Surf Babe"

Although it is not mentioned in the album credits, the version of Easter presented here is the single/video edit.



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