The Best of Nanci Griffith

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The Best of Nanci Griffith
Greatest hits album by Nanci Griffith
Released 1993
Genre Folk, country
Length 71:52
Label MCA
Nanci Griffith chronology
The MCA Years: A Retrospective
The Best of Nanci Griffith

The Best of Nanci Griffith is a UK album release, which is very similar to The MCA Years: A Retrospective but with several different tracks. Two of the tracks on The Best of Nanci Griffith had previously never been released on any album [1]. The first of which "Tumble And Fall", was later released on The Complete MCA Studio Recordings. The second previously unreleased song "The Road To Aberdeen" was recorded live at The Royal Albert Hall, London in June 1993.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks composed by Nanci Griffith; except where indicated

  1. "Trouble In the Fields" (Griffith, Rick West) 3:18
  2. "From A Distance" (Julie Gold) 4:10
  3. "Speed of the Sound of Loneliness" (John Prine) 4:20
  4. "Love at the Five and Dime" [Live] 4:44
  5. "Listen to the Radio" 3:48
  6. "Gulf Coast Highway" (duet with Mac MacAnally) (Griffith, James Hooker, Danny Flowers) 3:06
  7. "I Wish It Would Rain" 2:48
  8. "Ford Econoline" 2:10
  9. "If Wishes Were Changes" (Griffith, James Hooker) 3:48
  10. "The Wing and the Wheel" [Live] 2:15
  11. "Late Night Grande Hotel" 3:35
  12. "From Clare to Here" (Ralph McTell) 5:10
  13. "It's Just Another Morning Here" 4:23
  14. "Tumble and Fall" 2:40
  15. "There's a Light Beyond These Woods (Mary Margaret)" 4:21
  16. "Outbound Plane" 2:39
  17. "Lone Star State of Mind" (Patrick Alger, Gene Levine, Fred Koller) 3:56
  18. "It's a Hard Life Wherever You Go" 4:02
  19. "The Road to Aberdeen" [Live] 2:56