The Big Road

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The Big Road
Directed by Sun Yu
Written by Sun Yu
Starring Jin Yan
Li Lili
Zheng Junli
Cinematography Hong Weilie
Distributed by

United States (DVD):

Cinema Epoch (dvd)
Release dates 1934
Running time 104 min
Country China
Language Mandarin Chinese

The Big Road (Chinese: 大路; pinyin: Dàlù), also known as The Highway is a 1934 Chinese film directed by Sun Yu and starring Jin Yan and Li Lili. It is a silent film but with music and sound effects added later.[1] The film deals with a group of workers who are constructing a highway for use in the war against the Japanese.

The Big Road features the brief full-frontal nudity of a group of young men skinny-dipping in a river,[2] while being observed by two women,[3] a scene described as "very advanced for the time".[3]

The Big Road was named the 30th greatest Chinese film ever made by the Hong Kong Film Awards in 2004.[4]

DVD release[edit]

The Big Road was released in the United States on Region 0 DVD on May 8, 2007 by Cinema Epoch. The disc featured English subtitles and also included Sun Yu's Queen of Sports.

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