The Biz (video game)

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The Biz
The Biz
Title screen
Developer(s) Virgin Games[1]
Publisher(s) Virgin Games[1]
Designer(s) Chris Sievey[2]
Platform(s) ZX Spectrum
Release date(s)
Genre(s) Strategy[1]/Simulation[3][4]
Mode(s) Single-player[2]

The Biz is a ZX Spectrum management simulation/strategy computer game from 1984 where the player got to manage his own rock band.[3] The price of the game on release was £6.95, which is equivalent to £19.49 today. [5]


In this screeenshot, the player's father has won £40,000 while gambling on football. Unfortunately, the player only gets £10 as a way to keep the game balanced.

Players set up their rock band with gigs, make them rehearse new songs, and hire a recording studio for producing new albums.[3] The player starts out with no talent or money and an agent must be hired in order to better co-ordinate the band.[3] The stage presence of the band and the fanbase are improved with every gig performed.[3] School dances and YMCAs are the first places that accept the player's newly formed band.[3] Real television stations are included: a band from either Swansea or Cardiff would perform on S4C while a local band from Coventry would get promoted on Central Television.[3] Players can sometimes record a session with John Peel; whose broadcasting influence opened up new bands to people between the ages of 20 and 60 years of age.[3]

Mundane details such as insurance, standard musical instruments and transportation expenses are all tabulated against the player's savings in the game.[3] The game also contains an anti-drug message for bands who consider experimenting with them.[3]


The game only contains telephone beeps and no music.[5] Despite the sense of humour, the game is very difficult to play.[5] Younger players may not appreciate the relatively slow pace and the meager level of rewards that awaits them near the beginning.[5] There are no graphics to speak of and the game is text-based.[5]


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