The Boat Race 1840

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4th Boat Race
Date 15 April 1840 (1840-04-15)
Winner Cambridge
Margin of victory 3/4 length
Winning time 29 minutes 3 seconds
Overall record
Umpire C. Bewicke (Oxford)
C. J. Selwyn (Cambridge)
W. H. Harrison (referee)[1]

The 4th Boat Race took place on the River Thames on 15 April 1840.[2] It was the third of the University Boat Races to be held on the Thames, on a five-and-three-quarter-mile stretch between Westminster and Putney.[3] Cambridge won the race by 3/4 of a length to lead the overall record at 3–1.[4]


Seat Cambridge
University of Cambridge coat of arms official.svg
Bow Alfred Hudson Shadwell Jacob G. Mountain
2 William Massey I. J. J. Pocock
3 Sam. Barnard Taylor S. E. Maberley
4 John M. Ridley W. Rogers
5 George Charles Uppleby R. G. Walls
6 Francis Cranmer Penrose E. Royds
7 Heighway C. Jones Godfrey Meynell
Stroke Charles M. Vialls (P) J. J. T. Somers Cox (P)
Cox T. S. Egan W. B. Garnett

(P) – boat club president





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