The Bowler and the Bunnet

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The Bowler and the Bunnet
Genre Political documentary
Presented by Sean Connery
Country of origin Scotland
Running time 60 minutes
(including adverts)
Production company(s) STV Productions
Original channel STV
Original run 18 July 1967 – Rome Film Festival, 13 October 2006

The Bowler and the Bunnet was a Scottish television documentary programme on STV, directed and presented by Sean Connery. It is the only film ever directed by Connery.[1]

The documentary, filmed in black and white, was a critical examination of the new working practices introduced by Sir Iain Stewart at the Fairfield shipyard in Glasgow. It was released onto DVD by the British Film Institute as part of their Tales from the Shipyard boxed-set in February 2011.[2]

The title comes from the tradition where bowler hats were worn by managers within the shipyards while bunnets (cloth caps) were worn by the workers.


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