The Boys Next Door (1985 film)

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The Boys Next Door
DVD cover
Directed by Penelope Spheeris
Produced by Sandy Howard
Keith Rubinstein
Written by Glen Morgan
James Wong
Starring Charlie Sheen
Maxwell Caulfield
Music by George S. Clinton
Cinematography Arthur Albert
Edited by Andy Horvitch
Distributed by New World Pictures
Release dates
  • October 1985 (1985-10)
Running time
91 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $5 million[1]

The Boys Next Door is a 1985 independent adventure-crime drama film about two boys who leave their small town home on the day of their high school graduation and embark on a crime and murder spree.


Roy Alston (Maxwell Caulfield) and Bo Richards (Charlie Sheen) are two outcasts of their high school community. They are not well-liked at their school, being known for practical jokes. Although handsome, both boys are shunned by the female students, who feel creeped out by them. Before they leave school, Roy talks to a USMC recruiter and eagerly asks him if he's ever killed anyone. On the eve of their graduation, Roy and Bo drunkenly crash a party thrown by a fellow graduate. Their presence causes trouble, and the boys insult one of the popular girls and Roy urinates in the pool. When they leave, they come across the dog that belongs to the household of the party they crashed. They steal the dog, named Bon-Bon, and change his name to "Boner the Barbarian." Bo receives $200 as a graduation gift from his grandparents. Facing a lifetime of working blue-collar factory jobs, the boys spontaneously decide to use the money to go on a vacation to Los Angeles.

During the drive to Los Angeles, Bo asks Roy about the Marine recruiter and chides him about enlisting. Roy then tells Bo about "stuff" being inside him, mainly anger, frustration and desires to exact revenge against people who have wronged him, and figures the Marines would get it out of him. When the boys stop for gas in town, Bo gives the cashier two crumpled dollar bills. When Roy says that the machine only gave them two dollars of gas, Bo doesn't realize his mistake, and tells the cashier that he gave him six dollars. Roy responds to the conflict by taking a tire iron from the car and attacking the cashier. While Roy is beating the cashier, Bo goes inside and steals handfuls of bubble gum. After the theft and the beating, the boys take off in their car.

The next day, the boys go to a beach boardwalk, where a few people are smoking marijuana and beating a drum. An elderly woman begins to loudly chastise them. Roy throws an empty beer bottle in the air and it hits the woman on the forehead. Three young women see this, and chase Bo and Roy to their car in the parking lot. Amid the chaos, Boner the Barbarian is forgotten on the boardwalk. The young trio of women yell at the boys and beat their car. One woman climbs on the hood of the car while another tears off the car antenna. Amid the insults, the boys are called "faggots". This particular insult sparks rage in Roy, who then starts the car and drives around in circles in the parking lot with the woman still on the hood. After several loops, Roy throws the car into reverse, and the woman is thrown from the hood of the car. After the incident, one of the women finds Boner the Barbarian and reads his dogtag, which leads to speculation of where Bo and Roy are from.

During a visit to La Brea Tar Pits, Bo expresses his wish that the world could just "go caveman" for one day, and eschew legal and societal rules. Roy agrees, and they hit the streets of Los Angeles for the night.

Several additional encounters lead to more deaths, including a homosexual man named Chris, a young couple, and an older woman named Angie (Patti D'Arbanville), whom Roy kills while she is having sex with Bo. Eventually they are tracked and found by the LAPD and chased into a shopping mall. After unsuccessfully trying to steal some guns, Bo tries to talk some sense into Roy about surrendering after they hear the police over the public announcing system asking the boys to give themselves up. Roy refuses, and orders Bo to give him the gun so he can go out in a blaze of glory. Bo refuses and shoots Roy when he tries to take the gun away. The police surround Bo and ask him why he killed his friend. With a strange look, Bo answers, "Because I had to." Bo is then arrested and led away while newsmen snap his picture.


MPAA Cuts[edit]

According to director Penelope Spheeris' DVD commentary, movie had to be cut and submitted to the MPAA 10 times to get R rating. Scenes that were cut or changed include; Scene where gas attendant is beat up was shortened to lessen the intensity and sound effects were toned down. Murder of gay man in his apartment was cut down (mostly sound effects were heavily toned down). Scene where Roy violently shakes the lady and kills her was heavily cut down, various shots were removed to lessen the intensity.

Also Known As[edit]

  • Big Shots
  • No Apparent Motive (Australia/New Zealand video title)
  • Blind Rage (USA) (working title (video title))
  • Death Takes a Holiday (USA) (working title)


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