The Bracelet of Bordeaux

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The Bracelet of Bordeaux
BraceletBordeaux poster5x7.jpg
Directed by Casey Kelly
Produced by Frank Eakin
Written by Frank Eakin
Starring Aly Clare Carson
Music by Brad Sayles
Cinematography Scott Ellison
Edited by Frank Eakin
Distributed by Monterey Media
Release dates
  • May 18, 2009 (2009-05-18)
Country United States
Language English

The Bracelet of Bordeaux is a 2009 family mystery film written, produced, and edited by Frank Eakin, and directed by Casey Kelly. This film was the first to be made entirely in The Woodlands, Texas, and was released on May 18, 2009 by Monterey Media in select U.S. theaters.


Helen Hixon is a girl who just moved into a new town with her parents, Honey and Lubbock. When Helen first comes to her new house, she finds a girl tied up in her foyer. The girl introduced herself as Marie Meir, and then told the Hixons that her dog had been stolen by a bully named Dirk. After stealing her dog, Marie had confronted Dirk, and he tied her up in the house. Helen and Marie take a liking for each other and become friends. They decide to go after Dirk to rescue Marie's poodle. They find out that Marie's dog is not the only one missing, and pretty soon, Helen's dog Rufus gets stolen by Dirk too.


  • Casey Allen as Contortionist
  • Wade Altman as Redneck Pilot
  • Felicia Barcelona as Bus Stop Girl
  • Alysia Bebel as Gate Attendant
  • Maria Belyaeva as Wood Sprout
  • Bob Biggerstaff as Titanic
  • Trevan Braswell as Sign Language Kid
  • Sadie Canion as Sprout Troop A Member
  • Catherine Castagna as Little Sprout
  • Holly Connor as Wood Sprout Girl
  • Kristina Craig as Wood Sprout
  • Clayton Deguerre as Boy Band Lead Singer
  • Eric Deikman as Big Tuna
  • Jason Douglas as Scummy Clerk
  • Tommy Drake as Pigeye
  • Nicole Dunton as Proud Sprout
  • Amanda Eakin as Helen Hixon
  • Kelsey Edwards as Marie
  • Mary Byrn Elliott as Batty Old Neighbor
  • Grace Ferderer as Opera Girl
  • Michelle Fitch as Cowgirl Chorus Twin #2
  • Monica Fitch as Cowgirl Chorus Twin #1
  • Scott Florence as Punk
  • Lauren Flottorp as Bowing Sprout
  • Allie Fremin as Fantasy Cheerleader #5
  • Lucy Gabbard as Grandmere
  • Diana Garcia as Compassionata
  • Ansley Garner as Sprout Troop A Member
  • Meryl Gibbs as Fantasy Cheerleader #1
  • Allison Gieske as Generous Sprout
  • Kelly Gotschall as Opera teacher
  • Yankie Grant as Sprout Leader
  • Allie Gray as Rollerblader
  • Gini Gruenert as Sprout Troop A Member
  • Michelle Hatmaker as Honey Hixon
  • Edwin Hoff as Thunderpants
  • Ramsey Hood as Razorhead
  • Austin Hunt as Craterface
  • Ashley Jones as Sprout Troop A Member
  • Jesh Kapila as Pumpkinhead
  • Ketan Kapila as Muslim Boy
  • Lorie Kapila as Muslim Mother
  • Mukesh Kapila as Muslim Father
  • Carolyn Kelly as Saintly Sprout
  • Shane Kelly as Dirk
  • Calvin Lafiton as Bus Stop Bum
  • Olivia Lane as Fantasy Cheerleader #2
  • Reagan Lukefahr as Sprout Troop A Member
  • Jean Michel Mailloux as Chem City Kid
  • Bailey Mills as Sprout Troop A Member
  • Ron Mungle as Uncle Sal
  • Paul Pappas as Seedy Geezer
  • David Parker as Police Sargeant
  • Katerina Pasat as Sprout Troop A Member
  • Kelley Peters as Police Station Assistant
  • Hallie Pierce as Flight Attendant
  • Jessica Rogers as Lead Cheering Sprout
  • Nick Ronan as Reporter
  • Alec Ryan as Poor Shopper Kid
  • Chuck Savage as Officer Breaux
  • Shane Ryan Savage as Bart
  • John Seago as Sal, Sr.
  • Cody Sorensen as Cute Teen Boy
  • Elizabeth Ann Stein as Mumzie
  • Alexandra Stiles as Good Sprout
  • Catherine Stiles as Courageous Sprout
  • Ron Stiles as Federal Agent
  • Brian Thornton as Lubbock Hixon
  • Laura Thorsten as News Photographer
  • Joanna Tine as Chem City Kid
  • Megan Trgovich as Fantasy Cheerleader #3
  • Elizabeth Tucker as Wood Sprout Girl
  • Raju Upadhyaya as Chem City Kid
  • Wayne Wagner as Dog Lover
  • Ashton Warren as Fantasy Cheerleader #4
  • Ryan Wham as Artist
  • Jennifer White as French Woman
  • Ava Wick as Dirk's Gang Girl

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