The Brass Bullet

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The Brass Bullet
The Brass Bullet.jpg
Directed by Ben F. Wilson
Produced by Ben F. Wilson
Written by Frank R. Adams
Walter Woods
Starring Juanita Hansen
Jack Mulhall
Distributed by Universal Film Manufacturing Co.
Release date(s) 10 August 1918
Running time 18 episodes
Country United States
Language Silent

The Brass Bullet is a 1918 adventure film serial directed by Ben F. Wilson. It is now considered to be lost.[1]


Chapter titles[edit]

  1. A Flying Start
  2. The Muffled Man
  3. The Mysterious Murder
  4. Smoked Out
  5. The Mock Bride
  6. A Dangerous Honeymoon
  7. Pleasure Island
  8. The Magnetic Bug
  9. The Room of Flame
  10. A New Peril
  11. Evil Waters
  12. Caught By Wireless
  13. $500 Reward
  14. On Trial For His Life
  15. In The Shadow
  16. The Noose
  17. The Avenger
  18. The Amazing Confession

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