The Brazz Brothers

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The Brazz Brothers
Also known as Brazz Bros
Origin Langevåg, Sula, Norway
Genres Jazz
Years active 1981–present
Labels BrazzRecords
Norsk Plateproduksjon
Website Official website
Members Helge Førde
Jan Magne Førde
Jarle Førde
Kenneth Ekornes
Runar Tafjord
Stein Erik Tafjord
Past members Egil «Bop» Johansen (1945-2000)
Marcus Lewin

The Brazz Brothers, alias Brazz Bros (established 1981 in Langevåg, Sula, Norway) is a Norwegian jazz band, which is particularly known for their improvisations, and for the cooperation with Lester Bowie.[1][2]


Brazz Brothers was initiated by the brothers Jarle, Jan Magne and Helge Førde, together with the brothers Runar and Stein Erik Tafjord in 1981 as a pure Brass Quintet. They had played together in «Langevåg Skulekorps». The Førde brothers had already been part of «Ytre Suløens Jassensemble» in 1976 at Jazz & Heritage Festival in New Orleans, USA first Norwegian jazz band.[1]

In 1985 the Norwegian drum legend Egil «Bop» Johansen (1934–1998) joined the band, and together they played more than 1200 concerts.[3] After his demise Marcus Lewin from Eskilstuna, Sweden was asked to be his successor. In the period 1990-1995, they had an extensive with the American trumpet star Lester Bowie.[1][2]

In 1986 The Brazz Brothers started the recording of their first album, Brazzy Landscapes, the start of a unique music history. The album comprised the band's own compositions and arrangements, with the appearance of the British singer Phil Minton. The music is a unique mixture of traditional and contemporary jazz combined with traditional folk musikk from different parts of the world, with strong representation from the Scandinavian folk tradition. The band has released several albums with great legends and also lesser known but highly talented musicians. They have toured both in Norway and internationally, in the US, Africa, Asia and large parts of Europe, and deliver more than 120 concerts a year. All members also conducted a number of solo projects.[1]

Many school band members throughout Norway have been acquainted with the group throughout their course in learning to play without notes, which the group holds both for beginners, advanced, professional and music educators bouth in and out of Norwayand.[1]

Band members[edit]

Present members[edit]

Past members[edit]



  • 1987: Brazzy Landscapes
  • 1989: Live at Oslo Jazz House
  • 1992: Norwegian Air (Norsk Plateproduksjon)
  • 1993: AfroBrazz (Norsk Plateproduksjon)
  • 1994: All Included ()
  • 1995: Julefergå (Norske Gram)
  • 1996: The Brazz Brothers and Dutch Marine Band ()
  • 1996: Brazzy Voices (In+Out Records), with Lester Bowie
  • 1997: Roll Tide Roll ()
  • 1998: New Orleans Parade | Towards The Sea
  • 1999: Ngoma (BrazzRecords)
  • 2000: Aftenvind (BrazzRecords), with Povl Dissing
  • 2001: Aquarium (BrazzRecords)
  • 2003: Live in Cape Town (BrazzRecords)
  • 2004: African Marketplace (BrazzRecords), with «Kongelige Norske Marines Musikkorps»
  • 2004: Rosalina (BrazzRecords), with Povl Dissing & Benny Andersen
  • 2007: Vågåblot (BrazzRecords), with «Vågå Spelmannslag»


  • 1995: Julefergå Julekalender


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